The Last of 2016

Gosh. It’s 2017 already and I am still clearing back logs of 2016! ๐Ÿ˜ฃ So so so busy!!! Anyway, on the last few days of 2016, I finally visited Chye Seng Huat! Can’t believe it took me 3 years to finally visit this place even though I had been wanting to…hahaha! All thanks to Xuannie, ๅคŸๅคง็‰Œ for me to go!
 photo 20161228_135754_zpsfh6uamt1.jpg
 photo 20161228_135741_zps9qvhsowq.jpg
 photo 20161228_135729_zpsmz55p3xy.jpg

 photo 20161228_1402331_zpswzxclveu.jpg

Our desserts ๐Ÿ˜

 photo 20161228_135923_zpskokoejxj.jpg

My black forest cake!
Expected it to be more moist since it’s an alcoholic cake~

 photo 20161228_135959_zpslcpnoy9q.jpg

But super Christmas-sy!

 photo 20161228_140017_zpslz2h24pj.jpg

Xuannie’s earl grey cake!

Attempted a photography session outside the cafe~ Samsung VS iPhone!
 photo 20161228_143333_zpsxuoyykae.jpg

Of course iPhone wins lah! My depth of field like so minimal!
 photo 20161228_143426_zpsz63xi3dn.jpg

Fulfilled another on the to-do list which is to go back Henderson Waves again!
 photo 20161228_223750_zps0o0ulimi.jpg

Because I did not get to sit down and relax when I was there during the retreat!!! Hahaha! It’s really such a nice place to just chill and there are so many people chilling out there! Even having picnics and all ๐Ÿ˜ My kind of dates! Super got ๆƒ…่ฐƒ and romantic lor~
 photo 20161228_212854_zpstj0jckjw.jpg

Long time since the last time I had this pumpkin dish! OMG~ Nobody can resist the last piece! ๐Ÿ˜‚
 photo 20161229_141917_zpshp8y0rhe.jpg

Was supposed to have lunch with Shrine and this crazy fellow cabbed down to join us when I was already walking over to meet Shrine ๐Ÿ˜‘ But very spontaneous and ็ˆฝๅฟซ I must say! And guess what? He actually wore the same shirt as me!!!
 photo 20161229_143740_zpsyun1jc4y.jpg

I swear it was pure coincidence! Or maybe it was the ้ป˜ๅฅ‘ after knowing each other for 22 years ๐Ÿ˜‚ This photo even got us more than 100 likes! HAHAHAHA!
 photo 20161229_143810_zpsibuwlbmy.jpg

Impromptu cycling session after work with buddy and we decided to cycle to Gui’s house to visit ไบŒ็ญ’๏ผThe journey there was so damn tiring because there are so many up slopes!!! Zzzzzz. Thank goodness it wasn’t a wasted trip even though ไบŒ็ญ’ was about to sleep! Haha!
 photo 20161229_211356_zpsxoz451vg.jpg

He smiled at me so many times before he got sleepy again and went back to his signature blur face ๐Ÿ˜‚
 photo 20161229_211406_zpskpbzxhpv.jpg

I know it’s super random but we decided to cycle over to Min’s house next to visit her mum! LOL! Buddy said we are like some social workers, going around the neighbourhood for home visits ๐Ÿ˜† But that’s the good thing about living near to one another, right!

Auntie was so surprised and happy that we visited her to chit-chat~ Somehow we always have so much to chat about! All the updates and etc too. Soon, Min will move to her new house and I think auntie’s gonna miss our random visit even more ๐Ÿ˜›

 photo 20161230_103312_zps2yd08chb.jpg

The last of the last ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Caught Star Wars – Rogue One and it’s so complicated to me! Maybe because I’m not a Star Wars fan, so I was confused over all the different planets and etc. What Death Star, this star that star.ย  But it was still quite exciting for me~

Celebrated the last day of work for 2016 with a bottle of Moscato! ๐Ÿ˜€ I brought it for Christmas but I ended up being sick, so finally an occasion to celebrate! Especially when our ้…’้ฌผ้˜ฟๅง director is here…hahaha!
 photo 20161230_161439_zpsmfekogr4.jpg

Off for yoga before heading down to Unplugged to support JJ again! Actually it’s because I really, really miss the super spicy wanton! ๐Ÿ˜€
 photo 20161230_210251_zpsr2agqxbt.jpg

Had the same Midori drink! Had a good catch-up session with le volunteers~ Not joining them for the countdown the next day, so I joined them for drinks at least.
 photo 20161230_204929_zps81hvnh9s.jpg

 photo 20161231_124347_zpsymj9hp4b.jpg

Sautรฉ on NYE!

Caught The Great Wall and it was awesome! Not that the plot is super special or unpredictable, but it was shot pretty well~ I like it, and I think that was the only great thing that happened this NYE.

Catching the last sunset of 2016…
 photo 20161231_191458_zpsyklrdozz.jpg
 photo 20161231_191507_zpsiams0fdx.jpg
 photo 20161231_191523_zpsthqmspce.jpg

And testing out different camera modes~
 photo 20161231_191654_zpsu3csyor2.jpg
 photo 20161231_191650_zps0l3su7hh.jpg
 photo 20161231_191833_zps8jtqtaft.jpg
 photo 20161231_191839_zpshml5srsf.jpg
 photo 20161231_191725_zpsol43mktx.jpg

Really just wanted a simple and happy NYE, but it turned out to be sadder than last year‘s…haaa. And the saddest thing is, there will never be a 31.12.2016 again as much as I wish I can reverse the time to this day again and make it a happy one. Even till now. But it will only be a lifetime ้—ๆ†พ and I don’t think I will let it happen again in 2017.
 photo 20161231_195048_zpsz9gdlkad.jpg


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