The First of 2017

The first day of 2017 was spent at home, sadly. But it would be sadder to spend it at home, having nothing to keep myself occupied~ Met a yellow bird on the way! Hope it’s gonna change my luck for the better this 2017!!!
 photo 20170101_102451_zpsde3ozo8f.jpg

Rush rush rush, cause the directors are coming in real soon! Last round again, which means all the climax shit again 😐
 photo 20170101_190347_zpszpmounl2.jpg

Yea drama is supposed to be the more dramatic the better, but the climax scene is also always the most challenging scene to edit. Confirm a lot of shots/cams, which also means a lot of conti errors. Can’t believe this took me 1.5 days to finish 😫😫😫 Damn long a scene.

Wanna go over to take photos with the colourful flats on NYE but no chance, so shall take from afar~ Goodbye 2016, goodbye rainbow flats.
 photo 20170101_125122_zpsbhymhrew.jpg

Ended up working for 10 hours because it started pouring when I wanted to leave. Even the sky is crying for me 🌧🌊

Thought I gonna spend the last day of the long weekend working as well, but I only worked 1 hour. Famished again~ Finished all my biscuits the previous night 😐 I think I can really survive everyday with just snacks and biscuits…lol.

Private screening again! Caught Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children and I thought it’s those lame kids show, but it was actually very nice! A bit like Alice In the Wonderland 2 kind of movie – funny and exciting at the same time 😊

Mahjong + Jägerbomb to end off the weekend~! Luck was not as good this time and I was losing at the start. Like hardly ‘hu‘; only earned from all the ‘gang‘ to balance out the losses. It was only the very last round that I ‘diao zhng‘ many times and kept winning + ‘gang-ing‘…muahahaha! But only 15 bucks luh 😅
 photo 20170102_224832_zps2frgvr8o.jpg

Back to work and the atas boy – Joey came back to freelance with atas chocolate from London! 好吃~
 photo 20170103_165514_zpsf6os3fei.jpg
 photo 20170103_165728_zpsveztq7rg.jpg

Sauté for lunch again because I had been thinking of my Tom Yum pasta ever since NYE!!! Hahahaha! Finally tried the salted egg yolk fries too 😍 Love everything!
 photo 20170104_132715_zpseoju6van.jpg

It was a super full meal though~ But so damn satisfying!!!
 photo 20170104_132343_zpssefh0ggd.jpg

Another private screening – The Girl On The Train! I wanted to watch it when it was out in the cinema because it feels a bit like Gone Girl, but I missed it.

Not as fantastically-plotted as Gone Girl, because I managed to guess the ending, but it still managed to keep me engaged too! A bit disturbing though, because the guy who can’t keep his dick to himself is such an asshole. Like the real truth can actually be so scary, so can a person. The girl who died is also like ever sexually-deprived 🙄 They make a perfect match actually.

 photo 20170105_134317_zpswygmvipn.jpg

Long-missed hotpot rice! 😍

Went to my favourite Timbre – the one at Art House after a really long time~ I think the last time I went there was 6 years ago? Gosh. I like the ambience there the best because it’s by the river, but it’s also one of the most popular outlets so it’s always hard to get seats.

We managed to get a table but it wasn’t by the river..boohooo~ All the tables reserved for walk-ins are blah. Really need to book few days in advance! We were seated next to a huge fan, which was kinda good and bad. Can be irritating at times (the hair!!!) 😒

 photo 20170106_190529_zps5xl2gehk.jpg

Starting my round before the girls reached!

And I skipped lunch for them! Actually it’s for this pizza 😛 Timbre pizzas just cannot be missed!!! Hehe!
 photo 20170106_200927_zps30t5uaqd.jpg

Oh I think Timbre is popular also for the band (not just the food), but this band wasn’t fantastic for a Friday night. Usually Friday/Saturday bands are like the best~ And we hardly heard before half the songs that they played 😐 Are we ageing or are they too indie?
 photo 20170106_211841_zpsxcvttfhj.jpg

It is always tough arranging a meetup with PPGs because everyone’s pretty busy with par-tors and etc, and Nad is also busy with her online shop launch! So proud of all her designs! Yes, all uniquely designed by her friend and her! Really beautiful clothes!!!

We had a good time laughing + admiring Xiao Qian’s virgin modeling experience 😍 So pretty one, my friend! Anyway shopaholics, it’s time to shop for CNY clothes! Do support!!!

Had a super belated birthday celebration for Xiao Qian and also an advanced celebration for Yinning! I think Rive Gauche‘s standard has either dropped or their mango cakes just ain’t as good as Four Leaves‘s. The mangoes were not very fresh and a bit close to rotting kind 😕 Still prefer the ganache cake!
 photo 20170106_210128_zps2vl5xuhu.jpg

 photo 20170106_210139_zpsdtsh0jse.jpg

November baby VS January baby!

 photo IMG-20170106-WA0035_zps9intttha.jpg

PPGs 💖

 photo 20170106_210403_zpswuvuwckg.jpg

Can’t believe Xiao Qian just turned 27!!! Tsk.

 photo 20170106_210401_zps0sedggcm.jpg

We are all turning 28…

 photo 20170106_210416_zps2iv21gxp.jpg

Aggressive blow 😆

 photo 20170106_210428_zpspqayahyf.jpg

Happy Birthday, my ladies! 😘

There was nothing to keep us at Timbre – band wasn’t great, seat wasn’t too great either. Yea so we decided to check out other places and Nad brought us to this beautiful newly-built place that is so pretty! 😀
 photo 20170106_215218_zpsofqxbreg.jpg
 photo 20170106_215529_zpsbayigbel.jpg

Quite a number of drinking places there and we settled for a beer place – Alchemist, because the girls wanted to try their fruit beers~
 photo 20170106_215522_zps18xl3lga.jpg

We tried a few and couldn’t really tell the difference 😐 And some of them are actually cider, but taste more like beer to me leh!
 photo 20170106_220237_zpstsi43why.jpg

I am not a fan of beer, so I had a really hard time deciding which to choose. Settled for this honey flavoured one in the end and surprisingly, this time round I was the last to finish my drink! 😱 Really not a beer or gassy drink person~ Even for cider, I would prefer to share.
 photo 20170106_221032_zpsnr2wgewm.jpg

 photo IMG-20170107-WA0000_zpssqtkjbva.jpg

Failed shot outside the shop!

 photo IMG-20170107-WA0002_zpszm7p7peb.jpg

The staff were photo-bombing us on purpose! Haha!

In the end, I think the shot we took with the bathroom mirror is much nicer 😂 Lighting is very, very, very important!
 photo IMG-20170107-WA0006_zpszmagkz3t.jpg

Great catch-up session with lots of updates 😊😊😊


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