First MBS Stay!

So so so so, I had been wanting to stay in MBS and when it just opened, I even said I must stay at least once here before I die. So if you know me, I am the kind that try to live life to the fullest, as though everyday is the last day. I always tell others, what if I die in a car accident tomorrow and I haven’t fulfilled this and this and this, then I won’t die in peace! Hahaha! Yep so I always try my best to make my dreams come true, as soon as possible 😊 (I am highly impatient!!!)

When the opportunity to stay at MBS at a discounted rate came, I just couldn’t wait anymore. Even with the risk of it being a scam, I still wanna make this dream come true! And yes! I finally did! The sua gu me finally get to step into the MBS hotel and have an awesome stay!

Was suddenly told that I can check in early instead of waiting till 3pm. Couldn’t wait so I took my first Grabshare ride down 😂 Too egg-citedddddd~!!! Shot taken from the car! Happened to be an awesome angle! Can’t believe I am finally getting on this spaceship!

 photo 20170107_124306_zpsx2wgfjbb.jpg


 photo 20170107_130418_zps8r8hmhyy.jpg

Oh the view was awesome because it’s level 37, but I will get to that later~

 photo IMG_1358_zpsw74m1ly4.jpg

Let’s visit the bathroom first 😍

 photo IMG_1356_zpsxf3spusa.jpg

Bathtub!!! Double 😍!

 photo 20170107_130314_zpshjwvxzu5.jpg

The only thing I dislike is that their fridge is by sensor, so once you remove anything from you, you are automatically charged for it even after you put it back. That means I can’t take out the stuff to put my own wine in!!! 😣

 photo 20170107_131502_zpsxhkggieq.jpg

But of course they provide a solution to it – you can just ask for complimentary bucket of ice 24/7. I also managed to turn my cooler bag into my mini fridge by pouring the ice in. Surprisingly, my wine managed to stay chilled for hours!!! So problem solved~!

 photo 20170107_132042_zpstq2dhgvb.jpg

Ready to partyyyyy!

Couldn’t help spamming shots of the beautiful view! ❤❤❤ Can never get sick waking up to a view like this man!

 photo 20170107_130240_zpsjysddzcg.jpg

 photo 20170107_130243_zpsy9y4xihq.jpg

 photo IMG_1360_zpsnivna5mw.jpg

 photo IMG_1374_zpsknwsfjbj.jpg

Yes! Can even see Gardens by the Bay! 😊

 photo IMG_1373_zpsrwubpnos.jpg

 photo IMG_1376_zpspoud0njf.jpg

Of course gotta take lots of selfies with the awesome view after paying so much! 😂 Got discount but still expensive okay~ And it’s a dream come true after all!

 photo IMG_1387_zpsg9vf448b.jpg

 photo IMG_1389_zpsnbspbxnv.jpg

 photo IMG_1390_zpsity7nc8e.jpg

Don’t you just love the blue sky? 😍

Attempted to take candid-like back view shots but failed badly 😳 I am definitely not cut out to be a model…hahahaha! Super bad and awkward posing!

 photo IMG_1392_zpsbcadptec.jpg

 photo IMG_1405_zps14kf4ktd.jpg

 photo IMG_1400_zpswz2sgphg.jpg

One last shot at the balcony before I head up to the infinity pool 😍 Can’t wait!!!

 photo IMG_1404_zpsj7irg9z3.jpg

Changed and ready to go! Super excited to finally have the chance to take photo at the infinity pool! Everytime I see people’s photos of them at the chio infinity pool, I am like full of envy. Now I’m gonna make my turn come true! 😆 I even borrowed Shuning’s underwater camera just for this! Hehe!

 photo 20170107_153236_zpsrqwflhrw.jpg

 photo 20170107_153253_zpsxygmeb1l.jpg

Million dollar view from the lift lobby 😍

 photo 20170107_140132_zpsypvh52ib.jpg

 photo 20170107_154838_zpsoq4flsbs.jpg

 photo 20170107_135838_zps97b1rtye.jpg

As expected, the pool was crowded but I still die die gotta go down! It’s so difficult to have a chance up there now because they are restricting the number of guests. So if you have 2 room cards, then only strictly 2 can access. It’s almost impossible to have a chance again unless you are staying here again!

 photo P1070004_zpsowwmlkhz.jpg

 photo P1070005_zpskfyknim4.jpg

Super excited already! Another dream come true! 😍 Can’t wait to dive in to take lots of photos!!!

 photo P1070007_zpssupsizy0.jpg

Like what Joey told me, the infinity pool is not for swimming but for photo-taking only, because it’s simply too crowded to swim! 😅 So true~ So I ended up having a photo session there…hahaha

 photo P1070017_zpsa3ocwp1f.jpg

Dipping in the pool with such view is just pure indulgence! A pity the droplet of water at the corner ruined some of my pics 😣

 photo P1070010_zpszpfsn7rs.jpg

 photo P1070012_zpsqzakovis.jpg

 photo P1070014_zps4okqtm7n.jpg

Better pics without the droplet! Looking at Singapore’s skyscrapers always make me so proud of our development! 😊 I mean if you were born in a different country, you could be leading an entirely different life…

 photo P1070030_zpsgbh1zkd1.jpg

 photo P1070029_zpsulof2na9.jpg

 photo P1070028_zpszw8k9mlr.jpg

Spotted a mermaid!

 photo P1070023_zpsaatxetn4.jpg

The crowded pool~

 photo P1070026_zpsq3nrteya.jpg

Infinity love!!! ❤

 photo P1070021_zpsoc4yau46.jpg

Loving the good weather too!

 photo P1070149_zpsjtnq6jpl.jpg

Enjoying my weekend~

Time for some underwater shots~! Had so much fun spamming shots under the water!!!!!! Some turned out hilarious but still SO COOL! OMG~ So tempted to get an underwater camera now 😍

 photo P1070060_zpsh3jtomf6.jpg

Took like 3618496284 underwater pics but here are the more presentable ones 😄

 photo P1070074_zps2yu6arue.jpg


 photo P1070098_zpspiwxwifg.jpg

 photo P1070093_zpswef6quot.jpg

Caught a plane flying past the moon! Yes, spotting the moon before sunset! So pretty~

 photo P1070152_zpsaya9iwfe.jpg

 photo P1070153_zps5suoxtnm.jpg

 photo P1070155_zpsiyrh6wsp.jpg

 photo P1070165_zpsmqvsm7yi.jpg

Making my dreams come true because #YOLO!

Posing for more failed shots with the awesome view! 😛

 photo P1070193_zpsfnd6aqfd.jpg

 photo P1070186_zpsxd9hljkk.jpg

 photo P1070170_zpsr8bwff2n.jpg

 photo P1070209_zpstcfcxnke.jpg

 photo P1070259_zpsejofacyc.jpg

Quite like these on the water shots ((:

 photo P1070200_zps9ywdzzol.jpg

 photo P1070206_zpslq4ebppb.jpg

Trying to take some relaxing shots but I’ve got to admit that I got resting bitch face! LOL. Ruined the pics totallyyyy.

 photo P1070231_zps8v6x68uy.jpg

 photo P1070234_zpsiurnbxvd.jpg

 photo P1070240_zps32nmwgoz.jpg

 photo P1070256_zpsl5ljykf6.jpg

This is what happen when you really run out of things to pose 😂😂😂

 photo P1070242_zpsqwwqgipn.jpg

And you tried to look candid but turned out looking like a retard! This is why people always say my pose and smile is very standard copy-and-paste, it’s because if I try anything else I look like shit! LOL.

 photo P1070260_zpstcvdxjdc.jpg

Couldn’t bear to leave this beauty~
 photo P1070306_zpsusnwvlsa.jpg

One last shot and goodbye! For now 😛

 photo P1070307_zpstmmnlyve.jpg

Missed the sunset but managed to soak in the bathtub for a while before Clique starts falling in one by one~ And Gardens by the Bay is starting to light up!

 photo 20170107_192401_zpsvyei5r9p.jpg

 photo IMG_1411_zpszr6gkpg8.jpg

Soon it was night time… Why time passed so fast 😔

 photo IMG_1413_zpswbgyo347.jpg

Night view from the lift lobby again~

 photo 20170107_200203_zpsme2uvotx.jpg

 photo 20170107_200029_zpsz8gdbmij.jpg

Headed up to the roof again to explore the sky deck! Must make every cents worthwhile and explore every corner~ But I missed out the free spa and sauna which I only learned about from Joey after my stay! –CRY!!!!!!

 photo IMG_1423_zpsyymjhp9x.jpg

Infinity pool at night sounds like a good idea too! But it was still equally flooded with people~

 photo IMG_1425_zpslloepq4t.jpg

 photo IMG_1430_zpsaiqzeubh.jpg

 photo IMG_1444_zpszui694ct.jpg

Gardens by the Bay view from the roof! I remember trying very hard to take these shots while this super passionate couple was kissing loudly right beside me 😂 They were really in their own world and oblivious to everyone trying to catch the view there!

 photo IMG_1438_zpsqqimrhnd.jpg

 photo IMG_1446_zps7i0cv0ey.jpg

 photo IMG_1448_zpst5mrtinp.jpg

 photo IMG_1445_zpshxschshe.jpg

Oh I even brought my Canon camera specially for this stay! Snapped till the battery went flat~ I didn’t expect to stay so long at the deck; thought I could still go down and get dinner but the view was just too 😍!

 photo IMG_1453_zpsvh9p6lra.jpg

 photo IMG_1457_zps2b9vvfso.jpg

 photo IMG_1454_zpsvzaqovyk.jpg

 photo IMG_1458_zps0ibx8rxc.jpg

Checked out the observation deck that is only for hotel guests too! Exclusivity = I MUST GO! 😛

 photo IMG_1451_zpsd9k13asv.jpg

 photo IMG_1459_zps5ihnjsx4.jpg

 photo IMG_1460_zpsltn13wer.jpg

 photo IMG_1462_zps43c8ki44.jpg

Loving the view of the flyers~!!!

 photo IMG_1471_zpsi3dbdnsg.jpg

 photo IMG_1468_zpsmxmmr4rd.jpg

 photo IMG_1465_zpsordmzry3.jpg

 photo IMG_1463_zpsnle1d0rj.jpg

Finally spammed enough! Goodbye observation deck! But for now too~ Cause I went up twice the next day just to bring Shi Min and Shrine up to 参观, since I can only bring 1 guest up each time…hahaha! Machiam my house 😆

 photo IMG_1472_zpsdbrz69ra.jpg

Retreated back to my room after enough exploration because it was time for the others to explore! The 2 WJs had arrived early just to check out the infinity pool, so I also took the chance to enjoy some solo moment~

But it wasn’t long before Zhen Hao arrived as well. Went down to pick him and he decided to go for a walk, since the 2 WJs were still enjoying at the pool. Felt like I was on some excursion suddenly cause he started telling me about this Rain Oculus, which I am embarrassed to say that I never knew about 😂 He even said it’s like one of the “tourist attractions” here…oops.

 photo 20170107_213657_zpssedymxdm.jpg

Chanced upon the light and water show outside and again, I seriously think our light show is so much more impressive than Hong Kong‘s 😐

 photo 20170107_213833_zps8tmy8qln.jpg

 photo 20170107_214104_zpsrdq2yz4k.jpg

 photo 20170107_214117_zpsfjqwhj49.jpg

Quite cool, isn’t it!

And then we chanced upon a lot of dogs… Like a lot a lot of dogs all at a time.

 photo 20170107_214220_zpsdjhqfvvs.jpg

Zhen Hao was excited to take photo with them and he happened to choose the most active one! I was trying to snap a shot and the dog just kept jumping onto him. There was even a point when he jumped and licked Zhen Hao’s face! OMGGGGG~ I almost threw his phone and ran! Super active and scary!!!

 photo 20170107_214616_zpseons6796.jpg

They are all Golden Retrievers because it was some social media outing for Golden Retrievers lovers~

 photo 20170107_214323_zpsjlclhnch.jpg

Ended up at this bar at level 33 which is called LeVeL33 😐 It was a long story that started off with just “taking a look“~ But somehow I ended up having beer-tasting here. Only the lightest-coloured one taste decent, the rest … one smells like pesticide, one like kopi-O, another smells of paint. The black one I think smells like Stout which I hate.

 photo 20170107_221138_zpsgsdozuet.jpg

The view, which I was actually there to see, is good though. Can see my room for the night!!! 😍 Okay lah, I don’t know which it is of course.

 photo 20170107_220441_zpsgymigkom.jpg

Miss Khiew, who was excited to go to the observatory deck that I raved about, rushed down after work for that but ended up getting stuck at LeVeL33 with me 😂 Nevertheless, thanks to her, we managed to rush back before 11pm because I told her the deck closes by then…hahaha!

 photo 20170107_222343_zpswyrdr7ca.jpg

Finally back to my room sweet room and it was buddy and Shi Min’s turn to go up to tour. A pity all of them did not walk till the end to the observatory deck where the nice night view is! But the view from room ain’t too bad too…hehe. I know how many times I have snapped this! But I can’t help it!

 photo IMG_1417_zpswye45kbg.jpg

 photo 20170107_2336530_zpshcacg3rj.jpg


I love parties mainly because I have the opportunities to bring my bottles and also have people to drink with me! 😀 WJ brought some too, but too bad Gui ended up pangseh-ing all of us so he had no one to drink with, so we all only had the 2 bottles of Moscato I brought for the night~

Watched a nice Louis Khoo movie -《掃毒》, followed by a really really bad romance movie -《婚前试爱》that Zhen Hao actually watched 4 times!!! We couldn’t stop complaining about the movie, yet we still kept watching on to find out why he can watch it for 4 times! Gosh.

It was such a bad plot, bad lines, bad jokes and bad acting. The only thing good was Him Law and Carol Yeung’s kissing 😶 Even Chrissie Chau’s was baddddd. Seriously think the director made this movie just for the sex scenes…Zzzzzzz.

Dragged myself up the next day for breakfast! Still obsessed and not sick of the view after 1 night!

 photo 20170108_104457_zpsqjvtcw9q.jpg

Neither can I help snapping another pic at the lift lobby 😜

 photo 20170108_104633_zpsnufoxmvn.jpg

 photo 20170108_092659_zpszonkk4hq.jpg

 photo 20170108_092720_zpsi20onqyz.jpg

Buffet breakfast time~! Too bad it was only for 2 pax so I had to choose one person amongst all of them. Shimin was disappointed because she was looking forward to the MBS breakfast…hahahaha! And she kept emphasising that she’s hungry 😂

But the well-deserved honour went to my generous buddy of course, since he’s always treating me, and he even bought pressie for each of us for belated Christmas cum New Year! Though it’s not the Michael Kor bag that I want…HAHAHA.

Funny conversation while discussing about breakfast…

Shimin: Soon Song 跟谁去??? *thinking she still have a chance since it’s for TWO pax*

Me: 当然是跟我 lah! 😂😂😂

 photo 20170108_101242_zpssjlmxskt.jpg

 photo 20170108_101221_zpskvvza0ev.jpg

We didn’t even have to look for a table because the staff would assign and reserve one for us while we take our food 👍

 photo 20170108_100812_zps9yf2skp6.jpg

Anyway, the buffet is worth like $50 per pax, so the choices is definitely not limited. That’s why the more I gotta choose a glutton like buddy that can 吃到够本! 😂

 photo 20170108_101332_zpswwefl9co.jpg

Where got room for dessert?!

As usual, the greedy me couldn’t resist taking everything because it’s brunch! My favourite weekend meal of the day! Hehe! Plate is full, so am I, but I still haven’t tried everything 😣

 photo 20170108_094118_zpsoeenuieg.jpg

Min left for work after I took her up to the observatory deck, so did buddy. There was only like 30 minutes left before check out, but Shrine and I still decided to maximise the time by going up for a last dip in the infinity pool!

But before that, I showed him the observatory deck that he missed the previous night also.

 photo 20170108_104616_zpsfgxic3nd.jpg

 photo P1080314_zpstuedy9ia.jpg

And then forced him to take a few photos in his bathrobe! LOL!

 photo P1080320_zpszapom76u.jpg

He said his army tee is too ugly, which is true, so I told him to put on the bathrobe there…HAHAHA!!! I said he will look like a 少爷 but actually he looks damn retarded! And there were so many people there looking at this weirdo 😂😂😂

 photo P1080322_zpsodqktidu.jpg

Off for a really short dip! I think after the tour, we were only left with like 15 minutes to dip 😐 But it was mainly for Shrine to take pictures because he wanted to take the previous night but did not get to, so I offered to be his photographer!

 photo P1080325_zpsqblzvvbs.jpg

And he ended up being my photographer as well even though I had already taken so many the previous day 😛

 photo P1080331_zpsd7sxunnc.jpg

 photo P1080334_zpsds5zzqlb.jpg

 photo P1080412_zps1bdpznec.jpg

Good morning city~!

I was excited to take underwater shots for Shrine but he did not like any of them in the end 😑 Still gonna pose at least one no matter what! Successful emo shot!

 photo P1080362_zpsoeioglnc.jpg

And more underwater shots of meeeeee! Haha! Wore my top this time, so can choose more to post 😛

 photo P1080374_zpsvphtwdrc.jpg

 photo P1080375_zpsxdb51hql.jpg

What were you actually trying to capture, my friend? 😏

 photo P1080376_zpsde33hyeu.jpg

 photo P1080371_zpslmlw7zkc.jpg

 photo P1080372_zpso5yxepu8.jpg

 photo P1080373_zpstt2lrm3a.jpg

Had so much fun and laughter with the underwater shots and videos! Hahaha! But it was soon time to go back to prepare for check out~ Shrine actually requested for a wefie for remembrance! Wow! I think he’s starting to appreciate all these little memories in life… 👍

 photo P1080415_zpsm5wgw8oi.jpg

Made him do retarded shot again 😂 But he was the one who chose this pose because he said looks more like 少爷!HAHAHA!

 photo P1080419_zpsrrimskqp.jpg

Had only like 15 minutes for both of us to take turns to shower + prepare; almost mission impossible! Guess we really made every minute there worthwhile! Haha! Cheers to a successful staycation~! And I also managed to get my deposit back…phew.

It wasn’t the most comfortable stay, since staycation usually means squeezing in one bed, but it was after all Clique’s very first staycation together! Although it wasn’t full attendance, sadly, nor was it the way I had wanted it to be, I am still glad for everyone who has been there to fulfill my dream with me. Thank you for all your spontaneity! 😘

Really happy that I’ve gotten my first wish fulfilled for 2017! 👏👏👏 MORE TO COME~!!! 为了梦想,加油!


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