CNY 2017 @ River Angbao

Was not really looking forward to 初一 because it felt like a normal day to me. Actually it felt worse than a normal day because shops are closed, which means I can’t go out to enjoy the solitude of sitting in a cafe with a hot chocolate.

I did consider going for visiting with my mum (yes, I was that bored), but I thought she had went by the time I woke up. So just when I was about to resign to fate and nua the day off, she came back and I was stuck between going or staying again 😐

There are pros and cons for both. The only incentive of visiting is of course the angbaos, but I will have to deal with the typical questions of “When getting married” and etc. This is probably the age when you hate visitings the most.

I can blog if I stay at home, but spending the day at home will probably make me feel sadder, which is why I had not been at home for the past 4 CNYs. In the end, I did my usual 3 coin spins and it was 3 straight heads, which means to go! And off I went~

As usual, 初一 means 大姨’s house, where everyone would gather. Of course by now, the ‘everyone circle‘ has downsized to mainly the aunts and uncles; the cousins have also reached the age of not going for visiting, like me. So yea, I made my rare appearance and created a big hoo-ha. Positive ones, thankfully.

I think the last time I went for visiting was 2011, so even my little nephew has grown twice the size (that his mum can’t recognise him when I showed her the 2011 picture) and he even have a sweet little sister now!
 photo 20170128_155712_zpse5ijsnfk.jpg

 photo 20170128_155713_zpswfvu8uqk.jpg

Little Miss Pouty, but she likes me 😊

First time meeting her but we were having fun with our ‘kiat hong‘ mess already! Haha! Cause cam-whoring brings girls together! 😝 Setting the latest trend with our powdery white lips~
 photo 20170128_170955_zpswmis6z4x.jpg
 photo 20170128_171045_001_zpsleflicbf.jpg
 photo 20170128_171037_zps64nhzayc.jpg
 photo 20170128_171042_zpsojl6biiw.jpg
 photo 20170128_171109_zpsvz51omvy.jpg

 photo 20170128_171111_zpsngjcceoh.jpg

Aiyo~ Tak glam!

Total angbao earning for the day was 50 bucks, but minus off cab fares to and fro, it was only left with $36 😢 At least it kept my day occupied before I was off for River angbao!

Ice-cream to start off first because I was famished and the only stall without queue is this~ Walking around the food booths really felt like I was in a chimney.
 photo 20170128_192324_zpsblwn5pv7.jpg

Brought my Canon cam again for a photo session! 😆
 photo IMG_1474_zpsv1mrepxv.jpg

The snake with the rooster 😏
 photo 20170128_193543_zpsgpuwvbem.jpg
 photo IMG_1476_zpsaoskatdg.jpg

Testing how far I can zoom in and I managed to catch the butterfly! Awesome camera!
 photo IMG_1482_zpsqqecoiif.jpg

Since it’s the rooster year, there was definitely chickens everywhere~
 photo 20170128_211203_zps9stgozxu.jpg
 photo IMG_1494_zps6fswqtqd.jpg
 photo IMG_1497_zpsxowuijut.jpg

And of course the 财神爷 that cannot be missed at every year’s River angbao!
 photo IMG_1486_zpsmkzcztad.jpg
 photo IMG_1488_zpsuslstfnq.jpg
 photo IMG_1492_zpsnzkixpxa.jpg
 photo 20170128_211317_zpsse4yb7zi.jpg

Fishes to represent 年年有余~
 photo IMG_1500_zpsykdiim4r.jpg
 photo IMG_1499_zpsp1dop00v.jpg

But what do all these birds and monkeys represent??? Hmmm…suddenly a zoo theme.
 photo IMG_1512_zpsbpkaccnu.jpg
 photo IMG_1511_zps2fpha20d.jpg

 photo IMG_1498_zpsph874u5j.jpg

Definitely need some good luck for this rooster year! 🙏

 photo IMG_1502_zps6lft54fr.jpg

Rooster VS Lion

 photo IMG_1506_zpsakrjnfds.jpg

Snake VS Rooster VS Lion

With my 2 bodyguards, because Lyn last minute pangseh. And it’s really like last minute during the meeting time 😑
 photo IMG_1504_zpsw8jjsoyb.jpg
 photo IMG_1505_zpspzeh8guo.jpg

But Shrine came along too! So I had 3 bodyguards actually~ Such honour.
 photo IMG_1509_zpsp1htaspw.jpg

 photo IMG_1508_zpsnsysvaec.jpg

Inside joke, as usual. We have too many 😛

 photo IMG_1507_zpszjxzcdcq.jpg


It’s kinda the first time someone from Clique is going out with NDPeeps 😀
 photo IMG_1510_zpsfyuskc6a.jpg

 photo IMG_1515_zpseu9yvsit.jpg

Finally found you! 🐍

 photo 20170128_203431_zpsmrxjheik.jpg

Forced shot with my snake friend

Missed the first 财神爷撒黄金 session but we managed to catch the next! Camping for the moment~
 photo IMG_1525_zpsfqsdvs2f.jpg

This is one of the thing I remember the most about River angbao, cause I remember bringing the golden flakes (used to be flakes, now just tiny strips) home when I was a kid. But I definitely don’t remember aunties opening up umbrellas to catch the “gold“!!! Like seriously?!
 photo IMG_1528_zpsikeevxis.jpg

Had a hard time taking a proper shot with the umbrellas there! Really kiasu! And they really caught a lot of the gold strips, as though they are real gold, leaving none for others! I did not even catch any. But I know 财神爷 won’t let greedy people 发! 😤
 photo IMG_1529_zpszbn0kmjm.jpg

Finished touring and it was time for a smoke break! 😛

And then fireworks~!!! A pity the angle was really awful, with the pole there.
 photo IMG_1516_zpsot2xcdxb.jpg

Climbed all the way up for this~ I miss my MBS!!! Haha!
 photo IMG_1546_zpsz6qggpg9.jpg
 photo IMG_1530_zpsmqeumstp.jpg

Beauty shot to end off. Glad that the night turned out well ((:
 photo IMG_1555_zpsdiqjcvfy.jpg

And the real holiday starts now~!!!!!!!!!!!!


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