Chingay 2017 – Parade 1!

Packed food from home because I gotta leave early for Chingay! Looking 丰盛 but actually all leftovers from steamboat + 拜天公 😅
 photo 20170210_110032_zpshs9a27re.jpg

Totally regretted reporting to JAS instead of reporting straight because it was mad rush! Couldn’t get a cab nor Grab either and thankfully there was some delay, if not I would have missed the bus at JAS!

If only we had known earlier than there would be any makeup or face paint this year 😓 But at least I made it! And saved money too..haha~ On the way to F1 for the official parade 1!
 photo 20170210_181917_zpsalcdxjkf.jpg

Skipped the dinner and went straight to take photos! Didn’t wanna wait till the sky turns grey like the previous day~ Must still take all the mandatory shots!
 photo 20170210_191857_zpsohx9vsr4.jpg
 photo 20170210_192050_zpsntibgbls.jpg

 photo 20170210_192135_zpskszbyxlf.jpg

Wefie with the fishermen! 😄

 photo 20170210_192413_zpseue0ypiv.jpg

To make up for the sweaty wefie yesterday~

 photo 20170210_192538_zpshflaogoa.jpg

小天使 found!

 photo 20170210_192557_zpsydg1pneh.jpg


 photo 20170210_192646_zpsv3veb0ke.jpg

Showing off my tattoos! 😂

 photo 20170210_1930180_zps7xygaeqa.jpg

With 财神爷!!!

 photo IMG-20170210-WA0016_zpsauaok303.jpg

Lyn said 财神爷 didn’t let us win TOTO cause his “bowl” is empty liao 😔

Chanced upon some familiar faces from my NDP Chinese group! But messy hair due to the wind and also shadows on my face 😦
 photo 20170210_1932190_zps9iwwrpiy.jpg
 photo 20170210_193243_zpsnuroosor.jpg

 photo 20170210_195744_zpsmmp4n3ex.jpg

With 师母!

 photo 20170210_195947_zpsai8nqhtq.jpg

With Ah Tiff again!

Joanjoan and I spotted this cute Japanese boy some time ago and we love to watch him dance! Mojo said he looks like he’s wiping the table 😂😂😂 Super cute one! The chubby cute~

Tattoos given by 教授! One on my fat arm, but I forgot that it will be covered by the arm sleeve 😭
 photo 20170210_194859_001_zpspiici3n2.jpg

 photo 20170210_194459_zpsfpppoxrn.jpg

True love tattoo on hand!

 photo 20170210_193748_zpsfsp4eg7b.jpg

True love for JAS~! ❤

 photo 20170210_201624_zpsfqsgpxdo.jpg

Die die wanna show off my tattoo~

 photo 20170210_201620_zpsemddud4m.jpg

Chingay 2017~!

Real pic with the fishermen; not photo-bombing this time 😛
 photo 20170210_201749_zpsg1h0xq1r.jpg
 photo 20170210_201753_zpssekhctmq.jpg

Ready for the parade! 😀 Actually I was extra nervous because of all the mistakes the previous night… So scared that I would dance wrongly again but I know the more I am stressed about it, the more I’m gonna make mistake! I just can’t work under stress!
 photo 20170210_195902_zpsy56wmlhu.jpg

 photo 20170210_203255_zpsav7ir0a2.jpg
 photo 20170210_203318_1_bestshot_zps8hufjq3j.jpg

Thankfully, there was no blank-out moment nor any mistake made! I was seriously soooooo stressed when performing, cause there are audience and I kept thinking I really can’t afford to make mistakes! I ask for perfection whenever it comes to performances and I may not be a good dancer, but I wouldn’t wanna be a bad one either, affecting the whole group and ruining the performance.

Usually I will be more stressed for Chingay because the audience are closer, so I will practise harder at home. But this year I didn’t really practise at home at all, partly because of time, so I only watched the video tutorial.

Really happy that I got all the confusing moves right! There are so many challenging dance steps this year and the arm swing was one of them right from the beginning… Then there are those quick hand movements followed by a quick squat and up, which everyone had a hard time catching because it’s damn fast! But I got it eventually!!! And every time I managed to catch it, I will give a wide smile because I genuinely felt happy that I managed to get the beat right…hahaha!

Managed to capture some pretty fireworks while waiting for the NDPeeps to finish their duties 😊
 photo 20170210_212949_zpscldaqooz.jpg
 photo 20170210_212957_zpso5t1j2p0.jpg
 photo 20170210_213009_zpsc2yvpmjy.jpg
 photo 20170210_213240_001_zpsoykrpkle.jpg
 photo 20170210_213304_011_zpspzcsjmjq.jpg
 photo 20170210_213314_zpsdbzsak4n.jpg

Was pretty exhausted after a whole day of work plus all the rushing, followed by 6 continuous times of dancing 😪 But the little girl was hungry again, so we went around trying to find places that still have food. I think Singapore really has very boring nightlife. Walked so damn long before we finally found SGbar that still has its kitchen open for us~

 photo 20170210_232416_zpscfy3xgiw.jpg

Not hungry, just thirsty…

 photo 20170210_232741_zpsbssbfmmt.jpg

1-for-1 cocktails!

 photo 20170210_232718_zpsf3t20qxq.jpg

Choya Martini, Lychee Martini & my favourite Midori Sour!

 photo 20170210_232954_zps14ftw8hu.jpg

Snacking the calories back~

 photo 20170210_233742_zpsux5v9wpv.jpg

Pizza again! 😂

 photo IMG-20170211-WA0002_zps3zytanro.jpg



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