Art-Zoo SG!

Shall summarise these two weeks in one post because it’s March now – the busiest month of the year for me!

 photo 20170220_192219_zpsez8iijdr.jpg

Mahjong craze even in supermarket~

Lugged back 3 bottles of Moscato from the Warehouse Club because I could finally buy them without membership! Yay~!!! 🍾 Bought cheap snacks and other stuff; I love supermarket-shopping! Hehe!

First 九鲜! Not my first of course~ But the greedy me was excited to introduce so I got two – my favourite fruity jelly and the signature NineFresh. Cannot finish in the end 😐
 photo 20170220_210620_zpsx7uf50aq.jpg

Looking 丰盛 but actually these are overnight supper that Mamemo bought for le pig brother and the latter donated to me for lunch~ Yay! Saved another 4 bucks for lunch! 😜
 photo 20170221_133215_zpsonyss6py.jpg

Because two red bombs in March plus upcoming trips, so must 省省省 😂
 photo IMG_20170228_212519_500_zpsgzviparo.jpg

 photo 20170222_191415_zpscqwiokcv.jpg

Lychee Rose from Platform 1094!

 photo 20170222_201934_zpsmjkwvzhs.jpg

Ban mian!!! 😍

Waking up to these blooms ❤ The roses really bloomed so beautifully!
 photo 20170223_001959_zpskshjkxko.jpg
 photo 20170223_085008-1_zpsunizoozo.jpg
 photo 20170223_085029-1_zpsbbkdsnwy.jpg

Went for free class again and it’s my first time trying out body-toning class! More tiring than I had expected 😧 Totally felt like the Gudetama on my shirt after that~ Hahaha!
 photo 20170223_201743_zpsa49ucxah.jpg

Bought this for office because it’s all coffee capsules! I need some hot chocolate and green tea latte 😏
 photo 20170224_101906_zps97frmx5t.jpg

My cute client thought green tea latte means green tea + latte (coffee) and she excitedly made one. Then she was like  “Not very nice leh.. The green tea smell covered the coffee smell. I cannot smell coffee.” LOL! That’s because there is no coffee inside!

 photo 20170224_103034_zps2wm6a2y2.jpg

Feeling like a patient~ But it’s all part of ageing! 💪

 photo 20170224_162210_zpshniuxg5a.jpg

Chateraise tea break!
But mille crepe shouldn’t mix with sponge cake 😔

 photo 20170224_201518_zpsratyp9ar.jpg

That sudden Thai Express crave 😏

 photo 20170224_201019_zpsz7kpsqwo.jpg

Tom Yum soup!
Used to be spicier, now it’s saltier.

 photo 20170224_201543_zpshqbrfx65.jpg

No more taro in menu! Luckily still have this beancurd 😋

 photo 20170224_201554_zpswge2jgeh.jpg

Beancurd again 😅

Private screening this week – the highly-raved Hacksaw Ridge! It was good, but seeing so many deaths in a night … plus the Orchard Central fatal incident 😖 Kinda traumatising.

Finally had a good Saturdate brunch again and finally going back for some “simple food” again! 😂 Super hungry so it became a feast!

 photo 20170225_122711_zpsxgvgjluz.jpg

Mushroom soup 😋

 photo 20170225_123935_zpsothev0x1.jpg

Vegetable tempura! 🖒

 photo 20170225_123239_zpsy8ahoqqb.jpg

The not-so-simple lunch~ 😏

And this is one of the thing that I actually wanted to come back for! The concept is like Chizza but wayyyyyy better than KFC’s! Lasted me for the whole day cause I dabao-ed half of it 😅
 photo 20170225_125114_zpsfy45rdql.jpg

Off for Farmart outing with le residents~! 2 months ago I was being roped in to help plan this outing, but I really didn’t expect to be the one taking charge on the day itself 😑 Really expecting to be just helping out~

Had some debates going on due to this incident, but at least the residents enjoyed the outing, which many volunteers agreed. To me that’s the most important thing. But of course I’m not the one who is responsible for answering the sponsor all the questions, so it’s easy for me to say 😐 It’s a good learning process though.

 photo 20170225_152528_zpsc5h6qfyy.jpg


The heavy downpour kinda screwed up our plans a little, but it wasn’t a major change. We had an interesting classroom time with the humourous Uncle William. He made the educational session so much more fun!

 photo 20170225_163215_zpsox0vj7vh.jpg

Sorbet suitable for diabetic residents!

And then it was animals-interaction time! The residents got to feed the cute animals! 🐐🐰🐹
 photo 20170225_170119_zpsensnj6f1.jpg
 photo 20170225_165622_zpsftgazs03.jpg

This cute resident was so scared to feed the goat but she was happily feeding the rabbit later on 😂 I guess size does matter.
 photo 20170225_165824_zpse95if5jq.jpg

Too bad they did not manage to catch the parrots’ performance which I was hoping to see again too! Haha!
 photo 20170225_170704_zpsvmivbd3l.jpg

Looks as though it’s smiling! So cute!
 photo 20170225_170641_zpss2lsdkkf.jpg
 photo 20170225_170638_zpsiimtkjgb.jpg

The journey back wasn’t a smooth one because the driver went on the wrong direction TWICE. In the end we reached later than the bus that came 30 minutes later than ours 😑

 photo 20170225_195047_zpslwndf6gp.jpg

Shopping for jacket!
Hmmmm…to buy or not to buy~

 photo 20170225_221219_zpsss3f69yp.jpg

Favourite tau huey again!

Had a marathon-Sunday again, starting with badminton with le volunteers! I actually miss playing badminton but they are always playing in Hougang area~ 难得 finally come to my 地盘 😂 I thought I would be slacking most of the time since everyone is quite pro and I am the only amateur one. But kannatrained‘ by 师兄们 and sweated so much! Quite shiok~

Super paiseh to have 砸场 though cause everyone was playing the professional way, while I was like super lost – either confusing people or kept missing shuttlecocks that were supposed to serve to me 😂 Pity everyone who has paired with me! Either gotta work super hard or gotta suffer their rare losses..hahahaha!

Great workout!!! Thankful for everyone’s patience in trying to coach me, even though I just wanna have a friendly “match” aka 打爽的~ But not everyone was friendly to me. Can tell from the pictures who is always bullying me 😏
 photo IMG-20170226-WA0013_zpshxheyfgs.jpg
 photo IMG-20170226-WA0014_zpshzvactd0.jpg

 photo 20170227_003222_zpsqcgmfm5b.jpg

The aftermath 😐
Cause the racket kept hitting me!

First time trying Workbench even though it’s so near to me…haha! Loading back the calories lost with this salted egg yolk chicken pasta 😋
 photo 20170226_145452_zpsfy9xqp8y.jpg

Rushed back home to shower before rushing out again to meet my mentees! FMS has started a mentorship programme and some time ago, my lecturer had asked if I am okay to be the students’ mentor.

I didn’t think so much about it and just agreed. It turned out that the toughest part was actually to find a suitable time to meet up with them! Haha! But I totally understand their deadlines and all, cause I had been through it 😆

I was expecting a short meetup cause I didn’t really know what to talk about. But in the end we chatted for 3 hours, with them sharing a lot with me about what happened in school and all. I never thought I would be so comfortable chatting with them! Thought it might be kinda awkward for all since it’s our very first meetup~

It’s nice to reminisce about school days and also share a bit of what I went through, at the same time, finding the similarities of what we had all been through 😀 The different kind of schoolmates ranging from boasters to free-riders. The same lecturers that are still teaching now too…haha!

It’s interesting how all 4 of them have different characters – one is a Mexican who is confident but humble. One who prefers to be a listener but is secretly processing what we are saying in his mind. One who is more chatty and would make sure I am with them when they drift off to their inside jokes. One who is a bit dramatic when she talks and claims that she dresses until very la sup 😂

Gonna meet up with them again next semester! I hope by their final year, they would still wanna be video editors 😅 It’s too early to judge now because I wanted to be a scriptwriter during my first year, but look what I turned out to be? Haha~ Anyhow, rushed off to help Mommeyyyyy run some errand before I finally ended my long Sunday!

Swee Choon lunch with Shrine! Hate eating with pigs. Tsk. Was so full for the entire day!
 photo 20170227_133612_zpsvswlvmpw.jpg

Durian waffle at Sin Lee Food! To curb the durian crave temporarily~
 photo 20170228_201206_zps1sxjxmm5.jpg

Overall it’s nice, with real mao shan wang durian, but this is probably the most expensive waffle I had. 18 bucks 😱
 photo 20170228_201230_zpsg4y9ynhq.jpg

 photo 20170228_212930_zpse4riwcch.jpg

Because it’s Tuesdate! 😍

Finally a good chilling session with good music to take off all the stress at work~ I had such a bad nightmare along with a bad headache the previous night after editing a whole day of Suria programme!

My mind just couldn’t stop editing in the sleep and it was damn scary! I had it before but this is the worst and longest experience! It’s like the mind is on auto-edit mode and no matter how I tried to stop it, it wouldn’t 😖 Editors’ woes.


Long time no 偷拍,so 趁机拍 more! Hehe!
 photo 20170228_231213_zpscgxwafdh.jpg

 photo 20170228_230803_zpsjsex4cul.jpg


Actually, I am not surprised if he knows that I have been secretly snapping at him luh. He caught me so many times with my phone…hahaha!
 photo 20170228_231328_zpsbgblnx3m.jpg
 photo 20170228_231351_zpsfrc6nbny.jpg
 photo 20170228_231421_zpsfbuwrzjk.jpg
 photo 20170228_231455_zpsvu14a9kq.jpg

 photo 20170303_101825_zps7penjwuv.jpg


 photo 20170302_155230_zpsbzikntsn.jpg

Posted this in the day, experienced it at night.
Caring how much is one thing, but who should be caring is another.

 photo 20170303_185410_zpsak42rg6r.jpg

Satisfying the durian crave with real 金凤 durian this time! 😋
Cause Sunday is a long wait!

Finally 麻辣香锅-ed too! All the sinful stuff that I should be avoiding for Shuning’s wedding~ Cause I don’t want pimples to pop! Haha! But I think it’s more pricey than my usual ones, considering that there’s no meat. Hmmmm. Super shiok though! 👍
 photo 20170303_195514_zpstz9u3nfj.jpg

Checked out the new mall – Our Tampines Hub and I love their public movie screening concept! Not a bad idea to nua your Friday night away~
 photo 20170303_215551_zpslj60abzi.jpg

 photo 20170303_214331_zpskywqdspr.jpg

Blackforest with alcohol!

 photo 20170303_223627_zpswh3zedao.jpg

Marking an end to the TGIF 😊

Had half the Saturday to settle stuff for upcoming trip~ So much left to be settled that I can’t stop worrying every day. I’m glad that I am clearing them bit by bit each day. Off to check out Art-Zoo!
 photo 20170304_160927_zpsixgf2q72.jpg

I was looking forward to visit because I saw many bee-themed stuff! And everything looks so cute there! But sadly, it’s not free and I didn’t know until I was there 😔 Apparently, a lot of people thought it is free too.
 photo 20170304_160310_zps9tstoaxm.jpg

Could only take photos from the outside~ This is my favourite!
 photo 20170304_160957-1_zpspzkl3w65.jpg
 photo 20170304_160647_zpsozgnaayw.jpg

Bee-themed giraffe!
 photo 20170304_160614_zpsf1jfrojz.jpg
 photo 20170304_160950_zpsrl9plaee.jpg

Hello Art-Zoo! Goodbye Art-Zoo too 😦
 photo 20170304_160713_zpsp876iuhl.jpg
 photo 20170304_160832_zpswxiofjax.jpg

Caught Logan and it was niceeeee! The usual exciting superhero movie, but with a touch of 温馨~ It was a pretty long movie though.

 photo 20170304_204120_zpsfvg6m1q3.jpg

First meal of the day – yummy mushroom soup to end the night! 💖


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