Ping turns 30!

Had one of the most boring week because I went home right after work for 2 days! One was planned and one unplanned, because yoga class was cancelled at the last minute again…Zzzzz. That’s why I dislike last minute stuff! Could have planned something else to make full use of the time if I had known earlier 😒 

Maybe 老天 knows I really need to finish up my itinerary planning soon, so gave me more time to do so. Hmmmm. But 1 day at home is enough! I still like going out more~ To try new places or even just exploring them! But explore liao of course must try it some day also, if not no point exploring 😜

 photo 20170307_194921_zpsy5zygfqu.jpg

Like this green mango salad!
Spicy and sour, both my favourite 😊

 photo 20170307_195432_zpsma5f4juh.jpg

Like the beancurd too!

 photo 20170307_195428_zpsfnzfvzio.jpg

Dumpling was not bad too~

 photo 20170307_194915_zpsgk2gke42.jpg

The only thing I didn’t like is this sesame paste noodle! 
Got peanut smell!!! 😖

My angmoh-pai colleagues were talking about “Good Morning towels” and Ping and I, the 2 cheena poks were like, “What Good Morning towels???” It turned out that they were talking about this! We both call this the funeral towel 😂😂😂

 photo 20170307_203929_zps4nwqiwed.jpg

Private screening this week – Sing! Quite amused and also surprised by the choice of movie…hahahaha!!! I guess kids movie never goes wrong~

Ping’s birthday lunch! Finally tried a proper meal at Box N Sticks because everytime they go, I won’t bear to splurge on the set lunch; will only order side dish or nothing~  

 photo 20170309_141102_zpscvrzqzgw.jpg

Can resist sashimi now but not resist mentaiko!!! ❤

This 傻婆 don’t know real surprised or act surprised one, ask me when I got the cake 😏 It was in the fridge since morning!

 photo 20170309_174727_zpsojhy07ne.jpg

Happy 30th to my crazy half-sister! From schoolmates to colleagues, and both my jobs 都是你帮我找到的 😚 Thank you for the opportunity to continue to irritate you! Hahaha! And of course thank you for all the guidance, always generously sharing your knowledge.

 photo 20170309_174730_zpswscur69b.jpg

 photo 20170309_174742_zpsy3z7d5ua.jpg

 photo 20170309_174928_zpsrjloiue7.jpg

Wonder what is it like to turn 30… I asked a guy friend this question some time ago and he said he was actually looking forward to it 😱 

I think it’s different for girls… Turning 30 to guys is like finally reaching a maturity level, or maybe not, but for girls it’s pure ageing and wrinkles and auntie and all 😭 I really gotta cherish these last 2 years of 2X~

Caught Kong Skull Island and although I had wanted to watch Dog Purpose more, this actually turned out pretty good! Always feel so sad for King Kong during King Kong films… Though I know I will also run when I see one 😂 He’s still cute in his own way! 

 photo 20170310_1402030_zpssbtzifyp.jpg

After monthssss~

 photo 20170310_140148_zps9uohzl1v.jpg

Yummy assam laksa! 😍

Friday night was spent with yoga and the almost full moon~ You see, even this week’s Friday night was not very happening 😔

 photo 20170310_190026_zpsylpftuhf.jpg

The highlight was probably finally crossing the border on Saturday! Had not been in JB for so long that my SIM card can’t even be used now 😭 Wasted RM38 buying another… Must really make it a habit to go in once every 1-2 months like last time!

Was stuck in the human jam + traffic jam for close to 2 hours or more? Usually only the human jam is bad, but this time the traffic jam was worse due to school holiday, which I usually try to avoid~ 

Finally some food! 😋 Ordered side dish because I wanted to save my stomach for other food~ I love the assam fish but it’s so little for its price –CRY!!!– 

 photo 20170311_133924_zpsjbvkfjab.jpg

Not full, so spring rolls next! Hehe

 photo 20170311_145202_zpsxgfnxt5c.jpg

LOL tee becoming a trend in Malaysia after the Kim Jong Nam murder 😐

 photo 20170311_1438590_zpstulmozso.jpg

Bought new dresses…WEEEEEE~! Only S$5 each, double WEEEEE~ Haha! Got a sweatshirt to fight the cold trip(s) too! 😊Shopped till I was broke because I forgot to change ringgit~ I think I bought more clothes than food this time…hmmmmm

 photo 20170311_143459_zpsh0pozosy.jpg

Sis’s start-up idea 😂

The journey back was pretty smooth and fast, partly because it was before 7pm. Wasn’t expecting my Saturday night to end so soon… 都是 pizza 惹的祸! 😠 But I think even a stroll at nearby park would have pleased me more than such an obvious that’s all I am here for.

 photo 20170311_201717_zps7nwyupcv.jpg

Favourite ice-cream flavour – rum & raisin!

Sunday badminton with le volunteers again! I won more than I lost this time 😝 But winning or losing really doesn’t matter to me! I just like to play~ That’s why when Jenelle said, “多一分我们就输了 leh!” I was like, “可是我没有想赢啊~” Hahahaha! Hopeless.

Rushed off for appointment at Jurong West! It’s time to rebond my hair again but I always dread travelling all the way there 😧 So damn far! Thank goodness my hair always can last for 1.5 year before my next appointment~

Luckily YY the saviour has got promo code for Uberpool and I got a ride there at only $7.30! Reduced my 80mins journey to half! Superrrrrr worth it! Like just take my moneyyyy~~~~ 80mins journey is like wtf. We need shinkansen in Singapore! Hahaha!

Always will take the opportunity to walk around the west side a bit after my appointment because 难得 I am there and since I am already all the way there, must not waste the trip! I like how big Jurong Point is and how Jurong East has got soooo many malls to walk! 走完一个又一个~ 

 photo 20170312_194239_zps4lqllewh.jpg

Full moon~


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