Burst Days!

It has been a pretty busy week at work because it’s the final week of edit for MMIL! Barely had time even for lunch because my only “free time” is lunch time, which is the time I can use to clear shit from stupid Malaysia Airlines. Shall touch on that on another post cause it’s gonna be lengthy.

But it has been a more fulfilling week~ Sometimes my fulfilling means doing something meaningful, while sometimes it just simply means living life to the fullest and not wasting a minute of it 😊

 photo 20170314_111603_zps3ayps3oy.jpg

Trying to stay positive amidst of all the shit.

Was really feeling terribly screwed by Malaysia Airlines that I decided to cheer myself up with a good light dinner~ To make up for the missed lunch too!

 photo 20170314_200709_zps5dmqykyb.jpg

Foie gras again 😍

 photo 20170314_201237_zpspwc3ufee.jpg

Jap food are ❤ but 💸

Off to party with the directors, APs & PAs! Finally a karaoke session with them! It was K’s farewell cum wrap party for everyone’s individual project~

 photo 20170314_221801_zpszrthutfn.jpg

Spent more time laughing than singing because they are all drama people, so super drama!!! I realised you indeed need to be very drama and 爱演 in order to direct a drama! Makes sense too 😂

 photo 20170314_222717_zpsmgpt3wg5.jpg

 photo 20170314_222108_zpscbuwjmkj.jpg

First and last time hearing Miss K sing~
Her voice is so nice!!!

 photo 20170314_222939_zps8sfmrnyx.jpg

Mr Director cum drama king!

Along with his full-of-shit buddy, Director Khoo (the one who has been sending me cards and photos of Hanwei pretending to be him 😑😑😑), they form the 健财二重唱! Just imagine two super crappy persons together~ Oh gosh. Everyone was rolling their eyes off yet getting very entertained by them at the same time…hahaha!!!

I think they really sang this song just to insult each other! 😂

I really think 小苹果 is such a disgusting song! And look who’s singing it! LOL.

Drama King 大展歌喉 with 霍元甲~
 photo IMG-20170314-WA0013_zpsdx42b44b.jpg The best news for the week![/caption]

 photo IMG-20170314-WA0015_zpshrhk19if.jpg

We did it again!!!
I knew our item was awesome 😊

 photo IMG_20170314_184853_754_zpszevsutmb.jpg

Upcoming war in office~

Have lots of birthday discounts this month so decided to make full use of them! This is the period known as burst days to me cause you will keep having birthday meals + birthday discounted meals…hahaha! Started off with Harry’s first!

 photo 20170315_203144_zpsze88rrjg.jpg

 photo 20170315_203151_zpsnzwxcies.jpg

Chilling time~!

 photo 20170315_203155_zpspn5bkx8h.jpg

Making up for another skipped lunch~

Private screening this week – The Nice Guys, starring Ryan Gosling! 😍😍😍 Love his humour! He’s such a natural! HAHAHA!

Decided to share my TCC birthday discount with le volunteers since I might not be able to use both the 50% and 30% in time. They were so delighted with the 50% off! Hahaha! Everything becomes super worth it~ Tried many new dishes too!

 photo 20170317_194842_zpspfnxmo2e.jpg

 photo 20170317_195226_zpsxknkgtg3.jpg

 photo 20170317_195936_zpsru1kttvy.jpg

Ordered dessert but got a surprised cake instead! I think cafes and restaurants need to have some “birthday surprise management class” because the cake was served with candle unlit at first 😂 It’s not the first time I encountered staff spoiling birthday surprises! Hahaha!

 photo 20170317_204421_zpsxxzuyzim.jpg

But appreciate it nevertheless! The cake was so niceeeeeee~! And it’s my first birthday celebration this year! Not looking forward to turning 28 but looking forward to the cakessss 😝

My wish is linked to my trip, definitely. Need a lot of luck for no more screw-up! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

This is the dessert that I chose – Dome Surprise!

 photo 20170317_204720_zpsayeltfss.jpg

It’s a new item in the menu and it really caught me by surprise that I started exclaiming at the end of the video! Hahaha!

Wasn’t expecting it to melt at all and this is actually something that I had been wanting to try!

 photo 20170317_204900_zpsoymg5j1r.jpg

So cool! With ice-cream hidden inside some more 😍 We finished it up in like a minute~

 photo 20170317_204903_zpseitthse9.jpg

Off to Harry’s again to use up another birthday discount voucher!

 photo 20170317_214033_zpsmpc8veky.jpg

 photo 20170317_213953_zpsu4exbr1d.jpg

So happy that they have Midori Sour on request!

 photo 20170317_214631_zpsh3o6vwcl.jpg

I did not touch the nachos this time 😐

 photo 20170317_231830_zpsbtbbit2b.jpg

Happened to be St. Patrick’s Day!

Was hoping to see the Shagies band at Claymore outlet but sadly, they are not there anymore~ The band played songs that I hardly hear of because all oldies 😭 Was more entertained people-watching again because this is an interesting outlet…haha!

 photo 20170317_225921_zpscstembhc.jpg

Thank you for the birthday celebration + meal + all the positive ions! 😀 My 正能量!

Dragged myself up on Saturday for high tea with Ah Lyn~! It was actually me who has been wanting to try L’eclair by Sarah Michelle after my director raved about it, but I didn’t know who would go with me. Then it crossed my mind that I have a friend who is obsessed about FOOD! 😆

Look at all the pretty éclairs!!! I have tried their éclairs previously when le pig brother brought some leftovers home, but it was overnight éclairs so it wasn’t fair to judge.

 photo 20170318_110210_zpsjkvyvqgy.jpg

Our matcha latte! I was complaining to Lyn that her flower looks so nice while mine looks like a dick/middle finger pointing at me 😩

 photo 20170318_111335_zpsaq8qwesp.jpg

To be honest, I am not an éclair person actually (I prefer cakes), but their high tea set looks too pretty to resist!!!

 photo 20170318_111009_zpsjraksjjj.jpg

I have always wanted to go for such high-tea with petite cakes and pastries to enjoy some tai tai moment! I think this is like my first high-tea session?

 photo 20170318_111025_zpsobynahsl.jpg

Soooo pretty that we couldn’t resist snapping from all angles and I think the couple beside us was wondering when we gonna start eating…LOL!

 photo 20170318_111040_zpsjzhywska.jpg

 photo IMG-20170318-WA0010_zpsz24tbhwi.jpg

Snap and snap and snap 😂

Top row – Foie Gras Pâté (Foie gras!!!! YUMS!) // Truffle Egg Mayo (Super niceeeee!) // Tomato & Basil Bruschetta (Eeeee~ Cause we both dislike tomatoes! LOL!)

 photo 20170318_111107_zpsgu3ytc1u.jpg

Middle row – Lemon Meringue // Banana & Walnut // Ispahan (Rose, Raspberry & Lychee) // Butterscotch (I think???) // 66% Dark Chocolate

 photo 20170318_111137_zps91dyjoah.jpg

Last row – Roasted Mushroom Vol Au Vent (for mushroom lovers like us!) // Signature Chicken & Bacon Pie (Not bad~ But not WOW) // Smoked Salmon Dill Mousse Tartlet (This is really something unique! Like having real smoked salmon but in mousse version~)

 photo 20170318_111129_zps04qokgnw.jpg

We saved the éclairs for the last but by then, all tasted more or less the same somehow…haha! None of them left a deep impression in me because I actually like the savoury bites more…hehe. But if I have to choose, I personally like the 66% Dark Chocolate éclairs the most followed by the lemon meringue~

 photo 20170318_111121_zpse7umrhb5.jpg

I love high-tea because everything is so petite and I get to try so many items! My favourite kind of meal! 😝

 photo 20170318_1111580_zpsrpe1sskh.jpg

But it was a bit too early to call it high-tea because we booked the 11am slot 😅 So it was more like a brunch for us~

 photo 20170318_111348_zpspo1bfusy.jpg

Still not done snapping! HAHAHA!

 photo IMG-20170318-WA0006_zpsvqm5avji.jpg

 photo 20170318_111510_zpsdp3xaz2w.jpg

I look more like I am scolding the pastries when it was supposed to be an excited look 😳

 photo 20170318_111513_zpsbopbhiar.jpg

I think this Smoked Salmon Dill Mousse Tartlet deserves a solo shot because it’s too beautifully-crafted! And I am really amazed by how much it tastes like smoked salmon!

 photo 20170318_113144_zps0237lanj.jpg

Okay, I think part of the reason why we did not have much impression of the éclairs’ taste is because we spent more time playing with them than eating 😂 All thanks to Lyn who came up with the idea of using the rose thingy on the Ispahan éclair to mimic the emojis!

 photo IMG-20170318-WA0015_zpsu06xkco3.jpg

 photo 20170318_120113_zps1eesdrkr.jpg

I think the staff at the cashier was amused by us too 😳 We were laughing so much because my tongue kept getting shorter and shorter as it melts!

 photo IMG-20170318-WA0017_zps726zh41e.jpg

 photo IMG-20170318-WA0018_zpsdmir0lgb.jpg

 photo IMG-20170318-WA0021_zpsvblb8arl.jpg


 photo IMG-20170318-WA0014_zpsqgzvunnl.jpg


 photo IMG-20170318-WA0019_zpssdhekic2.jpg


The high-tea was surprisingly filling, even for Lyn, who hardly gets full. She claimed that it’s because we kept talking and all the air got into our stomachs 😐

Went to shop for winter stuff after that because I just realised that my trip might turn out to be a winter trip and I feel so unprepared now! I hate cold!!! Argh. Winter wears are all so damn expensive and I am glad I have friends who are digging out all their winter wears to lend me! Still gotta buy some stuff like winter leggings and etc 💸💸💸

Finally bought a proper camera bag at only 20 bucks! Such a steal!!! Everything else is like more than $50 so I was so delighted when I spotted this cheap one! And it’s the perfect size, perfect compartments and perfectly simple! I was telling Lyn I would buy it even if there’s a hole…LOL! Like just take my moneyyyyy

The 2 wanderers, both with unconfirmed plans since the previous night, finally got our plans confirmed after much wandering. Can finally leave childcare liao! And in the end Lyn changed her plan to my plan 😂 Off for more desserts! Oops.

 photo 20170318_163723_zpsnssfigjb.jpg

 photo 20170318_163700_zpsacvaxz97.jpg

Brownie with ice-cream!

 photo 20170318_164919_zpswnsmitln.jpg

$7 ice kachang 😱

Oh I did something super duper embarrassing here. I was asking the staff about some food items at the cashier when I mindlessly tried to open the black menu on the table. My gaze was on the 3 staff, but my hand was trying to open the menu. Then I was like thinking, “Why this menu so heavy and difficult to open ah???

When I finally looked down, it was a laptop, not a menu! OMGGGGG! It seriously looked like a menu from far, those black leather covered menu!!! Imagine my embarrassment with 3 staff + my dearest friend staring at me, thinking, “WTF is she trying to do ah???” AND NOBODY TRIED TO STOP ME! KNS

Really wanted to dig a hole and hide 😭😭😭 Why I always do such blur and paiseh thing…Zzzzzz. Luckily the staff all burst into laughter instead of accusing me for trying to steal someone’s laptop or what. 超丢脸的!!!!!!!

I think she’s revenging on me for laughing at her instead of helping her when she fell in the toilet at Batam (still funny…HAHAHAHA), that’s why she didn’t try to save me 😢

 photo IMG-20170318-WA0025_zpsu6fetzoy.jpg

Turning myself into a glutton for a day because I’m out with Little Miss Glutton!

 photo IMG-20170318-WA0026_zpsb2bxuinq.jpg

Went to get more winter stuff and I think I’ve got everything pretty much covered! I hope? I don’t wanna freeze to death like Titanic 😖 Just hope my non-waterproof shoes can survive the snow~

 photo 20170318_201136_zps23iosue7.jpg

Imagine the amount of sugar consumed today 🙊

Off to Timbre+ to spend the remaining Saturdate with some music and drinks~ First try on Jim Beam Citrus Highball! Nicer than I thought, cause I imagined it to be bitter it the whiskey.

 photo 20170318_213650_zpsg0xvfsfj.jpg

The Malay band impressing everyone with the hokkien song – 我问天~

It wasn’t the usual Wednesday band with the hot dancer. But this auntie has volunteered to dance and became the highlight of the show! I am just curious if she was actually drunk or not 🤔


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