Birthday with family!

The last week before my birthday trip which is also the busiest week! So much to clear for《岳母》(which is airing now by the way! Please support!!!) and also so much to chiong for the next drama project 😣 Everyday is like a war zone, a worrying one because I can forsee how I am gonna die when I come back.

 photo 20170321_103844_zpsttu9wi8i.jpg

Surviving on Bangkok snacks from le colleague!

 photo 20170321_142740_zpshxru4aio.jpg

A rare lunch out due to appointment~

Finally met baby Kayla as we crashed Abby’s house to visit her! But because the girls waited more than an hour for their food at NEX’s MOS Burger – they happened to be short of staff so the fast food became not that fast anymore – by the time we reach Abby’s abode, baby Kayla was going to bed soon 😣

1 hour is simply ridiculous for a fast food though. You can imagine the chaos there – the amount of people complaining and asking for refund. Yea but at least we got to meet Kayla! And she also struggled to keep her eyes open to look at us…hahaha!
 photo 20170321_213251_zpssqqvo27i.jpg

It wasn’t long before her eyes couldn’t hold it anymore…hahaha! So cute~
 photo 20170321_214059_zpszbrrmgtd.jpg

Sleeping so soundly right after milk 😊
 photo IMG-20170321-WA0024_zpsqmwsgxum.jpg

And she sleeps with a food cover! So cute and also fascinating! Abby said it’s to prevent mosquitoes 😂
 photo 20170321_214535_zpseswrpwet.jpg

Ta-duh~! It’s supper time! 😂😂😂
 photo 20170321_214422_zpsepln4yzq.jpg

Waking up for another drowsy photo before falling back to sleep again! 😁
 photo IMG-20170321-WA0028_zps1zrczavl.jpg

 photo 20170322_184318_zpsuw6a49ad.jpg

Dinner before movie!

Caught Beauty & The Beast because many raved about it~

Hmmmm I don’t see anything so WOW about it except Emma Watson’s beauty leh 😐 It’s the usual fairytale that we read since young. But okay lah, it’s not bad if you don’t set your expectation too high after all the raves~

So it has been a reall hectic week like I’ve said, and there was basically no time for lunch. Definitely a good time to lose weight so that I can eat more in Japan…haha! Even Steven 老师 said I have 缩水; sure did after going through the lunch-less week of the whole MAS shit 😒

But I am always thankful and blessed to be well taken care of by the people around me. Breakfast shared, prepared and delivered to my desk! Awwwww~ So motherly! Blessed to have your good friend as your colleague as well! 爱你哦~ 😚😚😚
 photo 20170324_104315_zpsqojnxd5q.jpg

 photo 20170323_122447_zpsp7rfhr3s.jpg

忙到连鸡都长了鸡头 😂

 photo 20170322_134606_zpsyaqxj1av.jpg

Super thick yogurt for lunch!
Super good! Super filling! 😋

 photo 20170323_192620_zpsfns7a4pw.jpg

Simple food again! 😃

 photo 20170323_192446_zpsoouvgwrb.jpg


 photo 20170324_213534_zps6rqnhmqa.jpg

Opted for dessert over drinks at Timbre+! Hehe!

Oh I forgot to show off my $20 camera bag! Super proud of it!
 photo 20170319_234323_zpswzgmtyjy.jpg

Just nice fit my lens, charger, blower and everything else in! 😀 Ready for my trip now~!
 photo 20170319_234502_zpsc0kudn7z.jpg

Actually the camera bag was the only thing that’s ready 😩 I still have unfinished itinerary, unpacked luggage and unchanged currency! Everyone was really shocked to know that because I am usually very prepared for my trips! My itinerary would be done at least a month ago and luggage packed like 1 week before. This is really very unlike me. But March has really been a busy month, as always!

So much to be done over this last weekend! Spent the Saturday at home just to finish up the itinerary but did not really have time to pack. Planning an itinerary can really burn up all your hours! Really, nobody knows how tough it is until one does it on his/her own.

Sis came over to celebrate my birthday as well, with lots of cakessss! You can guess who was the happiest…haha~

My little fatty of course! ❤

Getting cheekier and cheekier~ Look at how he purposely paused during the birthday song!

Oh apart from the cakes, le loveboy also came carrying this huge present for me!
 photo 20170325_164523_zpszeorldw5.jpg

It’s the bag that I have been eyeing on!!! 😍😍😍
 photo 20170325_233131_zpsfuaff8zl.jpg

Feel really bad that my Sis saved and scrimped to 破费 to buy me what I want. Really thankful and appreciate it!!! ❤


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