8 Reasons Why It’s Sometimes Better To Travel Alone

Was writing this halfway and I figured that maybe I should finish this up before I embark on my Japan entries~!

So 8 Reasons Why It’s Sometimes Better To Travel Alone:

1) You get to customise your itinerary for yourself.

I am one who likes to have detailed itinerary, not that I totally love doing so much research to get everything planned out, but I just feel safer to do so. My itinerary for this trip is not as detailed as my usual ones, due to lack of time, but at least it’s still properly planned out for each day.

Yea so with your own itinerary customised for yourself, you don’t have to worry about places that your friend(s) like or dislike, or the kind of activities that they may not enjoy.

2) You get to sleep till whatever timing you want!

One of my favourite reasons because I need at least 8 hours of sleep every day! So imagine going overseas with those chiong-ster who wanna go out everyday at 8am and come back past midnight 😪

Travelling alone gives you flexible hours – You can control your own rise and shine time, bed time, shopping duration and how long you wanna just sit in a cafe~ Privileges that you usually don’t get when travelling with friend(s).

3) You don’t have to be responsible if the accommodation goes wrong.

I am not a fussy person when it comes to accommodation because to me, it’s just a place to sleep, so it’s the part to save most money on. As long as it’s clean, no cockroach or bedbugs, then I am perfectly fine. I am fine even with the hostel I stayed in Hong Kong, with only a tiny room half the size of my own, a small TV and a shared bathroom; no windows and almost no WiFi (cause the signal gets weak inside the room).

But not everyone can survive that. Different people have got different expectation for accommodation and like what Shrine said, “Some people will say, ‘Anything’ but you wouldn’t know what that means. Until you see the obvious dissatisfaction on their faces. But they are not gonna tell you; you just gotta keep guessing what’s okay for their expectation and what’s not.”

You can only depend on reviews from others and pictures that don’t do much justice. But again, what’s okay to others might turn out to be not okay for your friends. Unless you don’t mind paying a lot more to buy an assurance. But I mind 🙄 So by travelling alone, you don’t have to accommodate to your friend(s)’ standard of living nor be responsible if they are not okay with your definition of an okay room.

4) You don’t have to be responsible for the directions.

For those who know me, directions have never been my strength. I get lost all the time, whether in Singapore or overseas. Even with all the research and Google Map, I still take some time to get the directions right, especially when Google Map goes cranky, which you all know, happens ALL THE TIME.

But the thing is I don’t mind! I don’t mind getting lost at all! Sometimes I get to explore new places or chance upon things that are not in my itinerary. I see getting lost as a positive thing, as an experience.

But again, not everyone can see it that way. And worse if you are the one planning the itinerary, somehow you are tied with the responsibility of finding the way to the places too.

The fact is, having your itinerary planned out is already a privilege and the direction part should always be a shared responsibility. If you choose to throw that responsibility to your friend, then you should never ever get to complain at all when got lost. If you think you can do a better job, then do so, open up your Google Map. It’s always easy to just open a mouth to complain than to take over the task and experience the real pain of walking in the wrong direction and ended up blaming the map. (Because it’s easier to do so than to blame yourself.)

Quoting a friend’s Instagram post after getting lost the whole day during her recent Japan honeymoon trip: “I think it doesn’t matter when things don’t go as planned, as long as we are together“, and the sweet husband replied, “More importantly is to always stay positive and persevere on collectively.” Best couple award please~!!! 👫 Hahaha!

That’s the kind of travelling attitude everyone should have and the kind of travelling partner you want 👍 Joanjoan is one, I know~ That’s why I love travelling with her! Haha! She doesn’t make me feel stressed at all and that’s how trips are supposed to be like – stress-free, isn’t it?

5) You don’t have to be responsible for the food.

I am not a foodie and food is the last thing I will wanna worry about. I know a lot of people who travel for the food but I’m the kind that can just pick up some breads or street food and call it a meal.

Yes, I would try some of the famous stuff but I usually only pick the best ones to try. I am not the kind that needs to try each and every of the street stalls. I only try if it looks really appetising and more importantly, if my stomach can fit.

But food can be a downside for me too since I love sharing my food 😐 Like if I tried something nice I would wanna share it with my friends. So travelling alone also means trying less variety of food, since there’s only so much that you can eat every day.

6) It makes decision-making a whole lot easier.

You no longer need to worry if your friends are going to be happy with the decisions you make, period.

7) You don’t have to worry about clash in interest.

I have travelled with people with different interest as me and it wasn’t pleasant for both parties. I think finding the right person to travel with is something very important. And by saying ‘right‘ person, it doesn’t mean your BFF will definitely be your best travelling partner. Different people have got different interest when it comes to travelling. I admit that shopping is my priority, followed by scenery/photography.

Planning Aussie trip was my greatest challenge because there were 9 of us – 9 different characters and interests. It definitely wasn’t easy accommodating to every single person; we could only accommodate to one another and not everyone. It would have been an unpleasant trip if anyone was not accommodating enough, and you can imagine how awkward things will turn out too, especially for me, as a planner.

8) In other words, you don’t have to be responsible for a single shit.

Everything is really based on your own preference and there’s no need for you to try to please anyone or everyone. You get to go anywhere you want to and you don’t have to worry about sleeping in late, causing your itinerary to be all pushed back. You don’t have to worry that you end up with only 15 minutes left for each place as a result of that.

You don’t have to worry if you feel like staying out a little more, or you feel like covering one more place. You don’t have to worry if your travelling companions are tired or if they don’t wanna go to where you wanna go. Sometimes missing out on a place that you wanna visit in a foreign place can be a really great 遗憾~ Cause you have spent so much for the trip and yet you don’t get to visit where you wanna.

The only thing you need to worry about is running out of money 😂 Other than that, it will be the most carefree trip ever, I promise. Unless you always have a friend planning your itineraries for you, then really, please count yourself very lucky. Because I wanna emphasise again that it takes a lot of time and effort and sleep to squeeze out an itinerary. Imagine the hours spent staring at the laptop, I wonder how many degrees my shortsightedness went up each time I plan an itinerary. It’s a freaking tiring job that nobody in the right mind would enjoy. Not even people working in a tour agency, I believe.

Yea but at least they are paid to do so. So if you are getting a free itinerary, which means you’re like engaging a “free tour agency“, the last thing you should ever do is to even let out a sigh or to shake a strand of hair. The most basic form of appreciating someone is to not complain at all. The second form is to be spontaneous in helping, in return of the favour.

It really contradicts the word ‘appreciation‘ if you ended up complaining about what you claimed to appreciate, right? And always ask yourself, “If I can do this better, why didn’t I just take over the job?” I am sure anyone will be thrilled to have someone volunteer to do up the itinerary, so win-win situation – no more complaints and no more getting lost! 😀 Anyone wanna plan one for me? Hehe~


Anyhow, on my way back from the airport, my Grab driver was also sharing with me how he hardly travels because of the lack of companionship. So I started encouraging him to do a solo trip, which he was strongly against it because he thinks it’s weird. In fact a lot of people think it’s weird or emo to travel alone but it’s totally not!!! For those who have not tried travelling alone before, I strongly encourage you to do so too! It can actually be pretty therapeutic! 😁


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