Shi Min’s Big Day!

Had a late night trying to pack, or rather, throwing all the clothes into the luggage, if you even call that packing. Caught a couple of hours of sleep before waking up for Min’s big day!

So what happened was when Min asked who’s coming for her gate crash, buddy was the most enthu one, followed by WJ, surprisingly. But when the latter came to pick me up, the pighead was still sleeping!!! So much for being the first to reply and the most enthu one to agree! TSK!

WJ and I felt “scammed” for coming because we are not even brothers or sisters, like why did we even agree to come…hahaha! I mean that’s the reason why I dislike being sisters right – the waking up early for gate crash part!

We were both damn shagged and complaining that we should be at home sleeping like Ha Soon Song! WJ repeated, “累死了累死了” for like 3468721989 times the entire day until it got stuck in my mind and I started to keep saying that as well 😑

Really 累死了, but all for this girl!!!

 photo 20170326_074540_zpsyzoxpr7q.jpg

Woke up so early, of course must take the opportunity to take some pictures with the bride~

 photo 20170326_074651_zpsqikbnasj.jpg

 photo 20170326_074727_zpsfio9aavm.jpg

Still can’t get over the fact that we got pangseh-ed by stupid Soon Song! We should have expected this, shouldn’t we?! 😒

 photo 20170326_075138_zpsvkjjjpit.jpg

Borrowing phone for selfie again~ 😅

 photo IMG_0063_zpsjuwkzrkn.jpg

Have we changed after 14 years? 😄😄😄

Anyhow, buddy arrived just in time for the gate crash~ But it was the most 失败 gate crash ever 🙊🙊🙊

Firstly, there was only 1 game. ONE game! Involving the usual food like wasabi, 苦茶, spicy noodle and etc.

 photo 20170326_080157_zpshfnamhfd.jpg

Here comes the groom~!

 photo 20170326_082919_zpsh5ii13qx.jpg

So the groom and his brothers were supposed to choose what they wanna eat > to get the code (alphabet) under the plate > to solve a puzzle in order to get 4 numbers > ultimately to unlock a padlock.

As usual, the brothers kept dragging time. And it didn’t help that they have this 媚婆 (my first time seeing wedding got this 媚婆thing) outside the gate who kept rushing the sisters to wrap up the game. It’s quite irritating actually. Cause she kept going over to disturb their game by nagging 😒 Super spoiler.

 photo 20170326_083142_zpsqq6f6fge.jpg

The brothers were quite lucky to get free water from Min’s neighbour next door to counter the spicy noodle after effect! Auntie 你这个帮凶 😂

 photo 20170326_084044_zpsqfbd3aph.jpg

Anyway I said the gate crash was a failure because the groom and gang managed to get in without even completing the game! LOL. Cause Min’s mum came out to rush the sisters as well and left the door opened, so the irritating 媚婆 took the chance to ask the brothers to go in 😑😑😑

Imagine the sisters’ stunned faces when the brothers just went in like that. Like waking up so damn early to prepare all these and everything was wasted~ Not that I am a fan of gate crash or watching my fiancé getting sabotaged luh, but just think the sisters’ effort shouldn’t be wasted like that.

I wanted to stay for the tea ceremony to visit Min’s new house cause I’m the only one who haven’t been there yet, but the 2 guys kept psycho-ing me to go off for breakfast instead 😓 Guess how did buddy trick me to join them in the end?

“My 2 nephews are both at home.”

Tsk! Win liao lor. And that’s how I got tricked to join them for kway chup breakfast followed by nua-ing at buddy’s house~

 photo 20170326_100731_zpslf4mfdqh.jpg

Estima’s view 😍

Finally met buddy’s new addition in the family aka James’ little brother! Remember how cute James was when he’s a baby? His brother is even cuter!!! A different kind of cute, like buddy said. James was the chubby + smiley cute, his brother is the charming + smiley cute!

 photo 20170326_102018_zpsibrqcrmk.jpg

 photo 20170326_102019_zpsgpdvonqj.jpg

Looks very much alike as James; both of them love to smile so much! I think it’s in the genes of buddy’s family – the 笑佛 genes 😅 Cause his family members all love to joke and laugh a lot!

 photo 20170326_102033_zpsiwab5yal.jpg

But of course babies are always cute to look at, until you are the one taking care of them 😐 Really 佩服 buddy’s mum for handling 2 of them at a time, especially when James is really quite a tyrant now…hahaha!

I think I spent more time playing with the nephews than buddy did~ He’s an evil uncle, trying to scare James with some spider video 😓😓😓

 photo 20170326_110510_zps1baxvvni.jpg

Off to Min’s wedding lunch~! Some photos with the bride first before everyone started snatching the bride 😝

 photo 20170326_122000_zpskgkzhw41.jpg

 photo 20170326_121922_zpsexnbg3sr.jpg

Somehow grooms are always neglected on the big day, cause people tend to take more photos with the bride than groom 😂 One picture with the newly-wed after much queuing + queue-cutting by all the relatives who have priority queue~

 photo 20170326_124433_zps1gxdyhte.jpg

 photo 20170326_122939_zpskklbulkx.jpg

Emcees for the day again!

Nah~ Buddy went solo this time because Min remembers that I said I have stage fright, so she spared me for this. YESSSSSSSS! 😂

The previous wedding that Clique attended together was Gui & Queen’s, and now we already have a new addition – our 宝贝二筒, who already knows how to stand on his own! 😍 Sorry for the blur pictures due to his excitement, but still so cute right?!

 photo 20170326_122849_zpskaoczfl4.jpg

 photo 20170326_122848_zpsieygowlj.jpg

 photo 20170326_122944_zpswegeepxq.jpg

Child abuse again

Finally the lunch started with the couple’s first march-in!

 photo 20170326_130318_zpsbci17vhw.jpg

 photo 20170326_130319_zpsvvsjdamz.jpg

 photo 20170326_130325_zpswuyepve5.jpg

Followed by cake-cutting!

 photo 20170326_130414_zpsi58humwm.jpg

As usual, I will only get to take picture of the first dish whenever I eat with Clique~ Speed-eating starts now!

 photo 20170326_130617_zpsuwzhivmu.jpg

Champagne and 交杯酒’s time~!

 photo 20170326_135219_zps4m95gglh.jpg

Buddy “sabotaged” the couple by asking for a kiss. It’s not even sabotage to me because it’s so normal for the couple to have to kiss after the 交杯酒 isn’t it?!

 photo 20170326_135424_zpsk0iuxxj2.jpg

Wah lao…kiss cheek only also can pass some more~

 photo 20170326_135444_zps8fe6fmqm.jpg

Toasting time!

 photo 20170326_135658_zpsedhcomrd.jpg

If you know how Shi Min and Franky started, and you think back on their story, this is actually an extra joyous moment. They weren’t the most interesting couple (Min is a very boring person 😝), but their story is one that is worth remembering and mentioning. Their relationship went through lots of ‘obstacles‘ to get to today~

When they started out like 8 or 9 years ago, they faced objections from 四面八方 – almost everyone including her family and Clique disapproved of their relationship, due to the large age gap between them, plus Frankie had not gotten his PR back then. Because of this, I even kinda 翻脸 with Min, because I was strongly against it, just like her mum.

I remember the time when we were both weeping over this just under my block. She told me all the good things about Frankie but I was still blinded by the numbers – his age. I even made her choose between the relationship or our friendship. In the end, she decided to end this relationship due to all the disapproval, and had written a letter to Frankie, promising not to see him again.

It’s childish to think back, but I’m glad despite all our discouragements and etc, this stubborn Leo did not give up on this relationship eventually. Her family also came to accept Frankie after many years, and so did Clique. Back then, we know there’s nothing we can do about it, so we accepted it. But now, I have seen how well Frankie treats Min, so not only do I accept it, I also give my blessing to them and am happy for them!

I have never said it verbally to them before, because it’s not a Clique thing to be so 客气 to each other 😅 But I know this girl is reading, and it’s always easier to write it than to say it, at least for me.

I think I owe this couple an apology, especially to Frankie, for almost making this day not able to come true. But I also wanna thank them for teaching me that love is more than just a superficial number. Love is not marrying someone because he/she is just nice your age or around the same as yours. Love is definitely something greater than that. When you fall in love with someone, it’s because of the character, the chemistry and how much you both love each other so deeply that nothing can break you apart; never about the age. Love can fight through all obstacles, as long as two persons stand firm on their decisions and work towards it, hand in hand, heart to heart 💞 

I’m really happy that they have won this battle and got the blessings from their families and friends! Look at how widely Auntie and Uncle are smiling and you’ll know how far they have come~ Congratulations and may you two have a blissful marriage!!!

 photo 20170326_135742_zps3wjgtwah.jpg

 photo 20170326_135805_zpszi4dnput.jpg

First and only wefie with Auntie! We always have so much to chat about whenever I go to her house. She has always treated us like 自己人 and even rolled eyes at me in the morning before gate crash because I asked her to make her 拿手 popiah for me cause I’m hungry 😂 Just love to annoy her and her daughter…HAHAHA.

 photo 20170326_141246_zpsitz2rxmn.jpg

Anyhow, it’s my second red bomb for March but I received a bomb too! A pink one from Leng Leng for my birthday! It’s her leftover Yen from her Japan trip!!! 😻 So sweet~

 photo 20170326_135141_zpshxxtwelw.jpg

With 宝贝!Love how he’s not 怕生 at all! That’s why when Gui got busy, he would just pass him to me, cause he knows I would be glad to carry too! Haha!

 photo 20170326_140215-1_zpsjd1aqzwm.jpg

 photo 20170326_140217_zps4hnknyuu.jpg

 photo 20170326_140257_zps0inbovqx.jpg

 photo 20170326_140321_zpststagmhw.jpg

 photo 20170326_140322_zpsvycvzbtp.jpg

宝贝 oh 宝贝~ Why you so cute 💖

 photo 20170326_140323_zps6lvqof42.jpg

Aiyah struggling liao~

 photo 20170326_144613_zpsw6nsmkxv.jpg

The Deyians table!

 photo 20170326_145500_zpswdtodntb.jpg

With the bride in her kua!
要幸福,my Miss Eeeyer aka 小手 aka Miss President!

Got my blessing from the newly-wed as well when they decided to just pass me the bouquet…LOL.

 photo 20170326_153742_zpsh7cqpvmy.jpg

They said don’t even have to throw; belongs to me no matter what 😅 Don’t know to feel stressed or to feel touched…hahaha! But thank you thank you! 你们的祝福我收到了!For someone who wasn’t in favour of this relationship at the start, this is actually a huge gift to receive from them ((:

Off to crash the newly-wed’s staycation at RWS! It’s actually a wedding gift from Queen’s mum to the newly-wed, but I we shamelessly crashed to share the joy~! HAHAHA.

 photo 20170326_163204_zpsepovmham.jpg

Birthday present from Shrine~! The O turns blue upon chilled…so cool!

 photo 20170326_171928_zpsah8ujpmo.jpg

Had fun playing board game together and we had lots of hilarious moments, as usual! Too bad I was battling with a bad headache, due to lack of sleep, but I still enjoyed! Good bonding session for Clique, because we all kinda guessed the words based on how well we know the person~

They wanted to treat me to a birthday dinner but I was really dying from the headache by then. And I still needed to go back to pack my luggage! 😭 In the end, I KO-ed right after shower and all the way till next morning~ More than 12 hours of sleep! I never knew I can sleep so much! Shiok, but that also means my luggage is still unpacked! Gosh. Indeed the most unprepared trip ever!!!

So Monday was simply spent clearing whatever I can for the new drama project, because I know I will be overloaded when I come back~ Wanted to skip lunch to go back earlier to pack my luggage, and I totally forgot about my birthday lunch! I was looking forward to it weeks ago, but I have been so busy lately that it really slipped off my mind, until Ping came in and started drooling while thinking about where we should eat.

We went for Korean food in the end. No pictures because even during lunch break, I was rushing around like a mad woman, withdrawing money and going to different money changers to check rates and etc. Argh. Really hate doing things so last minute! Never again!!! Not born to be a procrastinator and hate to be one too!

Rushed back to do my last-minute packing and there are so much to be packed! Hate travelling to cold countries too 😩 My previous Japan trip was so easy to pack because I just gotta throw in tees and some spaghetti straps. This is totally opposite! Thank goodness boss agreed to let me come in an hour later for work the next day~

And finally it’s THE day! 4 hours of work and I’ll be off to Nihon!!! 😀 But before that, one last celebration in SG before I fly~!

First time having both my bosses singing the birthday song for me 😳 And take note of what my boss said towards the end of the video. I think someone replied, “What makes you think we will be here for 10 years?” LOL.

Thank you thank you! So blessed!!! ❤

The strawberries on the cake are added by Ping by the way! She was afraid that I didn’t like the cheesecake, so I would still have the strawberries to eat…awwww~ So thoughtful! 挺着个大肚子 to go get the cake for me and still decorated it so nicely 😍 She even asked buddy for help to choose the cake…HAHAHA! Poor buddy, kanna dragged into everything…LOL.

So this is me during a posed shot…

And this is me during candid shots 😂 I have no idea what I was saying, but yea that’s so me! Never glam…HAHAHA. Happy 28th year of unglam-ness and SAYONARA~!!! 👋👋👋


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