Japan 2017 Day 1 – Nara

Seeing the sakura has always been on my bucket list and in fact, I have been wanting to go for my past few birthdays but I procrastinated. Finally making it come true this birthday and finally bringing Kumakuma back to his hometown after 5 years! 😀

Excited Kumakuma saying, “Let’s go~!”

Evening flight after half day of off~

Oh in the end I thought I booked Scoot for my first leg from Singapore to Manila but actually it was Tigerair 😭 They have merged and even though you booked through the Scoot website, it might be the cramped Tigerair plane that you’ll be getting, so look carefully at the flight number when you book!

Watching the prettiest sunset from above the clouds!!!

I was feeling worried all the time because after the MAS saga, I am really paranoid that something would happen again and I would miss my next flight or something 😣 But the transit was smooth except that I was asked to open up my luggage at the Manila airport’s check point because of my heat packs.

Apparently the people there have not seen it before and thought the powdery stuff inside are drugs! But the male staff was later more intrigued by my disposable panties that he asked several questions about it. “Wear and throw?” Like duh. So embarrassing 😓

Flight to Osaka was simply uncomfortable and I really don’t know why Jetstar decided to disable the function of adjusting your chair! How do you expect people to sleep upright for 4.5 hours?! 真是要了我的腰! Tried all positions to sleep and luckily I managed to catch a couple hours of sleep for both flights, though I got off with an aching back 😒

Finally arrived at the land of sushi cum land of Pokemon~!
 photo 20170329051338_zpssomflwh5.jpg

 photo 20170329051425_zpsw4l3qjmu.jpg

Greeting from Pikachu at 6am Japan time 😁

 photo 20170329052627_zpstblsc8vs.jpg

Sakura theme everywhere!

 photo 20170329052656_zpscw8hqz3e.jpg

And Pokemons too!

Collected my JR pass and got my very first train ticket! Off to Nara~!
 photo 20170329071621_zps9icwv61i.jpg

It’s my first time in Nara and I was damn excited! Excited to feed the deer! 😁 I think my first day is the happiest day of my trip! Fed the deer, saw sakura, took lots of nice photos, ate nice food, good weather; lots of excitement and happiness!

My first accommodation was in Kyoto, and Nara is like between Osaka and Kyoto. But thank goodness Japan has got lockers at almost every of their train stations, so I could conveniently deposit my luggage and backpack at 700 yen while I explore Nara!

Looking shagged after 8.5 hours flight + 3 hours transit in between~ But full of excitement!!! Oh my shawl makes me look like I have an injured neck because I didn’t know how to wear it 😂 Luckily I took a look at how Nad wore it (she lent it to me) and wore it the same way as the fashionista~ Hehe!
 photo 20170329095605_zpsx0c9lnzt.jpg

Was on the way to the first temple – Kōfuku-ji when I already met so many deer! So cute OMG~ Makes me miss my meh mehs in Cing Jing!
 photo 20170329103641_zps2xusrkdt.jpg
 photo 20170329103813_zpsfbo5fovl.jpg

Managed to take a couple of photos with them before they started aiming for my hot chocolate 😱
 photo 20170329103836_zpsmd6837my.jpg

 photo 20170329104043_zpsiqc2hc67.jpg

Hello! Let’s take a wefie! 😁

You can buy senbei to feed them and I was looking forward to that! I mean that is kinda what I am in Nara for 😝 I was looking for the 100 yen senbei that I read online but I think all the stalls have increased price to 150 yen now~
 photo 20170329104213_zpsxpz4ugw6.jpg
 photo 20170329104341_zpsypiz0oyq.jpg
 photo 20170329104343_zpsneohcp6q.jpg

Hello hello, what you sniffing ah?
 photo 20170329104452_zpsg6k5dr2q.jpg
 photo 20170329104454_zpsyp8k7yuh.jpg
 photo 20170329104501_zpsyjzttjok.jpg

Saw even more deer wandering around Nara Park but I decided to visit Kōfuku-ji first!
 photo img1563_zpsx1tkqk5x.jpg
 photo img1564_zpslwqsptau.jpg

Japanese kids are really cute! I see so many at JAS but I am never sick of them~ Look at the little girl doing the peace sign with 3 fingers 😂 So kawaii one!
 photo img1566_zpsfthtdjg3.jpg

 photo img1568_zpsxznjhpa4.jpg

With the pagoda!

 photo img1569_zps6fpaojgh.jpg

Another kawaii kid!

Most of the temples in Nara/Kyoto require a fee, but since I was only there for photos, I did not go in~
 photo img1573_zpstmj2pzcr.jpg
 photo img1574_zpsel8dm3gu.jpg
 photo img1575_zpstf9ijkzb.jpg
 photo img1576_zpsxxpvlvoc.jpg
 photo 20170329111421_zpsgwuxhqhs.jpg

Purifying yourself at the temizuya! Actually you should purify yourself before entering the temple/shrine but I only did it after 😂
 photo img1583_zps3snelast.jpg
 photo img1582_zpsasbx4wwu.jpg
 photo img1579_zpse7jdkigc.jpg

Chanced upon a cute tea house!
 photo img1588_zpsqgnzjaek.jpg
 photo img1587_zpsewy4s64f.jpg

Went back to carry out my deer mission! 😀
 photo 20170329104752_zps1b5vrfbx.jpg
 photo 20170329112951_zpsmg6snsov.jpg

It was fun feeding the deer but I was also scared after reading that they may attack you 😱 Furthermore all of them would keep coming after you if they see senbei in your hand! So if you’re feeding one, the others might start coming too.
 photo 20170329113324_zpsocphu6tb.jpg
 photo 20170329113429_zpsa0kz5mkd.jpg
 photo 20170329113432_zpssey8aagg.jpg
 photo 20170329113438_zpsxhrykmvl.jpg
 photo 20170329113439_zpsiaottpad.jpg
 photo 20170329113443_zpsj2m6nbbq.jpg
 photo 20170329113529_zps304auqwf.jpg
 photo 20170329113541_zpsfuh2bwmi.jpg

Happily feeding! 😁

The senbei were gone really fast because the deer were all so greedy~ One piece after another, munch munch munch.
 photo 201703291136381_zps4lmtkpb3.jpg

I look as though I am smacking its head but I was trying to sayang instead. But they like to smell my hand instead of letting me pat their heads 😐
 photo 20170329113649_zps632cs6je.jpg
 photo 20170329113656_zps65pvmni8.jpg

Tricking the deer with the senbei wrapper 😅
 photo 20170329113745_zpsatx9gjx9.jpg
 photo 20170329113752_zpss42rblxw.jpg

Caught the deer doing a buck rub! So cute!
 photo 20170329113842_zpsgbhtvhai.jpg
 photo 20170329113851_zpsr3vm7gm6.jpg

Just cannot get enough of them! 😍
 photo 20170329114345_zps1pcdlvr7.jpg
 photo 20170329114351_zpsv3jibvsh.jpg

 photo 20170329114404_zps7koh1opg.jpg

Bo hue wefie~

 photo 20170329114802_zps2imjofhw.jpg

 photo 20170329115129001_zpss3ej7nwj.jpg

Newly-grown antlers 😝

 photo 20170329114952_zpsabwrra5p.jpg

Finally a successful wefie!

I like deer/any animals that just sit there 乖乖 and let me pat, and I found a lazy doe that allows me to! 😛 Love these photos!!!
 photo 20170329115123_zpsincttofz.jpg
 photo 20170329115127_zpsz61aqhwx.jpg
 photo 20170329115210_zpspi1b3xni.jpg
 photo 20170329115216_zps8lvbj9zm.jpg
 photo 20170329115219_zps7qzpq4et.jpg

I thought I was done with the deer but guess what I spotted? Fawns!!!
 photo 20170329115533_zps5sreefwl.jpg

So pretty and cute!!!! 😍😍😍
 photo 20170329115538_zps31sk21yl.jpg
 photo 20170329115550_zpsplbmr39f.jpg

But I only like the light brown ones 😐 The dark brown ones look dirty…
 photo img1590_zps0bwnaiah.jpg

Chanced upon this pretty garden! Spot the deer sunbathing by the pond 😅
 photo img1592_zpsyuudctu6.jpg

Chanced upon this Himuro Shrine where I saw my first sakura! Got attracted by them so much that I forgot to take photos of the shrine itself 😅
 photo img1596_zpsjh7gjgku.jpg

Not blooming yet but still pretty in pink~
 photo 20170329120302_zpsy1iofr7n.jpg
 photo img1598_zpshb6n41sr.jpg
 photo img1600_zpshr2l63kf.jpg

White ones too!
 photo img1605_zpsuucwkjvj.jpg
 photo img1606_zpsz0us3med.jpg

Saw a few couples taking wedding photos with the sakura~ But haven’t bloomed yet leh… I will be so sad if I’m the bride. So crowded some more! Still think Cing Jing will be prettier…hmmmm
 photo img1607_zps2zsesilo.jpg

Okay lah…managed to take 2 photos in the shrine~
 photo img1608_zpswxz8zoxv.jpg
 photo img1609_zpsjub30vmt.jpg

But more sakura again! Love these pretty photos with the sakura! ❤ Love the colours of my Canon camera too! Make all my photos so nice~~~
 photo img1619_zpsfwtftqsi.jpg
 photo img1620_zpsnedrucoi.jpg
 photo img1621_zpsudt6jrs3.jpg

Skipped some temples cause I’m also not very religious luh. Just put them in the itinerary to kill time~ Main motive was the deer which I already accomplished what I want 😊 Off for shopping at Higashimuki shopping street!
 photo img1622_zps62j5rkuv.jpg

Found the famous mochi – Nakatanidou! There is no English name at the stall so I had to verify with the people if I was at the right place 😅
 photo 20170329130158_zpshkenfmpu.jpg

So interesting to watch them pounding the mochi! I saw it a couple of times in JAS too but I still always get intrigued by it!

Got my freshly-made mochi! Still warm in hand!
 photo 20170329125353_zpsofdseuf6.jpg

It’s soooooo soft and nice that I am actually craving for it now!!! 😋 It’s red bean filling inside and it’s damn nice! Must try if you are in Nara!
 photo 20170329125322_zpsdtoszk83.jpg

Walked aimlessly in search for a lunch place, cause I did not have 4G nor WiFi~ I like how I don’t have to navigate, just walk only! Lost also never mind! No responsibilities at all ((:

 photo img1623_zpssd80dkfu.jpg

Chanced upon these cuties on the way 😃

I thought they are water bottles but they are actually fire extinguishers! Aiyo~ Why everything in Japan so kawaii one!!!
 photo img1624_zpshdllypyv.jpg

 photo 20170329133152_zps3cq4ucay.jpg

First proper meal in Japan!
Yum yum~

Overall I really love Nara and I would be back! Goodbye my lovely deer for now and hello Kyoto!!! Kyoto is a 45-minute train ride away from Nara, and I am excited to finally visit this highly-raved place too!

Didn’t take long to find my first guest house cause it’s not too far from Kyoto station 😀
 photo 20170329163745_zpsestafhzr.jpg

My humble accommodation for the next 3 nights that comes with a mini kitchen~ It’s a small place because most of Japan’s accommodation are small and expensive (and full by the time I booked), but I love the sofa bed that I can extend out and nua in front of the TV after a long day!
 photo 20170329163755_zpsipfsx8vw.jpg
 photo 20170329163804_zpsdzdty53a.jpg

Nua-ed a bit before I was out again with my camera to explore Kyoto station! I read online that the roof of Kyoto station has got pretty good view of the city, so I decided to check it out (:
 photo img1636_zpskgyq1xxo.jpg
 photo img1635_zpskr1a9x83.jpg

Spotted Kyoto Tower!
 photo img1641_zpsuekfiqoq.jpg
 photo img1634_zpskaxm3csc.jpg

And chanced upon an interesting light display on the stairs!
 photo 20170329201852_zpsytmhvvm0.jpg

It doesn’t seem like but it’s actually freaking cold up there with the wind blowing! Brrrrrrrr~
 photo 20170329202011_zpsooui0a4i.jpg

So pretty!
 photo 20170329202243_zpswmjoxupu.jpg

View at the rooftop ain’t as great as I thought because it’s not open view~ Maybe it’s nice to look at and for couples to partor when it’s not so cold, but not so good for photography…hmmmm.
 photo 20170329202747_zpsdh3ahy7j.jpg
 photo 20170329202826_zpscedmcxc7.jpg

Nevertheless, it’s been a long but fulfilling day and I had explored enough! So good night, Kyoto~! ❤
 photo img1628_zpsoq3snkez.jpg


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