Japan 2017 Day 2 – Kyoto

It’s my birthday but I think I actually kinda forgot about it~ It didn’t feel like it’s my birthday, probably because I was too excited to explore Kyoto!

But I only stepped out at like past 1pm and had to give Fushimi Inari Shrine a miss 😣 Nua-ed too much!

 photo 20170330120113_zpsxaj808x1.jpg

Starting the day with my red bean dango! 😍

First destination of the day was Toji Temple, since it’s within walking distance from where I stayed~
 photo img1671_zpstdxqitnm.jpg

Attracted by the pond and its reflection!
 photo img1642_zpss5tw6jsv.jpg
 photo img1643_zpslffjnmij.jpg

Another day of great weather and blue sky 😊
 photo img1646_zpselg6tiye.jpg
 photo img1649_zpshl0k0j0x.jpg

Spot the tortise sunbathing!
 photo img1648_zpsm56vw0cv.jpg
 photo img1644_zps4sogw2yp.jpg
 photo img1647_zpsw68gjqlt.jpg

Toji Temple is actually famous for its 5-storey pagoda, which makes it the tallest in Japan. But I did not go in since it requires a fee, so I only stole shots from outside 😅
 photo img1650_zpso5xshz1z.jpg
 photo img1651_zpsiudtu7ox.jpg
 photo img1655_zpsbvvi8joq.jpg

Visited the free areas and saw these nice paintings!
 photo img1657_zpsgrpdsyot.jpg
 photo img1658_zpsa1dedn8p.jpg

I think Kyoto is famous for its heritage which I don’t really know how to appreciate 😐 I am not a history person nor someone who likes old old things 🙊 But I still enjoy the photography part!
 photo img1653_zpsi2mit8bs.jpg
 photo img1660_zps13vqbrfh.jpg
 photo img1659_zps6lsagzpc.jpg
 photo img1661_zpszcncebqu.jpg

Really really love my Canon~ I think I’m gonna praise it in every post! 😝
 photo img1668_zpsozdbl7x6.jpg
 photo img1667_zpsj81ivejz.jpg
 photo img1664_zpsfwxiybjg.jpg
 photo img1665_zps3exxzm23.jpg

 photo img1670_zpso8sfj5b3.jpg

Goodbye Toji Temple!

 photo img1656_zps78ctomv7.jpg

Toji Temple, checked! 😉

Got attracted by the canal and its reflection again! I like ponds, sea, canals and all the water areas that give off a calming feel 😊 Imagine if I have the time to take a morning stroll here~
 photo img1676_zpsihsn2av0.jpg
 photo img1672_zpstodi4ljg.jpg

Aiyo~ Look at the backside! So cute one!
 photo img1678_zpspl67gqof.jpg
 photo img1679_zpsx3vocq1k.jpg
 photo img1680_zpsl6ghfeh1.jpg

Travelled down to the next destination Kiyomizu-dera aka 清水寺! I like the name~ Got 水 so zen! It’s about 15 minutes bus ride from Kyoto station + 10 minutes walk uphill. But along the way you get to see many shops and try some local delicacy!
 photo 20170330160954_zpsg7bdfrif.jpg

Warm doriyaki with lots of filling + feeling! Feeling of happiness! 😍
 photo 20170330161005_zpsmpwoakp6.jpg

So glad that I did not skip this temple because it’s a pretty one! Not the old old kind though it has got years of history as well~ Love the vibrant red that contrasts with the blue sky so well!
 photo img1683_zpsy0x3xu30.jpg
 photo img1681_zps91vennex.jpg

And sakura spotted again!!! Really lucky to spot my first bloom on day 2! I was still afraid that I would not be able to see any blooming trees since there seem to be a delay in this year’s sakura season~
 photo img1686_zpsphcgntcd.jpg
 photo img1701_zpsyhisod1n.jpg

 photo img1705_zpswzw5bqlz.jpg

Happy birthday girl with the sakura! 😃

Super love my Canon’s selfie function too! So convenient and nice~ No more ugly selfies with my phone 😆
 photo img1713_zps89p2ncvj.jpg

The only turn off about sakura season is definitely the crowd… It’s like almost impossible to take a shot without anyone in the background 😐
 photo img1694_zpsl8529bz4.jpg
 photo img1766_zpsbyvvbujd.jpg

Just can’t get enough of the pretty sakura! Hehe! Pardon me for the spam because I’m here for the sakura after all, so of course gotta shamelessly spam as many photos as possible 😅
 photo img1722_zps1lfhlusw.jpg
 photo img1728_zpskfeiwxxp.jpg
 photo img1723_zpshibx7vft.jpg
 photo img1733_zpss0toena8.jpg
 photo img1738_zpsfhdxejjc.jpg
 photo img1739_zps2dnorpjb.jpg
 photo img1735_zpsyu8xivii.jpg
 photo img1734_zps6jw8i7wk.jpg

Another cherry blossom tree spotted, but not blooming yet~
 photo img1745_zps9v8lxjxp.jpg
 photo img1746_zpsoqionuiy.jpg

Blooming light pink sakura spotted too! But I think the dark pink ones have more contrast and look nicer in photos 🙂
 photo img1755_zpsmw0ebmoa.jpg
 photo 20170330165520_zpsjizc6w9s.jpg
 photo img1748_zpsj3059qav.jpg
 photo img1758_zpsbfaet8vh.jpg

Spent quite some time here because it’s a pretty big temple! Definitely worth a visit when you’re in Kyoto 😊
 photo img1759_zpsedfw8jdp.jpg
 photo img1770_zpszyxp1pvb.jpg
 photo img1779_zpsoil4cvlg.jpg

Apart from a few beautiful temples/halls within, and the garden which looks so nice to chill with a cup of tea, there is a pretty pagoda too! I personally think it looks much nicer than the one earlier on at Toji Temple 🙊
 photo img1756_zpsv1qfdlct.jpg
 photo img1747_zpslgcuoqyc.jpg
 photo img1771_zpsrsxcbtfo.jpg
 photo img1753_zps8rq3zbs5.jpg
 photo img1741_zpstzpeu6la.jpg
 photo img1757_zps73n3v94e.jpg
 photo img1743_zpsifn3zcxo.jpg

Sakura spotted again! Hehe! Yes, every time I see one I must take photos because they are just too pretty to get enough of!
 photo img1774_zpshlicbpdy.jpg
 photo img1772_zpsayrlzxvo.jpg
 photo img1775_zpseltr8nzm.jpg
 photo img1778_zpsoydcjyhx.jpg
 photo img1742_zpsnakhvxsd.jpg

And finally managed to take an empty shot with the temple because it’s closed! 😂 That’s the only time the crowd is finally cleared…phew~
 photo img1780_zpsrsdc870d.jpg

Off to shop at the Higashiyama District and tried many samples 😛 But everything expires so fast so I couldn’t buy… The shops are really generous with their samples! Even gave out free green tea to go with the sweet snacks!

 photo 20170330175405_zpsm0rkrlys.jpg

Happy Birthday to me~!!!

Chanced upon some pretty restaurants with nice exterior~
 photo img1788_zpssbv9bbnh.jpg
 photo img1789_zps1tqazbyi.jpg
 photo img1792_zps0ezv5ibj.jpg
 photo img1786_zpse539vd8k.jpg

 photo img1787_zpsskhmwb6r.jpg

Is that a tombstone? 😐

Was kinda late so I gave Maruyama Park and Yasaka Shrine a miss as well~ I missed out the Jishu Shrine that is for love and matchmaking too! –CRY!!!

Headed straight to Gion Shijo but it was quite a distance by foot. Plus I kinda lost my way, so took extra long to reach… My JR pass only starts 2 days later so I had to make most exploration on foot 😩 Transport in Japan is really expensive!
 photo img1795_zpsvhkahzaa.jpg
 photo img1796_zpsqxuljzwx.jpg

Chancing upon a shopping district~ See! Not that bad to get lost after all; get to explore new places 😁
 photo img1799_zpsnypbdse6.jpg
 photo 20170330202245_zpstyhniahd.jpg

Finally arrived at Gion Shirakawa, where my real motive of visiting Gion lies – Geisha! I read online that this is the area where you might get to see them walking around, but they were all hiding inside leh… Only managed to spot one in the end but I dare not take picture of her 😅

No geisha but got sakura, not too bad lah. Though I think you guys had enough of that 😛
 photo img1800_zps7lolioqu.jpg
 photo img1801_zpsdhzx1h9v.jpg
 photo img1803_zpsujtpu2ny.jpg

Heading home after exploring Gion a little~ All the shops were starting to close 😦 So early!
 photo 20170330213100_zpszmmgwq4t.jpg

Kanna cheated 140 yen because I don’t know why the train staff at Gion Shijo told me to get the 270 yen ticket. And after transferring at Tofukuji station, my ticket got eaten at the gantry, so I had to buy another 140 yen ticket to get to Kyoto station 😭
 photo 20170330213214_zpsbcwllak8.jpg

Back to chill on my sofa bed with my Asahi and favourite caramel pudding! Throat hurt like @#$%&#@% after yesterday‘s super gao hot chocolate 😩 Couldn’t find chrysanthemum tea nor any herbal tea in the supermarket so I decided to try the angmoh jitpun liangteh! Hehe!
 photo 20170331003449_zpsbiklhbvi.jpg


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