Japan 2017 Day 3 – Kyoto

31st March 2017

It wasn’t a good day because it was raining throughout the day 😦 But the itinerary must continue because it’s the last day in Kyoto! Off to Arashiyama bamboo grove early in the morning~
 photo 20170331103800_zpswndn3esu.jpg

It’s supposedly a nice place, but the photos did not turn out great because of the gloomy weather… No blue sky and also no time to adjust aperture and etc. Can only shoot and go to reduce the camera’s exposure to the rain!
 photo img1809_zpsc5usuab6.jpg
 photo img1830_zps7vmkva2u.jpg
 photo img1813_zpsealbzlqb.jpg
 photo img1821_zps8dldvyyx.jpg

 photo img1814_zpsnl7hp7pe.jpg

House of wishes!

 photo img1815_zpsdaaksnhe.jpg

Lots and lots of wishes from people all over the world (:

 photo img1817_zps4exhq9ox.jpg


 photo img1818_zps7jkf0uux.jpg

A quick shot in the rain!

The other part of the bamboo grove looks nicer, but still don’t turn out as nice as photos I see online 😦
 photo img1831_zpsbuxuzsf5.jpg
 photo img1830_zpsrmbq5bo9.jpg
 photo img1832_zps4yfhvxmp.jpg
 photo img1833_zpsps31wsnc.jpg

Loving my Canon EOS M10’s selfie function! 😀
 photo img1836_zps424idqac.jpg
 photo img1846_zpszti1i1kr.jpg

The train track reminds me of Taiwan 十分 somehow 😅
 photo img1826_zpsdizxyihk.jpg
 photo img1848_zpsdh7c42xo.jpg

Off to the next destination – Nijo Castle! It was still raining but luckily it’s the drizzle kind~

 photo img1852_zpswij02aqt.jpg

So cute, the road work barricade!

Walked a longggg way to get to this castle, just to save on transport fee! 😂 But in the end the exterior doesn’t look “impressive” enough so I did not pay to go in. Only took some pictures from outside~
 photo img1849_zpsxf1kcehp.jpg
 photo img1854_zpsnracx4r4.jpg
 photo img1859_zps9pd7xemn.jpg
 photo img1858_zpsat9rkih3.jpg
 photo img1853_zpsvb6mzd8w.jpg

 photo img1857_zpsvtw7ehg0.jpg

Mickey & Minnie spotted!

 photo img1856_zpsrutfi5ur.jpg

Cute sotong prints in tunnel!

Next destination – Kinkakuji was a must-go for me even though it requires entrance fee as well! But it’s too pretty to miss!

 photo img1860_zpsbbeanmnu.jpg

Cute entry ticket!

So this is the reason for my visit – the golden temple covered with gold leaf! That’s also what Kinkakuji means to – 金閣寺! They also have a Ginkakuji which is the silver version, but it’s not in my itinerary cause the gold one looks much nicer! 😀
 photo img1862_zps9hjnn5fw.jpg
 photo img1875_zpslenvrcdc.jpg

A very nice angmoh offered to take a picture and even stopped the crowd for me! 😂 Cause people kept walking past and it was really tough taking a proper shot~
 photo img1881_zps97s5w8q0.jpg
 photo img1865_zps7dowlg6i.jpg
 photo img1867_zpsp6mg2jmg.jpg
 photo img1877_zpsktgu8xoo.jpg

Another temple but not as pretty or grand-looking~
 photo img1873_zpsld1tlc0v.jpg

还是 Kinkakuji 最美! 😍
 photo img1887_zpsixmxwi1i.jpg
 photo img1888_zpsxpcdjmib.jpg

Walked one round but actually there’s nothing much to see except that golden temple~ And a mini waterfall 😅
 photo img1892_zpsu8jkl9xo.jpg

Saw people discussing about this mini pagoda at the back, linking it with 白蛇传~ Wah got so chim meh. Never thought/notice much about all these “stones“. 😅
 photo img1895_zpsotihl2wr.jpg
 photo img1896_zpsjrrkrula.jpg

Chanced upon another golden temple when leaving! So grand! So nice! Kinkakuji is definitely worth a visit if you’re in Kyoto 😊
 photo img1897_zps2hisstna.jpg

Trying the authentic Gindaco takoyaki!!! It’s weird that I hardly eat this in Singapore but I love it in Japan! 😋 Such comfort food~
 photo 20170331175214_zpsr9bnmruc.jpg

 photo 20170331184950_zpswpnl8uuz.jpg

Takeaway because the place happened to be closing early on this day >.<

Back to the apartment early to pack and rest! Had a belated birthday celebration with Kumakuma because I really didn’t feel like it was my birthday the previous day! 😅 Cause no cake so no birthday feel~
 photo 20170331215942_zpsvbfhoiia.jpg

 photo 20170331215955_zpsmhzdvynd.jpg

Favourite mille crepe with my favourite 🐻!


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