First oBike Experience!

The remaining 2 days of the long weekend was filled with fun and sweat too! Met up with Lyn and Tiff first to have our first 麻辣香锅 together! I love people who enjoy spicy food like me, just like I love people who can drink 😄

But but but I am scared of big eaters and foodies! Which is why to avoid over-ordering, the glutton Lyn said she better not be the one choosing the 料。I agreed too and went with Tiff instead, but we still came back with this hugeeee bowl 😐
 photo 20170430144059_zps18s0ju8b.jpg

Well, I only chose black fungus, vegetables and I think 1 more item (I forgot what), then ran to and fro the table asking Lyn if she wants this and that. Then the food just kept accumulating and accumulating because the staff took like 2-3 portions each, so I told her perhaps 1 serving for each item is enough. Tiff exclaimed that she’s extremely hungry instead, so I think the staff heed her advice instead of mine and ta-duh~ Here’s the biggest bowl of 麻辣香锅 I have ever eaten! 😫 I think biggest that Lyn has ever eaten too…hahaha!
 photo img20170430wa0151_zpsmixnbcb0.jpg

I don’t know how to show you exactly how big it is because even placing it beside my fruit juice doesn’t do justice. It’s just hugeeeee.
 photo 20170430144437_zps66fwjmso.jpg

Thank goodness I do not have the habit of ordering rice~
 photo img20170430wa0146_zps52bofotv.jpg

We ordered the 特辣 or something, which is 1 level below the spiciest. It was okay for me, enough to make me cry 😂
 photo img20170430wa0150_zps3rfr2qy7.jpg

I had zero confidence that we can finish the bowl but we did!!! 😱😱😱 Super full after that though. It’s a crazy way of eating…haha. And look at the amount of chilli inside!
 photo 20170430152024_zpsh6yyqmkc.jpg

Supposed to be our cycling day so we headed down to the east to meet the 2 gentlemen and I decided to give oBike a try to save on the bicycle rental cost. I managed to find my bike pretty easily, but Lyn’s was at some HDB area so I accompanied her to go search for it.

Took us quite a while to locate the bike because it wasn’t at the block that the GPS shows. Initially we even wondered if it’s because someone has parked the bike outside their doorstep, that’s why we can’t locate it. In the end we finally managed to find it, at the next block! 😑

However, the bike could not be unlocked no matter how we try. It’s both our first time trying out this oBike thing so we had absolutely no idea what’s going on. I even called up Shrine, who was in Malaysia just to ask him how to unlock the bike…LOL.

After 3618414718 failed attempts, we finally gave up because I didn’t want the rest to continue waiting for us, especially when I have sensed a storm coming. Reunited with the rest and in the end the cycling session was cancelled due to the dark clouds; so much for trying so hard to unlock 😑

Went to Mind Cafe for board games instead because I had been wanting to go ever since playing Codenames with Clique at Min’s staycation! It’s a good bonding session! Actually I have been missing the poly days with Colin and gang when hanging out at Mind Cafe and the school library to play board games was our favourite activity 😁 We had so much fun each time!

Had a hard time deciding on what to play because there are so many choices~ Finally settled for True Colours despite Eric’s disapproval 😂 He’s the most secretive person amongst us so he didn’t want us to know his true colours…tsk tsk. But I love this game! Played it a couple of times but still love it…hehe!
 photo img20170430wa0158_zps0sizejx1.jpg

Actually it’s not so much of a game that reveals your true colours but what your friends really think of you. Sometimes you get honourable moments like getting the most votes for being the one willing to go door to door for charity, but you also get surprising moments for being voted as the one who is caught sleep anytime and anywhere 😂

Sometimes you learn things that you are not aware of – like you confidently think that this person is the one who disagrees the most but the votes turned out to be yourself 😎 Yea so it’s a pretty good game to learn something about yourself that you didn’t know of too. Like how you appear to others and how you actually think you are can be completely different when you are too busy judging others.

Next game – Codenames – the game I played with Clique!!! The game that requires vocabulary skill to guide your teammates into guessing the word(s) you want them to guess.
 photo img20170430wa0155_zpsluckhc1k.jpg

I think it’s more fun playing with Clique because we know each other so well. So we know one another’s “frequency” and whether they are on the “lame” track or the direct track 😂

Lyn: Capital, 1 (word)

Tiff: Mall!


Like wutttttt?! I would have guessed a country! Luckily we were not in the same team 😂 Totally different frequency! LOL!

Next game – Ugly Dolls! I remember the first time I played this was with the bitches and we had so much fun!!!!!! It’s definitely a bitch game with lots of snatching and cat fight…HAHAHA! I miss cat-fighting with Colin – the ugliest doll! 😂😂😂
 photo img20170501wa0008_zpspaax02nj.jpg

Was having so much fun and laughter that we decided to extend the timing. 1 hour is too short!!! So we had the chance to play this durian game which is something new to me! 😀

It’s another snatching game except that this time we gotta snatch durians instead of cards! Look how much fun Lyn had during the game 😂 Laugh until cry!
 photo 20170430230712_zps6rpkh29l.jpg
 photo 20170430230708_zpswsrm4fv2.jpg
 photo 20170430230715_zpsufjl5gos.jpg
 photo 20170430230717_zpsobu1gam6.jpg

They both failed to snatch the durians, so kanna the pegs 😄
 photo 20170430230725_zpsvqu78hzv.jpg

Short hand people got less benefit; she kanna another! LOL!
 photo img20170430wa0159_zpsbtakbb4d.jpg

难得 see her with earrings 😝
 photo img20170430wa0160_zpsvdxxgcbh.jpg

Apart of having short hands, I think the seating position also plays a big part. I was seated at the side while the durians were all in the centre, so confirm centre people got better benefit mah 😭
 photo img20170501wa0004_zpsqllehd0d.jpg

So at the end of the night, we failed to snatch 5 durians in total 😦
 photo img20170430wa0161_zpspppr8pvs.jpg

Had much fun nevertheless! Good bonding game! Shall go again 😆😆😆
 photo img20170501wa0005_zpss4ha0e5m.jpg

Cycling trip was postponed to the next day – the last day of the long weekend! I was determined to have my first try on oBike again (since I already paid the $49 deposit) and there’s promo for the long weekend which means I can ride for FREE the whole day!

But after learning from the previous day’s lesson, I decided to go 1.5 hour earlier to search for my bike, so as not to let the others wait again. Felt like I spent 1 hour playing some Amazing Race game cause each time you reserve a bike on your GPS, you only have 10 minutes to get there. And I faced problems like un-locatable bike again, as well as faulty bikes and etc.

I should have started searching from the HDB area where I alighted, but since I saw many at East Coast’s side on my GPS, I assumed that I can easily get one there. But the bikes in ECP were gone so fast! Leaving with like 1 or 2 which I couldn’t even locate at all. It was on the GPS but the bike was somehow nowhere to be found kind.

So I decided to walk back to the HDB areas since there were a few there. Found my next bike and managed to unlock it, but the whole seat came off before I even rode on it 🙄 Raced to another block but couldn’t find the bike or something. Then finally to another block where I found 2 bikes, but only 1 appeared on the GPS.

I could unlock it, just that the seat was a bit loose. So I spent some time trying to fix it but to no avail. Finally I gave up and decided to try the bike beside it – the one not on my GPS. Tried to unlock it a few times but didn’t work, then I realised that’s because it’s not even locked! 😱

Either someone left it there to go up and get something, or the last person just simply forgot to lock. I decided to just fuck it and assume it’s the latter, after wasting 1 hour on this Amazing Race 😒 So I locked it back, unlock with my phone, and off I go! I could have rode off without locking back and let it run under the person’s account okay~ But I still helped him/her lock it back so that it’s charged to my account (though it’s free for the day…hur hur).

So here I am – after 1 hour of running around like an idiot – with my first oBike! Moral of the story: For those who are intending to try, please buffer some time for you to find a functional bike!!! Especially at popular cycling areas where the bikes are gone real fast~ I’m glad that I decided to come earlier just to complete my mission.

 photo 20170501175735_zpsyvpslbo5.jpg


It’s not the best bike to cycle on though, especially for long distance. Can’t imagine cycling on it to Changi 😖 Firstly, the brakes don’t work very well, so it took a bit of time to come to a complete stop. Then there’s no gear, so I really almost died going up the long steep slope towards Gardens By The Bay. Felt like I used up ALL my energy just on that slope. Actually I already felt tired after cycling on it for 15 minutes 😐 Whereas I usually don’t feel tired at all even after cycling to Changi~

 photo 20170501180056_zpstweihaaj.jpg

While waiting for the forever-late-bird to catch up at Marina Barrage~ The one who always wanna try to “make full use of her time”, but ended up over-squeezing her schedule and underestimating the timing 😒

Beauty spots on the way back!
 photo 20170501181735_zpspohzn4j8.jpg
 photo 20170501182423_zpso7fsgkae.jpg

In the end we cycled back to find the late bird instead because her bike was too noisy for her to carry on…haha~
 photo img20170501wa0019_zpsbmyicdnp.jpg

Off for dinner at Tampines Hub and I had a feast! Spring roll as appetiser, yong tau hu as breakfast + lunch + dinner, and mango cake as dessert! 😊
 photo 20170501203432_zpsxzv3mqk3.jpg

Forgot to introduce my new addition – Korilakkuma flown from Korea! Thank you Mr llao llao! 有心了~ 😀
 photo 20170504084303_zpsjrcuo2mi.jpg


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