Lyn turns 26!

2017 has been like a drama marathon, starting with《岳母》, then came《相信我》before I was even done with former. Now 2 more coming up to keep us busy for the other half of the year! Good news, I guess?

And so, another drama project wrapped! 😀 I was missing for 2 weeks for this drama due to Japan trip, but I am lucky to have le colleagues covering my ass for me. This was another pretty rush project because apart from it overlapping with 《岳母》, this is also the first time we have only 2 editors for one project! So 10 episodes each, between GP and I~

Wrap party was held at 监制’s condo function room!
 photo 20170502205725_zpsr7vr66cc.jpg

He went back early to prepare and by preparing, he meant digging out his bottles 😂 All were not spared from the drinks, except the preggie GP! Hahaha! So much that everyone gotta start covering their cups/glasses 😅 And these 5 bottles were not all, there were still a few empty/new bottles on the table~
 photo 20170502205720_zpsvpmdghqj.jpg

Too shy to ask for pictures again because it’s a small group, and mostly crews that see them everyday 😐 Could only take secret snap shots…hahaha!

 photo 20170502195024_zpsxqmhiief.jpg

SC 大哥 sharing his storiesss 😅

 photo 20170502194400_zpsri7d6uwx.jpg

The 2 公子 watching the drama opening for the first time~

 photo img20170503wa0007_zpsues04ksx.jpg

A proper photo together initiated by MJ!

Premiering on 3rd July! Do support!!! 😊

Had another mini wrap party for the same project the next day! This time round it’s a treat from my cute Hong Kong director~ Second time working with him and he has this habit of treating his AP, PA and editor after a project 😁 又有口福了! Hehe!

The AP brought us to this 鱼头炉 place in Bugis and apparently it’s pretty popular! Need to queue even for lunch 😱 I heard the dinner queue is even longer. I never knew of this place but even GP knows where is it when I merely sent her the photos of the dishes (on purpose)…hahaha!

A pity I did not get to try the signature 鱼头炉 because it’s only available from 3pm onward. But we had curry fish head instead! 😋
 photo 20170503122843_zps916tmir8.jpg

You know, I have never really been to a zichar place where every dish is good. There’s always one or two that is too salty, or too oily and etc. But every dish here is so good that I am really impressed!!! Even our Hong Kee director who is usually fussy about food said it’s very good!

 photo 20170503124319_zpsnlathgsb.jpg

The simple-looking 菜脯豆腐 recommended by the staff~

 photo 20170503124908_zpsg4szoeue.jpg

Marmite chicken also damn nice one!

 photo 20170503123640_zpsnhrkygqx.jpg

Cereal prawn deshelled specially for yours truly, who hates peeling prawns 😆

Super good meal, but a super full one too for just 4 of us! Haha!

 photo 20170505102429_zpsvjegstdt.jpg

The only time yellow noodle is 💖 (((:

 photo 20170505190127_zpsxktab7c2.jpg

Cherishing rare Friday nights like this~

Have always loved picnic and every time I chance upon people having picnic (e.g. last weekend at GBTB), I’m like so envious! I imagine picnic to have lots of food and drinks, breeze, Frisbee, dog, mats, running around and etc. Which I kinda had everything, but hmmmm….

 photo 20170506175919_zpsojfl75xr.jpg

Still the best tutu kueh!

 photo 20170506182807_zpsbj9yemw4.jpg

Tutu by the sea~
Really nice just sitting there, enjoying the nice breeze!

Brought Miss Lyn to change her specs lens and I ended up getting a pair of specs too! 🙊 I mean I had been wanting to get since its opening but I was just too lazy to come these 2.5 years…hehe.

 photo img20170507wa0016_zpsee6dkp0p.jpg

Should I go the 乌拉博士 style too?

 photo img20170507wa0014_zpszgdjlpd5.jpg

Or how about this? 😜

Of course it’s neither of the above…haha~ Shall reveal it on another day because I needed Miss Fussy Pie to give me commentsssss! Nevertheless, do support if any of you wanna make spectacles ya! Can quote Vivianbee for further discount <– self-proclaim but confirm got discount one! 😆

Only Visioncare
Block 530 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10
Singapore 560530

Brunch for 2 famished souls before we were off to our least favourite place – Kranji Camp for NDP! Still hating this ulu pandan place after all these years 😒
 photo 20170507115213_zps5lk6vmsw.jpg

Anyway the aunties sharing table with us were shocked by the amount we ordered~ A lot meh???
 photo img20170507wa0026_zpsd3pxfyki.jpg

And then we shocked the other couple sharing table with us when Lyn’s coloured contact lens rolled up her eyeball and she looked as though she has 2 irises! 😖 I was like exclaiming cause it looks damn scary!!! And imagine if it rolled to the back of her eye…OMG~

Had our costume measurement and we had so much fun laughing at Lyn modelling for the costumes! 😂 Kanna sabo by 老师~ Too bad I can’t reveal the costumes yet! But everytime they try to find someone else to try the costume, I will be the first to run away…LOL. It’s fugly!!! I mean the female ones~

Thank god I am posted to be a male this year, due to lack of male participants. I was super unhappy with the posting at first, cause I hate wearing pants, so much that I really did consider dropping out if I really couldn’t find anyone to change with me. Yea it’s just costumes but I really don’t like wearing what I dislike. Same for doing things that I don’t like to. I just won’t do it.

It bothered me for a week and even though Lyn did kindaaaaa agree to change with me in the end, or rather, swop costumes with me during different rehearsals, I know she’s not very eager to be the male too (we are partners this year). So in the end I resort to spinning a coin to decide again 😝

The verdict – 3 heads – stick to male costume! It was a great choice again because the male costume is so much nicer! The female ones look like Christmas tree!!! 🎄 I hate pants but I hate can-can even more! It’s so not for short people cause it just makes you look like a short and round thing (not referring to anyone 😂).

Well anyhow, here is a glimpse of our cute Lyn in tutu 😄😄😄 Suits her so much! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
 photo screenshot20170507195849_zpsdj52srbv.jpg

Our little ballerina! 😂 Since the costume suits her so much, I decided not to swap with her anymore and stick to my male costume! Whahahahaha~ Thank you coin for the decision!

Mini advanced birthday celebration for the little one! Actually not so little anymore cause she’s already 26 this year 😱 Kinda unbelievable because she was only 20 when we first met! Maybe because she’s still behaving and looking like 16 now 😛
 photo 20170507162851_zpsclfvz7ir.jpg

 photo 20170507162928_zpstrqpnbj6.jpg

Double layer of our favourite fluffy cake! Hehe!

 photo img20170507wa0075_zpssdh1o2qd.jpg


 photo img20170507wa0077_zpse02dr7lc.jpg

Many more years of bullying to come! 😝

 photo img20170507wa0064_zps1sbbg6bn.jpg

3 x 🌼

 photo img20170507wa0060_zpsq6mxbpeo.jpg


 photo 20170507182140_zpsb2kqoem0.jpg

(Or is it never shower 🙊)

The sun was really scorchinggggggggg hot but at least we finally got to do our formations~ Only 4 this year but I still have much difficulties remembering my markers! Really is 越老记性越差。。。

Second round of birthday celebration at Blooie’s! Actually this is the actual round planned days ago…hehe. 3 x early birds aka the 平民, so don’t need to stay for debrief etc 😝
 photo 20170507190334_zpsoa4mn1fy.jpg

Chose this place partly because the jalapeño last week wasn’t shiok enough 😅 But seems like only I know how to appreciate this! Hahaha! It’s so damn nice!!!
 photo 20170507190946_zpspnrjsgll.jpg

 photo 20170507190846_zpsxsm18jop.jpg

First time trying the wings!

Kelly and Leng Leng, who were in-charge of the cake, finally made their surprise appearance with the durian cake! 😀 Very nice cake! YUMS~!!!
 photo 20170507193611_zpsnm0nc20j.jpg
 photo 20170507193625_zps2mfqxggt.jpg

 photo 20170507193641_zpstictawiw.jpg

“Please let me grow taller… Please~~~” 😂

 photo img20170507wa0061_zpshh9ygyey.jpg

The ladies!

 photo img20170507wa0065_zpshp2s7xzu.jpg

Awww our cutie pie 😆

 photo img20170507wa0070_zpsrfa7v2bt.jpg

Cuter with dimple~

 photo img20170507wa0067_zpslhpv4mit.jpg

With the gentlemen as well!

 photo img20170507wa0068_zps7t20uq7y.jpg

Lots of 💝 from US (and anger from Leng Leng)!

Decided to order a flaming Lamborghini for le birthday girl to have her virgin try on it! She looked so scared…LOL!
 photo 20170507200904_zpsatvkg5ih.jpg
 photo 20170507200908_zpso1pbtrmq.jpg
 photo 20170507200910_zpswf8pv5a7.jpg
 photo 20170507200913_zpsu6ayubd6.jpg

HAHAHAHAHAHA that face!!! I thought I had it before but I just realised the one I had was waterfall! No wonder I didn’t have that blue shot~ My expression was the same as hers after finishing the drink though. Still can remember the taste of it after so many years 😖 But the aftermath was woohoooo~ Kinda miss such euphoria.
 photo 20170507200917_zpsxa4zmyv0.jpg

But not much effect on her leh! Mission failed…meh! Waterfall next time, maybe! 😆


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