Salad Days!

Was craving for salad one fine day and I decided to make my own! I actually love salads a lot but always 不舍得 order, because it’s just not worth paying so much for vegetables! In the end I still spent around 17 bucks on all these 😅 But at least I can make a few times, so still cheaper than buying outside~
 photo 20170508200636_zps87xwhaoq.jpg

Jiang jiang~! The good thing about making your own salad is that you can eliminate the stuff that you don’t like (e.g. tomatoes and cucumbers 🙊), and you can put what you like instead (e.g. olives!)hehe! Added tuna and eggs for the protein!
 photo 20170508204940_zps4g5oipk5.jpg

I was hesitating whether to invest on the cheese or not because it’s a bit pricey for that bit, but I think I made a terrific choice. Looks so damn appetising now!!!
 photo 20170508205331_zps2dklzl1w.jpg

Decided to make one for my occasional lunch buddy – Shrine as well, since he has been opening up to veggies lately~ (He used to be an absolutely no veg person.) He loves it so much!!! 😀 I’m also pretty impressed with myself after trying. Though it’s just salad, still, it’s like so niceeeeeeeeeee.
 photo 20170508205350_zpsnphx44tb.jpg

I actually enjoy making and sharing food with people a lot, as long as I know they appreciate it. I hate making for people like buddy, who always has something to say about the food, whether in a restaurant or your handmade food 😒

That’s why I hate recommending him places to eat too; so hard to please. Yes, I cannotttttt take criticism, so don’t criticise the places I recommend or food that I make hor! Le pig brother is well-trained by me; I would pinch him until he said the food I bought/made is nice 😈

Surprise visit from our dearest client aka the EP of our previous drama project! Really surprised to hear her voice in office all of a sudden and it turned out that it was her off day and she was nearby, so she bought beancurd specially for us!!! SO SWEET PLEASEEEEEE! 😘😘😘
 photo 20170509154230_zpsdmgd81wo.jpg

It was a pretty busy week editing with the EP, but luckily there’s a break in the middle of the week – Vesak Day~ Eve of public holiday, how can go home so early right? Luckily Queen planned something and off I went to meet buddy and her!

Playing with 宝贝 while the two were busy with dinner~ He’s so adorable can! Like anyone who sees him would just fall in love with his big eyes and frequent smile! 😀
 photo 20170509202954_zps9tsr9ug5.jpg
 photo 20170509202959_zps0rb3zbgj.jpg

He kept smiling to me and apparently, Queen said he only smiles to 美女…HAHAHAHAHA!!! Wah…so tiko like your dad but so honoured! Love this photo even if it’s blur! That’s the way he smiled to me the whole night! Super cute and 😍 😍 😍! *melttttttttt*
 photo 20170509202949_zpsnlojf41j.jpg

And he loves me so much that he suddenly decided to leave me a love bite 😐 I was totally caught unaware and when I suddenly felt the pain, I thought he would release it soon, but no! He bit harder and harder, deeper and deeper until I started screaming! Look how deep is his love for me…LOL!
 photo 20170509203547_zpsf4mmqvym.jpg

 photo 20170509205304_zpszhfqlsf7.jpg

Durian mousse!!!
My only incentive for going to Gardens! Haha!

Spent the Vesak Day catching up with a long-lost friend – Kiap! Lost for 10 years 😱 We were from the same poly, different course, and we only knew each other because we were volunteers for the graduation ceremony in 2006, if I’m not wrong, cause I remember I was in my Year 1. Then he and his group were bickering with my group – the usual boy VS girl kind of bickering 😅

I remember we took some photos together during the graduation ceremony! A pity I can’t find it right now; I didn’t have a blog back then and Facebook was not out yet too…haha! It was the Friendster era but too bad all the photos on Friendster are gone along with the website now 😦

We don’t quite remember bumping into each other often in school or even after we graduated. We just chatted on MSN sometimes but kinda drifted apart after we started working, I guess. Nevertheless, thanks to Facebook, we still know each other’s existence! Actually all this while he would still make an effort to talk to me occasionally (like once every 1-2 years), always remembering to wish me on my birthdays too. I call him Mr Random for that, but we were more like acquaintance all this while…haha!

Glad that we finally decided to catch up after so long! It’s not easy to see this dude now because he has been stationed in Myanmar for work~ He only came back recently for a week or so, so we decided to meet up for a good brunch at Atlas Coffeehouse 😊 Both our first time trying out this place!

 photo 20170510123644_zpsjuehftvf.jpg

My Creamy Mushroom on Sourdough + scrambled eggs!

 photo 20170510123658_zps8hyvinio.jpg

Kiap’s Slow Braised Pulled Pork!

Actually one of the reasons we chose here is the waffle~ It’s something that Mr Burmese will eat every time he comes back to Singapore because there’s no waffle in Myanmar! 😱 No McDonald’s nor Starbucks too!!!

We wanted to go Sunday Folks initially since I kept telling him I have no fate with that place. Wanted to try it so many times but always failed because of the queue 😦 I’m okay to queue, but nobody wants to queue with me. Finally found someone willing to but in the end I realised Sunday Folks don’t open so early, so we changed place to this~ They have pretty good waffles too!
 photo 20170510131640_zpsi6vom3sv.jpg

 photo 201705101317051_zpsr5lnmylr.jpg

Earl Grey Caramel Waffle!

Such a full meal but we continued catching up at Starbucks since I had hours to waste before my next outing~ Luckily we had so much to chat about even though it’s our very first time meeting up! I think we chatted much more in a day than we had ever spoken to each other verbally in these 10 years…hahaha!

See you again if I happen to go to Myanmar! Free tour guide, can consider 😆
 photo img20170510wa0008_zps3biaa65g.jpg
 photo img20170510wa0009_zpsltlbagdx.jpg

Crashing the cafe hoppers’ outing to PS.Cafe Petit!
 photo 20170510190134_zps8gaksfmu.jpg

But in the end everything there is way too overpriced (plus the staff didn’t wanna serve me), so we changed place for some Indian cuisine instead~

 photo 20170510200152_zpsrsgyckwa.jpg

Some Chinese small bites since I was still full from brunch~

Another public holiday with NDPeeps! Happy Vesak Day, everyone 😀
 photo img20170511wa0002_zpspxgltw2y.jpg
 photo img20170511wa0001_zpsfbyyxfzm.jpg

Back to work and suffered a minor post-holiday blues~ Nua-ing in GP’s room because I finally have a free day! Haven’t been doing that for so long! 😛
 photo 20170511174004_zpsneybmmuz.jpg

Went for free U-Jam Fitness class with Min and it was okay~ Not as tiring as Piloxing but at least better than Kpop Fitness. Now that I have finished my yoga package, any form of exercise is better than nothing!

Finally went back to make my new specs because I needed Min’s professional opinion 😛 Fussy people have more comments…hahaha! But I know she will choose something that is right for me also and I am indeed pretty satisfied with the choice!

 photo 20170511205441_zpsqgbplvmq.jpg

Kinda like this shades too!!!

DIY salad again! Partly because of the crave, and partly because I need to use up the vegetables too 😅 Made egg mayo sandwich for breakfast as well! Hehe! 省省省~ Because next month is gonna be a super broke one…
 photo 20170511091102_zpsphpiowfm.jpg

 photo 20170511090745_zpsb1oxgqj2.jpg

Ran out of tuna!

 photo 20170512084354_zpsfzvkgdfc.jpg

Replaced with egg mayo (:

Movie of the week – 摆渡人!I believe I watched movies in other weeks also but I forgot to blog about them…hmmmm. I tend to have a hard time recalling what I watched when blogging a backlog 😐

Like I missed out Guardian of the Galaxy 2 which I caught in April, thanks to the free tickets from le pig brother~ I did not catch the prequel, but still managed to enjoy this. I like Groot! So cute!!!

Saturday was spent in JB with Clique! We had not gone in together for such a long time~ But the Saturday traffic + human jam was pretty bad; stuck for some time before we were in.

So Gui mentioned curry fish head prior the trip and I was looking forward to it! Fixed that for lunch but was so damn worried that the guys might change the lunch venue in the end if they see the queue and heat outside.Especially buddy, who hates to queue for things! So scared he would ruin my plan again! He’s usually the one who calls the shot in Clique because no one else really wanna make the decisions. So if he says, “Let’s go somewhere else to eat“, usually everyone will just agree D:

I kept warning him not to spoil my plan because I really wanna eat curry fish head! I reminded him of the time when Jollibee first launched in Lucky Plaza, Clique agreed to go and try together. But when we reached there and saw the queue, buddy suggested going elsewhere and everyone else just agreed. I was so so so disappointed!

I told him what he dumped away was not just a lunch venue, but also my overnight excitement to try it! Can you imagine how disappointed I was?! Utterly! Which is why I remember the incident until now, because I hate disappointment the most 😒 I get so sad when plans changed at the last minute, especially one that I have gotten excited over, and one that is due to queue. It’s not even hurricane, cum’on! Zzzzzz.

Okay, enough of ranting. But we did have curry fish head in the end because I couldn’t stop whining about it during the long wait at the custom 😂
 photo 20170513133936_zpsvsbf3kwg.jpg

It’s the first time I had this with Clique, first time I sat upstairs (I didn’t even know there are seats upstairs!) and the first time 宝贝 went on a trip with us! 😀 We were pretty against the idea initially because of all the robbing and kidnapping incidents; we certainly didn’t want our precious 宝贝 to be kidnapped. But thankfully nothing happened and we all enjoyed his cuteness!!!
 photo 20170513133942_zpseqhftxip.jpg

Checked out a famous banana cake place and a mille crepe shop some walking distance away from the curry fish head place. I never knew there is such a popular banana cake shop until I saw many Singaporeans queuing and carrying bags of the cakes~ Really soft and nice! But I only had a slice and le pig brother gobbled up everything already 😡

 photo 20170513135332_zpsocqnxw6s.jpg

Durian mille crepe! 😋

Headed down to KSL for some shopping time~! No clothes this time…meh. On the other hand, Queen finally managed to go on a shopping spree while Gui takes care of 二筒 😆 She used to be our shopping QUEEN but I think she hasn’t really shopped like this ever since she was pregnant…hahaha!

 photo 20170513162944_zps5tbls3ol.jpg

Our adorable 宝贝!💖

We were checking out places for massage when we chanced upon this – movie while massage! 😱 Such a brilliant idea! We were thinking this might be a good idea for Queen, who can sit there and watch movie with 宝贝 while the rest of us massage.
 photo 20170513192106_zps8adptftg.jpg

But in the end Gui thought of an even more brilliant idea. The couple went for the shoulder and foot massage and requested that one do the shoulder massage first while the other do the foot. So whoever doing the foot massage will carry 宝贝 first, then switch over when the other finishes the shoulder massage 😂 Good coordination!

Yea so off we went to the other newly-opened massage place because it seems cleaner~ Only Min and I opted for the full body massage, which we thought was pretty good. I requested for a strong masseur as usual and she was really good! She said my body is like a man’s though, because I am like so stiff all over, so many problem areas 😫 But she managed to crack and undo all the knots; shiok!!!

Min and I went to do our grocery shopping and before we knew it, it was 9pm already 😱 Off to San Lou Seafood Restaurant for a late dinner, as recommended by buddy and TCC, and the guys ordered a feast, as usual. Very scary to eat with them…

Our cutie pie missing his bedtime, but still happily awake! 😍
 photo 20170513212141_zpsr1el1eza.jpg

Gui thinks that it’s abnormal for him to keep smiling to people, but what’s wrong with that! He’s just being a happy baby! ❤
 photo 20170513212153_zpsk5hzhxzn.jpg

 photo 20170513214532_zpskioozd7z.jpg

#lifegoal: Marry someone who will peel prawns for you! LOL.

 photo 20170513215503_zpsk7c5m9qj.jpg

The remains.

Blooie’s again with Mojo and Chien! Finally met up with them to pass the Jap goodies 😅 It was a quick lunch before my NDP practice, because Mojo is flying to Korea for a month! Envy much! Thank you for the belated birthday treat!!!
 photo 20170514122336_zpsv5fspay9.jpg

 photo 20170514121335_zpso36kjo8g.jpg

Never sick of the jalapeño cheese! 😍

 photo 20170514122237_zpsr1mmakky.jpg

Trying their Quesadilla for the first time!

 photo 20170514134840_zpsjx7o97vj.jpg

A practice without my partner 😔


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