Movie Days!

Continuing with my salad craze~! I’m not sick of it somehow, even till now! If it’s not the veggie’s lifespan VS the free time I have to make, I wouldn’t mind eating it everyday 😋
 photo 20170514214625_zpsanep4kte.jpg

Made 3 sets this time because even the EP got tempted by my salad…hahaha! So he requested for me to make him one but insisted on paying me after that 😐 Earned 10 bucks just like that~
 photo 20170514214759_zpsxssd2u9o.jpg

Maybe I should consider selling salads since everyone loves it (even Shrine who used to HATE veggies). I’m very generous with my ingredients because I like everything 多多 😛 Like eat pau the filling also must 多多, eat chilli also must dip 多多, eat prata also must dip curry 多多…hehe~

I’m pretty sure my salads will 大卖!Already got so many orders on Instagram, which I really don’t mind making if they self-collect. Maybe I should consider engaging Deliveroo…HAHAHA.

 photo 20170516174105_zpsibnunnzf.jpg

Last of my favourite caramel pudding Kit-Kat~

Caught a few movies lately (which explains the title), starting with Gifted. I love it! So smart, so impressive, such good acting and also so touching~ Cried because I can totally understand how the girl felt 😥

You DO NOT make a promise if you can’t fulfill it. A promise is more than 2 pinkies hooked together; it contains lots of faith, assurance and maybe even all the trust that one can have, given her age.

With or without a promise, it’s really really sad to be abandoned by a loved one, but a broken promise just makes everything worse. Yes, the sadness is mutual, but the promise was made to the girl, not the uncle. So who should be the one feeling heartbroken and betrayed?

Sudden craving for Greendot‘s hotpot! But the soup for 1 pax isn’t as shiok, because it’s not hotpot style~ Still nice, but I will wanna go back for the hotpot next time when I am hungrier! 😀
 photo 20170516193824_zpsu5wwfnyz.jpg

Caught another movie – 喜欢你~ Not bad for a romance comedy. I like the female lead, who is also one of the leads for 《七月与安生》😊 She’s not very pretty but I like her bubbly character.

 photo 20170517215020_zpsuzjcelpw.jpg

Wednesdate with #SuperSonicSG

 photo 20170519135623_zpszj2ixcts.jpg

Miss this aglio olio ((:

A mishap in the train on a Friday night~ THIS woman below lost her balance and somehow her thin and pointy heel scratched right onto my calf…
 photo 20170519190622_zps4ionaiv5.jpg
 photo 20170519192136_zpsai3uhiuo.jpg

I have no idea how she managed to scratch until so high, but the moment I felt the sudden “kick“, I gave a pretty big reaction because the pain was @#$%&#@%!!! So much that the Indian guy beside the lady noticed me and kept staring at me sympathetically later on. Whereas the lady in crime was pretty oblivious – said sorry and continued looking at the tablet.

And the shittest part is you can’t do anything. Even if she realised I was bleeding (which she did not), there’s nothing she can do right? And she already apologised. Such accident happen often in train – sometimes you get stepped by heels when you’re in slipper, sometimes you get squashed under sweaty pits, but you can’t really ban people from wearing heels in train or ask people not to sweat right? Yea so I could only lan lan keep wiping the blood off~
 photo 20170519192222_zpsxyxhdqn3.jpg

Belated birthday treat from Min! Did not have much appetite because I usually feel bloated during the time of the month, so I had a hard time deciding where to eat~ Finally decided on Tony Roma’s because I kinda miss the spinach dip and I can’t think of where else has that!

On the way up to Tony Roma’s, Min got attacted by Genki Sushi, which is highly-raved by her sisters. I didn’t mind trying that to since it was always long queue when I wanted to try a few times. So we came up with a plan to order a bit at Genki to try, then go up to Tony for my spinach dip~

No longer such a fan of salmon sashimi but still can’t resist mentaiko! Anything with mentaiko just tastes so good~! 😋
 photo 20170520132625_zpszzlc1dp0.jpg

I think one of the highlights of the restaurant is how the food is being served. They have this cute train to deliver your food to your table! Thought of Isaac right away cause I think he’s gonna love it 😊

Our bullet train is here! 😁

Just right after we finished the meal, about to stand up to settle the bill, I suddenly felt really unwell. It started with cramps, followed by the feeling to shit, then I started perspiring like crazy, before feeling all giddy!

Went to the washroom right away while Min settles the bill and I just felt like passing out! Didn’t help that the queue at the ladies was pretty long and I really felt like asking if I can go first. But I still queued in the end even though everything started to look blurry – a scary feeling I never felt before, not for such a long duration at least.

Continued perspiring like crazy and the pain in my stomach felt worse and worse. All I felt like doing was to lie down! So I started thinking of all the possibilities of me fainting in the cubicle, what if Min can’t get in to save me if the door is locked, what if I got carried out with my shorts undone and etc. Yea imagine I was feeling so horrible already but my mind was still running with all these thoughts 😐

Sat in the toilet for quite a while and I just couldn’t stand up. The cramps was so bad that I have lost all my strength! Really so damn scared that I would pass out inside that I kept biting my lips to keep myself awake!

Puked and diarrhoea once before I finally decided to get out because I can’t possibly just sit inside the whole day and make Min wait outside. But the moment I stepped out, I went back into the cubicle again for a second round of diarrhoea 😣 And then I waited a long while again before I got the strength to stand and get out~

Was feeling so damn cold even though I was still perspiring. Cramps was still killing me so I got Min to help me buy hot chocolate and Panadol. I have no idea what is the real cause – whether it was really the cramps or was it food poisoning from the otah I had in the morning, since that was what I puked out. But anyhow, the hot chocolate and panadol saved my life eventually and we could resume our rare date!

Gave my spinach dip a miss because I had kinda lost my appetite for that. Exchanged the treat for a high-tea treat at Tiong Bahru Bakery instead, since Min wanted some dessert 😁

 photo 20170520180940_zpscznbau0j.jpg


 photo 20170520180530_zpsrzge6itd.jpg

And something chocolatey!

Had the loneliest NDP practice on Sunday not only because my partner – Lyn was not around (again), but both Tiff and Eric were absent too! I wonder how I used to survive the breaks in the first year, but I think I still had Hidayah back then at least; my first friend made in NDP~ But now that I am so used to having people to hang out with during the breaks and during the practice, it really makes me dread going if none of my closer friends are going.

Oh well, thank goodness I still survived it, sharing my tea break food with the 慈祥-looking auntie aka one of my favourite aunties from my group last year. She was so happy to see Eric and I this year that she gave me a hug and said she really miss having us as AGLs, cause we always take good care of her…awwwww~ That’s because she has been really nice and cooperative to us too! 😊

But really touched by her words! I am pretty surprised that anyone would say that to us. I think everyone’s probably thinking we got kicked off from the positions rather than it being the other way round. But whatever. The last thing I really care is what these people think. I am pretty happy with how things are this way 😏

Went to queue for the latest craze in Tampines One – Le Castella because Mommeyyyyyyy and Wayne loves it and I wanted to test out the shelf life first before buying for them~ Took me 1 hour before I got them in my hands! 😱

 photo 20170521203213_zpsddczkhtl.jpg

Fresh from the oven!

 photo 20170521203337_zpsbpax3tkn.jpg

Each batch makes 10 cakes!

I remember Wayne showing me the video he took in Taiwan, where he first tried this cake. He was so amazed by how huge the cake is and how the staff made precise measurements with a ruler before cutting the cake up 😅

 photo 20170521212201_zpsf5l4s4al.jpg


 photo 20170521212243_zpsua2eyiai.jpg


Actually there’s nothing so fantastic that is worth the 1-hour IMHO. But it’s just very soft and the egg smell is very nice, so kinda have a nostalgic taste to it. Still happy to have tried it, so no regrets for the queue! Hehe!

Spent the next week in solitude again, having the whole office to myself.  I may like to be in my own room all the time during work, but being all alone in office is a pretty unbearable feeling. Like sometimes you just wanna talk or rant or share something at that moment, but there’s no one. Not to mention, the time passed really, really slowwwwwww~ Just couldn’t wait for my turn to go on the long break!

Finally my turn to touch on these balls, but I must still say that I am not a fan of colour grading 😐 Makes me doubt my own eyes after a while~
 photo img20170526110749090_zpsjwvwyfxp.jpg

Caught 《春嬌救志明》and it was okay~ Wasn’t terrible.

Having these for free thanks to Harry’s members rebates! 😀 Favourite lava cake~~~
 photo 20170523203806_zpsbowfd3ia.jpg

Failed Boomerang 😦 But could be more encouraging to give a <3~

An Obean nearer to me now! Super love my mee sua 😋 Too bad they don’t have the kway chup nor soy milk~
 photo 20170524144506_zpsg0ob3s4s.jpg

Private screening of《危城》and they have 2 of my hotties – Eddie Peng and Louis Koo! But the latter is a bad guy which makes him so scary 😭

Decided to check out the free J-Pop class with Min since I had used up my yoga package 😔 And then it turned out that the dance instructor is none other than Keiko sensei!!! The former JAS Chingay choreographer that appeared several times on my blog!

So good to see her again and she’s still so cute and active! 😅 But she’s so passionate about choreography that she ended up teaching us one instead of the usual non-stop dancing with music kind of class…haha!

Went to talk to her after class and she was surprised to see me too! She still remembers me from my poly days when I first joined 😊 Did not get to take photo with her for the past 2-3 years ever since she stepped down, so definitely must take one now!
 photo 20170525210110_zpsqmiaodma.jpg

No plans again for the Friday night so I had an impromptu date with my little boyfriend! Supposed to visit Ping and her newborn but I ended up playing with Dylan more 😂 Dylan is cuter because he’s a toddler now! Baby only sleeps~
 photo 20170526205912_zpsfdzywv0o.jpg
 photo 20170526205913_zpsedgdgcmx.jpg

Played London Bridge with him by using the mattress to build a “bridge” and he loves it so much! Kept going “again!” “again!” “again!” until I started to regret because the mattress quite heavy to “build” 😂 Was perspiring after a few rounds! Haha!

Good bonding session and definitely a good distraction for the jealous boy while Mummy is busy with Darius didi~ I love how babies/kids place their hand on me or hold on to my finger, I don’t know why everyone wanna place the attention on the boob 😓
 photo img20170526213400_zpsiqmc06jj.jpg

Oh he called me “auntie” a couple of times 😭😭😭 and I kept correcting him to call “Jie Jie“! After some play time, he started calling me “干妈” instead…LOL. His 干妈 is supposed to be Ping’s 2 好姐妹, and now I became one too after just a few hours of playing…hahaha!
 photo 20170526210021_zpsbegvpfdn.jpg
 photo 20170526210024_zpszbeivce3.jpg
 photo 20170526210031_zpsu31tbi6m.jpg


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