NPark Concert @ Fort Canning!

My dance partner is finally back from Taiwan!!! With lots of goodies for me as usual ❤
 photo 20170526222525_zpsaseddtoz.jpg

And finally got my hands on these 2 pink 纯萃。喝!All thanks to Ah Lyn~! 😀
 photo 20170528111717_zpsob4nabx2.jpg

Decided to take a 1-month break before starting my battle again in July~ Yes, finally my turn! Haha! Have been shamelessly staying in office during non-peak periods, but this time round I decided to take because everyone is on leave and I don’t wanna be alone in office every day 😴 #boreddieme

Found an ad-hoc job and went for interview right away on the first day of break! HAHAHA. Damn efficient, I know~ I always believe that 工不难找,钱不难赚,as long as you are not fussy and willing to work for it! 💪

Although it’s just a 2-day job, it can still help to supplement my upcoming trip expenses a little, and it’s definitely better than staying at home. Money doesn’t come when I stay at home~ I have learnt since young that money doesn’t fall from the sky, so I will always work hard for my own income and expenses.

I despise parents who give their kids everything they want, 要什么就买什么,not even as rewards. Become the habit of 衣来伸手,饭来张口; that’s why kids nowadays think that they can get anything and everything they want without having to work hard for it. And one day when the parents can no longer support them, the kids will not be able to survive on their own.

 photo 20170529135436_zpsw0kedkgw.jpg

Lunch before interview!

So… this was how I spent my next 2 days of break – GUARDIAN SALES!!! 😂
 photo 20170530142057_zpsokewesdy.jpg

Okay to be honest, when I applied for the job, it says, “Supermarket packers“, so I imagined it to be inside the warehouse, don’t have to 抛头露面 kind~ Imagine I bump into someone I know (or my boss!!!), how am I gonna explain?! Hahaha!

The job turned out to be more of retail assistant, because of the location I chose. Like if I have chosen somewhere else, I might have landed up in a supermarket, helping the cashier to pack the stuff. But because I chose J8, for the ease of my travel, I ended up in the Guardian~ But it wasn’t too bad, at least I don’t have to deal with the stress of packing the wrong things together, like sanitary pad with food (which actually to me it’s okay 😒).

I was on morning shift on the first day and there were some screw up from the recruitment agency’s side. Reported at 9am but was told that the person I am looking for is at Novena outlet instead? And even if I am at the correct outlet, my shift should only start at 10am???

Freaked out and tried to call the agent but to no avail! No answer, no reply, nothing! In my mind I was thinking, “Shit. Don’t tell me I woke up so early for nothing!” But since it’s just an ad-hoc job, I also didn’t care much. I will insist they still pay me from 9 to 5, or I will just go home and sleep! 😒

So after wasting 30 minutes getting free pay, the agent finally replied that I can just start work while they settle it internally. But since my nice manager said the official store opening hour is 10am and he has nothing for me to do yet, I was told to just walk around the store 😂 Another free 30 minutes pay!

 photo 20170530131108_zpsgutot3rl.jpg

Day 1 lunch – MOS Burger!

Time passed slower for the morning shift because there’s not much crowd, plus it was raining~ Was asked to give out flyers to attract more people, so that was basically how I spent the first half of my shift. Was praying every second that I don’t bump into anyone I know!!! HAHAHA. Thank goodness I did not~ Except 1 NDP auntie whom I dislike, but she didn’t really look at my face; she was looking at the flyer.

Second half of the shift was serving customers in the store, giving basket and etc, cause my colleagues said I am clearing the flyers way too fast and they need to save some for evening and next day 😂 Too efficient already…hahaha!!! But I have pretty nice colleagues and manager to work with, so it was still rather fun~

Meeting up with Shrine and buddy at night and got free TWG macarons from the latter! He’s supposed to get me Lady M for my super belated birthday but he has been procrastinating and trying to bribe me with these macarons instead 😒
 photo 20170530203601_zps2gckzcxm.jpg

Was on afternoon shift for day 2 and time definitely passed faster with the crowd, since it’s the last day too~ Same duties of giving out flyers and serving customer – encountered a really ridiculous one that kept asking why that particular toothpaste doesn’t have the ingredient she wants 😑

She even told me to ask the pharmacist, cause she’ll know better, which I did and then she started arguing with the pharmacist:

“They used to have it (that ingredient) inside. I have bought this before!”

“But it is really not stated in the ingredients here.”

“You should ask them why they don’t have it now! I am a nurse, I know. They used to have it.”

“And I am a pharmacist. I am just trying to help you here. There is really no such ingredient inside. *walks off*”

I was like 😐😐😐… Speechless and don’t know what to do. So in the end I decided to walk off as well and leave Madam Ridiculous on her own~Kinda miss encountering such memorable incidents and meeting all kinds of people, though I know this is the kind that I hate. It’s just an experience; there are still many nice ones out there too!

 photo 201705312051450_zpshuor6ehv.jpg

Day 2 dinner: Yami Yogurt!

Was kinda busy so dinner break got delayed till 8pm. Since it was too late to eat anything heavy, and I was tempted by a customer walking past the store with this in hand, I decided to get one too! Hehe! First time trying the yam flavour, love it!!!

So that kinda marked the end of my 2 days of work~ Quite interesting and fun, made some new friends too 😀 Wouldn’t really call it “work“, cause like I told them, “我是来玩的“…hahaha! Just wanna kill time by finding things to keep myself occupied! I just cannot imagine staying at home the whole day week, let alone the whole month!

 photo 20170601205532_zpsjty1ya56.jpg

JB on the 4th day of break! 😁

 photo 20170602183103_zpszghxsd5s.jpg

Creamier on the 5th day!

Impromptu TGIF night with le volunteers~ Just 3 of us but we had so much to gossip talk about! 😝 The cute FZ got so much updates from us within a night! Hahaha!
 photo 20170602202324_zpsnhjcxltp.jpg

The staff spilled my drink and I shrieked, not because she spilled on me but because I lost 1 or 2 sips just like that 😩 酒是珍贵的!
 photo 20170602202109_zpsy7rtts3y.jpg

Had a super awesome Saturday attending the NPark concert at Fort Canning! My first NPark concert after so many being held!!! Finally got the chance to go and finally got my dream picnic too 😍
 photo 20170603165641_zpsiwmoqhrc.jpg
 photo 20170603165646_zps0wlri72n.jpg

 photo 20170603171001_zpsf8gposci.jpg

My ideal picnic, with lots of food and drinks to share 💖

So excited about the picnic because I get to make my salad and egg mayo sandwich…hehe! More excited about the bands because Shagies was one of them and I hadn’t heard them sing for such a long time! 😀

 photo 20170603175617_zps07pi6fnj.jpg

Chilling on the grass while waiting for the concert to start~

 photo 20170603175958_zpssvjkrgip.jpg

Enjoying the blue sky before sunset! (:

We went pretty early to chope a good spot (but a bit far from the stage) and the crowd started flowing in~
 photo 20170603175531_zpsx61nefih.jpg
 photo 20170603174559_zps91aztuls.jpg
 photo 20170603174656_zps1xwo2xrl.jpg

 photo 20170603184954_zpsmtjwk53t.jpg

So many people! 😱
Luckily we came early~

And it’s time to ROCK N ROLL~!!! The concert theme was retro, so many popular rock songs were being played 👍
 photo 20170603192644_zpsqw6gjrdr.jpg
 photo 20170603214708_zpslirqk4bx.jpg

Warming the crowd up with the 家喻户晓 YMCA! 😀

 photo img20170603wa0020_zpsdfrrn1td.jpg
 photo img20170603wa0019_zpsi6pdzdoc.jpg

Got caught getting high 😆 Super love the atmosphere! Love live bands, love the songs, and love the high-ness~! I truly think I will enjoy concerts in general if I were to attend one! Can jump the whole night…hahaha!
 photo img20170603wa0014_zps0s0addpf.jpg

 photo 20170603220155_zps09fdvjbp.jpg

The not-so-high one 😅

Another 2 popular rock songs – We Will Rock You & It’s My Life!

All sweaty after all the jumping and whacking!!! Hahaha!
 photo img20170603wa0015_zpso4papnwh.jpg
 photo img20170603wa0017_zpsgrndx6zl.jpg
 photo img20170603wa0016_zpsdk2eimuw.jpg
 photo img20170603wa0018_zpsyzclyap2.jpg

I think this was the Shagies? But they did not come with saxophone~ Such a pity!
 photo 20170603223333_zpsbcged6vm.jpg

HIGH 翻天~!!!🎶🎶🎶
 photo img20170603wa0021_zpsgilwoiri.jpg
 photo img20170603wa0022_zpsqbeexqmv.jpg
 photo img20170603wa0024_zpsxawn9evi.jpg
 photo img20170603wa0023_zpsdjwaghqa.jpg

Favourite song of the night – You Give Love A Bad Name!

Awesome AWESOME night!!! ❤ Enjoyed it tremendously! Thank you all for fulfilling my concert and picnic wish…hehe! Makes me really wanna go to a concert now! JJ can you faster come to Singapore~~~

One last NDP practice and off I go to Aussie! Mommeyyyyyyyyyyyyy here I come~!!! 😀 MAD EXCITEDDDDDD.


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