Mamemo’s 60th!

Spent the remaining long weekend at the Changi Treehouse Villa for Mamemo’s 60th birthday celebration 😊 Finally the day for this major event in June – one that we had been planning since the start of the year!

Greeted by Mr Moo

Thanks to our cousin, we managed to get this place because only SAF people can book~ It was not bad, but I think it looked better in the pictures we saw initially. Maybe because it was still new then. Not much facilities though – no pool and not even mahjong tiles for loan anymore, cause they converted the storeroom into office instead…hmmmm. But at least it was pretty spacious!

Level 1 living room

Level 1 kitchen + dining area

Spiral stairs to level 2!

Level 2 bedroom #1 – supposedly for Mamemo and I

Level 2 bedroom #2 – Sis, Vic & Isaac

Went down early to get the decos up! Used up all my breaths blowing these 2 balloons up 😧

Cousins, aunties and uncles started arriving! It’s been really long since we last gathered. Even for CNY, we might not see everyone because I hardly go for visiting now, and even if I do, everyone comes at different timing~

Buffet is here too! All set to go! 😀

Everything was good with the food, because we decided to splurge on Neo Garden to please the fussy elderly’s taste buds. Just that Mamemo kept fussing that there’s gonna be not enough food when there are plenty left!!! In the end we know what she meant – not enough for them to tabao…Zzzzz. Didn’t know we are responsible for their next few days’ meals 🙄

赌博不分男女老少 😝

Eldest cousin being the 庄

Time for cake-cutting~!

The longevity bun basket was done by le pig brother by the way! Cause Sis wanted to buy one but being thrifty as ever, le pig brother said he can make one with the empty hamper basket at home, and get his own buns and decos 😱

Wanted to wait for le pig brother to arrive first, but Mamemo was so in a hurry to cut the cake and we have no idea why! Everyone was still so full from the buffet and I had even checked with my aunts and uncles, none of them are in a rush, but Mamemo kept making up stories that who and who is leaving and who and who wanna eat cake!

Whatever lah. Birthday woman biggest. At least she seemed very pleased with the cake from Prima Deli~ It’s huge and prettyyyyyyy! Taste good too!

Trying to take some shots of the cake and… As usual, spot the fat hand!!! Not difficult to guess whose hand is that 😓😓😓

Spot the ‘dent‘ in the cake after the fatboy tried to steal some cream again! 😭

Happy 60th Birthday, Mamemo!

With the 4/5 brothers!
The eldest had passed away…

With the 4/5 sisters!
The youngest could not come.

The cousin that watched us grow up! Sis said she has not seen the cousin’s husband before and I was like, “Weren’t you one of the sisters for their wedding?!” Hahahaha! Can’t believe she forgot!!!

So funny because the eldest cousin’s daughter, who is also my little niece started crying because she wasn’t in the group photo above 😂 Her haircut makes her look like 村姑 but she’s funny when she talks! Like a 小大人~

Me: 你昨晚在这里睡啊?(My cousin and family stayed 2 nights before we took over.)

Niece: *nod head*

Me: 你喜欢吗?有没有去骑脚车啊?

Niece: 我不会。我要那个 *does a kicking action*

Me: Huh??? 什么?踢球啊?

Niece: *continue doing the action* Sooter…

Me: Soccer??

Niece: Sooter!

Me: Ooohhh! Scooter 啊?

Niece: *nod head* 我要可是 Papa 不要买给我。

Me: 等你长大一点像你 Kor Kor 才买啊。

Niece: *exclaimed* 我已经很大了!!!


The little one and the not-so-little one 😆

Forcing out a smile after crying…hahaha!

The eldest cousin that watched us grow up and brought us to pasar malam to buy many things…hehe!

四舅 & family

小姨 & family

And le pig brother arrived just in time for this! 💖

Big big group photo! (((:

Lighting the candles up!

I think Mamemo was really happy to have so many people celebrating for her for the first time~ Though initially she kept telling us to cancel when we had already planned and even booked the place 😓

Cake-cutting with the precious gem! 😀

Finally finally finally 忙完 as people started leaving after the cakes and etc~ Time to take a stroll around the villa to explore! But actually there’s nothing much there, really 😐 They should improve on their facilities.

Played the kids’ Monopoly and Bingo with Isaac and he lost interest because he wasn’t winning 😑 On the other hand, I think Mamemo enjoyed the Bingo game that she kept asking Isaac to bring the game over to our house next time…hahaha!

Anyway, the birthday woman decided not to stay in the end after changing her mind for like 2327498273 times. Want, don’t want, want, don’t want…Zzzzz. But yay! I had the whole King size bed to myself and no snoring sound except my own! HAHAHA. Watched TV till I fell asleep 👍

Checked out and went airport for lunch~ I was thinking just nice, can catch the final Sanrio Characters’ Meet-and-Greet session, but still missed it by 10 minutes in the end 😔 Cause the Facebook timing stated 1pm but actually it was only starting at 2pm…

Managed to take photos of/with the exhibited characters though! Did not get to the previous time~

Pompompurin so cute!

My Melody!

Selfie with Melody!

He’s the main reason I wanted to catch the Meet & Greet~

Yes, yes! My tee!


Little Twin Star!


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