Last Week of Break!

Did not wanna waste a single day of my last week of break, so I decided to head out for some Me Time~! Finally caught 《一念无明》!!! I was so sad when I missed it during the Chinese Fim Festival screening period; definitely didn’t wanna miss it this time! 😊

Despite it being a weekday afternoon, I was still sandwiched between 2 men in the cinema. Ahhhh~ I was still hoping that the seat beside me will not be taken. Man on my left kept sighing, made me wanna pinch him 😒

Maybe he was sighing because the movie was a bit draggy, but I like the overall story line and how they realistically portrayed the society these days. How people with depression or psychological problem are being ostracised by the society and even people around them, and ostracism is never a cure, but a poison that worsens their conditions.

It’s a sad story, but it’s very true. Something worth watching for everyone, I feel, especially those who lack compassion. But people who lack compassion usually won’t realise or admit that they lack compassion 🤔

Chanced upon Doodles! I almost forgot the existence of it and that it’s the packet noodle that I had wanted to try! Hong Kong’s still nicer! Singapore’s is wayyyyy overpriced~

Anyhow, time for some sweet treats at Boufe! Look at these pretty cakes!!! 😍 So Instagrammable…hahaha!

Finally got to try the Unicorn cake because it’s always sold out~ I think it has some coconut flavour thing inside and I didn’t quite like. Love the Milky Way and Daisy more! 😋

Gotta take picture at this swing every time I am here. Love it so much and I really wish to have one in my house next time!!! 😐

Off for night practice at the platform~! Spending the beautiful sunset moment swaying away 💃

Jaybeeeee on a weekday again! 😀 Finally got to try Vburg Cafe! This is their signature otah croissant as recommended by the waitresss! YUM YUM~! They make such crispy and nice croissants!!!

Never too much mushrooms 😋

Portobello mushroom burger croissant

Shopping time~! Saw this shirt and thought of Mommeyyyyy right away because she said I like to say, “And then…” 😐 I didn’t even realise that!

Reflection (:

Visited Legend Cafe for the very first time because Ben Hum is singing there! 😝 Don’t get to go Timbre very often to 捧 his 场 but luckily I can now enjoy his singing at a less crowded place now! Hehe~ He really has a nice voice!!! 10年前果然没看走眼! Hahaha!

Solo exploration

Had been wanting to go back to NP for a visit again but I totally forgot I can do so during this break! Until I received a message from my junior for some help~ They needed to conduct an interview on someone who is working in this industry and I can’t possibly reject my own mentee right? Especially when I know how hard it is to find people for all the projects back then!

So back to school and back on this slope that we all hated~ Imagine when you are alreasy rushing for your next class and still gotta conquer this slope first! @#$&%£#@#!!! Still hating it as I climbed, but later I learned from my junior that they don’t climb the slope anymore, they have a shortcut now 😑😑😑

I think the previous time when I came, the building was still under renovation. But now it’s all done up! Not longer that lok kok familiar building anymore~ In fact the whole NP doesn’t feel as familiar anymore and I kept telling my junior I feel like I will get lost in the school anytime 😐

Proud to be an alumni of FMS! Do you know how hard it was for us to get in? Even with a 7-point, you still gotta go through an interview which consisted of a few “stages” in order to get in. Machiam like interviewing to be air stewardess. That’s why I despise those who end up dropping out; waste other people’s chances only 😒

Anyway, the interview session with le junior was short and pretty much everything that I had shared with her before during our mentorship meet-up! Hahaha! Funny how I gotta say everything to the camera now instead 😫

Got the juniors to take me on a tour at the newly-revamped FMS block because I couldn’t access them anymore~ It’s an entirely different place now, like OMGWTFBBQ! No more lok-kok editing suites where I spent most of my Year 3 at! The suites are so damn pretty now!

Even the computers inside upgraded of course 😐 No more laggy old Windows computer!

Took a tour at the level 9 studios and at least this place still looks almost the same…awwww~ So nostalgic! Even the colour of the doors and etc are the same 😅 A pity there was no class going on so I couldn’t get in to see the interior.

Exploring level 8, where all the audio stuff are located~ More or less the same too!

The same paintings after all these years 😅

Every corner definitely brought back different memories! So glad that I had the opportunity to look around! All thanks to the juniors and really hope they survive the remaining 1.5 year 😆

Done exploring and time for the next mission – eat the food that I miss! I think most of the alumni remember NP for the FOODDDDD because there are so many cheap and good food here!!! Really spoilt for choices that I had a hard time deciding what’s for lunch 😅

Finally decided on the Kaki Fuyong that ALL NP-ians will definitely know! It was the most popular stall/dish back in canteen 1 and even though I hardly had proper meals in school, I have still tried it before and remember how nice it is! So happy to have it again!!! Still so nice 😍😍😍

Purposely only ate half a bowl of rice because what I miss most is still this sandwich!!! Like I said, I hardly had proper meals back then, so this sandwich is what I used to eat the most. Small but filling and yummy 😋 Once in a while I will even crave for it but it’s only available in the Four Leaves in NP~

Dessert after Saturdate brunch! Pretty and nice ambience upstairs, especially for brunch 😊

Seasalt Caramel & Lychee Rose! ❤

Random stroll~

Off to project at MINDS because it was a rare Saturday without NDP, due to SAF Day 😁 Everyone was surprised by my rare appearance, as usual~ Tsk.

Taught the residents how to make these straw hearts for an upcoming outreach programme, but it turned out that all the volunteers at my table don’t know how to make these hearts, so I had to teach them before they could guide the residents 😱

Thank goodness I used to play with these straw hearts when slacking in Mac, and I still vaguely remember how to make. But it’s a tedious process to teach because those who know how to make are so used to it and we usually don’t look also can do 😐 So when I suddenly gotta go through step by step, I kept getting stuck! Hahaha!

Challenging!!! But our residents did it! YAYYY~!

The next art work was this magic painting paper; just paint on it and the words will come out automatically! So amazing 😊 And this was my art piece!!! Not bad right~

Found another nice piece!

Back to Wheeler’s Estate once again because I really wanna enjoy the ambience and the live band!!! A pity the Friday’s vocalist was much better… Die die must come on a Friday some day!

Singapore Sling~

Uncle Felix and his tower!


Surrounded by all these positive energy! 💪

After all the drinks, I don’t know why and who suggested this team-building challenge of squeezing everyone up this tree trunk 😓

Maximum of 8 if we stand~

Managed to squeeze Law up if we sit!

But long before he was being pulled down by Uncle Felix when the latter was trying to get up 😂 So final number of pax is still 9!

First NE show! Which means first show with audience too! Forgot when was this taken…hmmmm.

Had some VIP visiting and I was supposed to be the representive for my ugly costume, so gotta dress up earlier than the rest 😣 Sibei hot please!!!

The tall Malay boy beside me has some spasm problem or something, as in he will jerk all of a sudden and it gets worse when he’s nervous. Didn’t help that he was so tensed up as the VIP was approaching, so poor thing! He said in primary school when he had to be the class representative to shake hand with principal or some VIP, he got so nervous that he started crying, so his friend took over him 😐

I kept trying to calm him down and he held my hand out of a sudden as the VIP walks towards us, that’s when I realised he was really very very nervous cause his hand was so cold! Don’t know who sabo him for this 😓 He’s really quite poor thing, those who used to “hang out” with him are laughing at his condition behind his back. So annoying! Curse your kids!!!

He kept saying I am his friend after that because I understand his condition and helped to explain to the aunties who were a bit scared off by his sudden spasm. Reminds me of the movie 《一念无明》again~ Ostracism will never be something positive or helpful to anyone’s condition. So if you can’t them, at least understand that they don’t wanna be this way too. 

Uncle Mak said, “Ling loi, take a photo with me” 😂

With May auntie!

Spent the remaining time napping and kanna caught by Ronald’s spy cam @.@ Shagged! Don’t know ask us to report so early for what 😒

Tiff in adventurous hands 😂

After seeing her result, I refused to let Kelly tie for me because she was turning Tiff into some Minnie Mouse with a bow on her head! I would rather tie my own messy bun which everyone disapproves of~

Still hate tying bun in the first place! Firstly, only old grannies tie bun 😒 Secondly, I can never tie a proper bun! Thirdly, I look ugly with bun. Last but not least, bun curls up my hair!!! Apart from the bun, they also expect all female participants who are dressed as males to comb up our fringe. So lame. You think comb up then look like male liao meh? Might as well ask us to bind our boobs and grow a dick next time right?

Sunset welcoming us as we head to the platform!


With the pretty sky~ Again, don’t know ask us come down so early for what 😑

Done with NE1~! No mistake for myself even though the auntie in front of me danced wrongly 😱 Thank goodness I was dancing to the music and not following her!

Spot Leng Leng’s moustache! Her group damn enthu, all the females acting as males put on the ugly moustache. I die die also won’t put 😒 Reminds me of the ugly wig that year that uglified all of us!

The mandatory full costume shot every year! 😀

Looking super sweattyyyyyy~ But yes, not giving a flying fuck about the fringe 😏

P.S. Considering this to be my last regular post so as to focus on my long overdue travelogs instead. Since I have been really busy to blog and if I go on trying to catch up with these backlogs, I figured that I will never be able to finish my trip posts. Anyway ever since the Photobucket thing, I have been feeling quite demoralised to blog too. It really feels like my blog ain’t the same anymore and all my memories have been taken away. Like there is just no point continuing anymore when a huge part of it is gone…


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