Movie Days!

Continuing with my salad craze~! I’m not sick of it somehow, even till now! If it’s not the veggie’s lifespan VS the free time I have to make, I wouldn’t mind eating it everyday 😋
 photo 20170514214625_zpsanep4kte.jpg

Made 3 sets this time because even the EP got tempted by my salad…hahaha! So he requested for me to make him one but insisted on paying me after that 😐 Earned 10 bucks just like that~
 photo 20170514214759_zpsxssd2u9o.jpg

Maybe I should consider selling salads since everyone loves it (even Shrine who used to HATE veggies). I’m very generous with my ingredients because I like everything 多多 😛 Like eat pau the filling also must 多多, eat chilli also must dip 多多, eat prata also must dip curry 多多…hehe~

I’m pretty sure my salads will 大卖!Already got so many orders on Instagram, which I really don’t mind making if they self-collect. Maybe I should consider engaging Deliveroo…HAHAHA.

 photo 20170516174105_zpsibnunnzf.jpg

Last of my favourite caramel pudding Kit-Kat~

Caught a few movies lately (which explains the title), starting with Gifted. I love it! So smart, so impressive, such good acting and also so touching~ Cried because I can totally understand how the girl felt 😥

You DO NOT make a promise if you can’t fulfill it. A promise is more than 2 pinkies hooked together; it contains lots of faith, assurance and maybe even all the trust that one can have, given her age.

With or without a promise, it’s really really sad to be abandoned by a loved one, but a broken promise just makes everything worse. Yes, the sadness is mutual, but the promise was made to the girl, not the uncle. So who should be the one feeling heartbroken and betrayed?

Sudden craving for Greendot‘s hotpot! But the soup for 1 pax isn’t as shiok, because it’s not hotpot style~ Still nice, but I will wanna go back for the hotpot next time when I am hungrier! 😀
 photo 20170516193824_zpsu5wwfnyz.jpg

Caught another movie – 喜欢你~ Not bad for a romance comedy. I like the female lead, who is also one of the leads for 《七月与安生》😊 She’s not very pretty but I like her bubbly character.

 photo 20170517215020_zpsuzjcelpw.jpg

Wednesdate with #SuperSonicSG

 photo 20170519135623_zpszj2ixcts.jpg

Miss this aglio olio ((:

A mishap in the train on a Friday night~ THIS woman below lost her balance and somehow her thin and pointy heel scratched right onto my calf…
 photo 20170519190622_zps4ionaiv5.jpg
 photo 20170519192136_zpsai3uhiuo.jpg

I have no idea how she managed to scratch until so high, but the moment I felt the sudden “kick“, I gave a pretty big reaction because the pain was @#$%&#@%!!! So much that the Indian guy beside the lady noticed me and kept staring at me sympathetically later on. Whereas the lady in crime was pretty oblivious – said sorry and continued looking at the tablet.

And the shittest part is you can’t do anything. Even if she realised I was bleeding (which she did not), there’s nothing she can do right? And she already apologised. Such accident happen often in train – sometimes you get stepped by heels when you’re in slipper, sometimes you get squashed under sweaty pits, but you can’t really ban people from wearing heels in train or ask people not to sweat right? Yea so I could only lan lan keep wiping the blood off~
 photo 20170519192222_zpsxyxhdqn3.jpg

Belated birthday treat from Min! Did not have much appetite because I usually feel bloated during the time of the month, so I had a hard time deciding where to eat~ Finally decided on Tony Roma’s because I kinda miss the spinach dip and I can’t think of where else has that!

On the way up to Tony Roma’s, Min got attacted by Genki Sushi, which is highly-raved by her sisters. I didn’t mind trying that to since it was always long queue when I wanted to try a few times. So we came up with a plan to order a bit at Genki to try, then go up to Tony for my spinach dip~

No longer such a fan of salmon sashimi but still can’t resist mentaiko! Anything with mentaiko just tastes so good~! 😋
 photo 20170520132625_zpszzlc1dp0.jpg

I think one of the highlights of the restaurant is how the food is being served. They have this cute train to deliver your food to your table! Thought of Isaac right away cause I think he’s gonna love it 😊

Our bullet train is here! 😁

Just right after we finished the meal, about to stand up to settle the bill, I suddenly felt really unwell. It started with cramps, followed by the feeling to shit, then I started perspiring like crazy, before feeling all giddy!

Went to the washroom right away while Min settles the bill and I just felt like passing out! Didn’t help that the queue at the ladies was pretty long and I really felt like asking if I can go first. But I still queued in the end even though everything started to look blurry – a scary feeling I never felt before, not for such a long duration at least.

Continued perspiring like crazy and the pain in my stomach felt worse and worse. All I felt like doing was to lie down! So I started thinking of all the possibilities of me fainting in the cubicle, what if Min can’t get in to save me if the door is locked, what if I got carried out with my shorts undone and etc. Yea imagine I was feeling so horrible already but my mind was still running with all these thoughts 😐

Sat in the toilet for quite a while and I just couldn’t stand up. The cramps was so bad that I have lost all my strength! Really so damn scared that I would pass out inside that I kept biting my lips to keep myself awake!

Puked and diarrhoea once before I finally decided to get out because I can’t possibly just sit inside the whole day and make Min wait outside. But the moment I stepped out, I went back into the cubicle again for a second round of diarrhoea 😣 And then I waited a long while again before I got the strength to stand and get out~

Was feeling so damn cold even though I was still perspiring. Cramps was still killing me so I got Min to help me buy hot chocolate and Panadol. I have no idea what is the real cause – whether it was really the cramps or was it food poisoning from the otah I had in the morning, since that was what I puked out. But anyhow, the hot chocolate and panadol saved my life eventually and we could resume our rare date!

Gave my spinach dip a miss because I had kinda lost my appetite for that. Exchanged the treat for a high-tea treat at Tiong Bahru Bakery instead, since Min wanted some dessert 😁

 photo 20170520180940_zpscznbau0j.jpg


 photo 20170520180530_zpsrzge6itd.jpg

And something chocolatey!

Had the loneliest NDP practice on Sunday not only because my partner – Lyn was not around (again), but both Tiff and Eric were absent too! I wonder how I used to survive the breaks in the first year, but I think I still had Hidayah back then at least; my first friend made in NDP~ But now that I am so used to having people to hang out with during the breaks and during the practice, it really makes me dread going if none of my closer friends are going.

Oh well, thank goodness I still survived it, sharing my tea break food with the 慈祥-looking auntie aka one of my favourite aunties from my group last year. She was so happy to see Eric and I this year that she gave me a hug and said she really miss having us as AGLs, cause we always take good care of her…awwwww~ That’s because she has been really nice and cooperative to us too! 😊

But really touched by her words! I am pretty surprised that anyone would say that to us. I think everyone’s probably thinking we got kicked off from the positions rather than it being the other way round. But whatever. The last thing I really care is what these people think. I am pretty happy with how things are this way 😏

Went to queue for the latest craze in Tampines One – Le Castella because Mommeyyyyyyy and Wayne loves it and I wanted to test out the shelf life first before buying for them~ Took me 1 hour before I got them in my hands! 😱

 photo 20170521203213_zpsddczkhtl.jpg

Fresh from the oven!

 photo 20170521203337_zpsbpax3tkn.jpg

Each batch makes 10 cakes!

I remember Wayne showing me the video he took in Taiwan, where he first tried this cake. He was so amazed by how huge the cake is and how the staff made precise measurements with a ruler before cutting the cake up 😅

 photo 20170521212201_zpsf5l4s4al.jpg


 photo 20170521212243_zpsua2eyiai.jpg


Actually there’s nothing so fantastic that is worth the 1-hour IMHO. But it’s just very soft and the egg smell is very nice, so kinda have a nostalgic taste to it. Still happy to have tried it, so no regrets for the queue! Hehe!

Spent the next week in solitude again, having the whole office to myself.  I may like to be in my own room all the time during work, but being all alone in office is a pretty unbearable feeling. Like sometimes you just wanna talk or rant or share something at that moment, but there’s no one. Not to mention, the time passed really, really slowwwwwww~ Just couldn’t wait for my turn to go on the long break!

Finally my turn to touch on these balls, but I must still say that I am not a fan of colour grading 😐 Makes me doubt my own eyes after a while~
 photo img20170526110749090_zpsjwvwyfxp.jpg

Caught 《春嬌救志明》and it was okay~ Wasn’t terrible.

Having these for free thanks to Harry’s members rebates! 😀 Favourite lava cake~~~
 photo 20170523203806_zpsbowfd3ia.jpg

Failed Boomerang 😦 But could be more encouraging to give a <3~

An Obean nearer to me now! Super love my mee sua 😋 Too bad they don’t have the kway chup nor soy milk~
 photo 20170524144506_zpsg0ob3s4s.jpg

Private screening of《危城》and they have 2 of my hotties – Eddie Peng and Louis Koo! But the latter is a bad guy which makes him so scary 😭

Decided to check out the free J-Pop class with Min since I had used up my yoga package 😔 And then it turned out that the dance instructor is none other than Keiko sensei!!! The former JAS Chingay choreographer that appeared several times on my blog!

So good to see her again and she’s still so cute and active! 😅 But she’s so passionate about choreography that she ended up teaching us one instead of the usual non-stop dancing with music kind of class…haha!

Went to talk to her after class and she was surprised to see me too! She still remembers me from my poly days when I first joined 😊 Did not get to take photo with her for the past 2-3 years ever since she stepped down, so definitely must take one now!
 photo 20170525210110_zpsqmiaodma.jpg

No plans again for the Friday night so I had an impromptu date with my little boyfriend! Supposed to visit Ping and her newborn but I ended up playing with Dylan more 😂 Dylan is cuter because he’s a toddler now! Baby only sleeps~
 photo 20170526205912_zpsfdzywv0o.jpg
 photo 20170526205913_zpsedgdgcmx.jpg

Played London Bridge with him by using the mattress to build a “bridge” and he loves it so much! Kept going “again!” “again!” “again!” until I started to regret because the mattress quite heavy to “build” 😂 Was perspiring after a few rounds! Haha!

Good bonding session and definitely a good distraction for the jealous boy while Mummy is busy with Darius didi~ I love how babies/kids place their hand on me or hold on to my finger, I don’t know why everyone wanna place the attention on the boob 😓
 photo img20170526213400_zpsiqmc06jj.jpg

Oh he called me “auntie” a couple of times 😭😭😭 and I kept correcting him to call “Jie Jie“! After some play time, he started calling me “干妈” instead…LOL. His 干妈 is supposed to be Ping’s 2 好姐妹, and now I became one too after just a few hours of playing…hahaha!
 photo 20170526210021_zpsbegvpfdn.jpg
 photo 20170526210024_zpszbeivce3.jpg
 photo 20170526210031_zpsu31tbi6m.jpg

Salad Days!

Was craving for salad one fine day and I decided to make my own! I actually love salads a lot but always 不舍得 order, because it’s just not worth paying so much for vegetables! In the end I still spent around 17 bucks on all these 😅 But at least I can make a few times, so still cheaper than buying outside~
 photo 20170508200636_zps87xwhaoq.jpg

Jiang jiang~! The good thing about making your own salad is that you can eliminate the stuff that you don’t like (e.g. tomatoes and cucumbers 🙊), and you can put what you like instead (e.g. olives!)hehe! Added tuna and eggs for the protein!
 photo 20170508204940_zps4g5oipk5.jpg

I was hesitating whether to invest on the cheese or not because it’s a bit pricey for that bit, but I think I made a terrific choice. Looks so damn appetising now!!!
 photo 20170508205331_zps2dklzl1w.jpg

Decided to make one for my occasional lunch buddy – Shrine as well, since he has been opening up to veggies lately~ (He used to be an absolutely no veg person.) He loves it so much!!! 😀 I’m also pretty impressed with myself after trying. Though it’s just salad, still, it’s like so niceeeeeeeeeee.
 photo 20170508205350_zpsnphx44tb.jpg

I actually enjoy making and sharing food with people a lot, as long as I know they appreciate it. I hate making for people like buddy, who always has something to say about the food, whether in a restaurant or your handmade food 😒

That’s why I hate recommending him places to eat too; so hard to please. Yes, I cannotttttt take criticism, so don’t criticise the places I recommend or food that I make hor! Le pig brother is well-trained by me; I would pinch him until he said the food I bought/made is nice 😈

Surprise visit from our dearest client aka the EP of our previous drama project! Really surprised to hear her voice in office all of a sudden and it turned out that it was her off day and she was nearby, so she bought beancurd specially for us!!! SO SWEET PLEASEEEEEE! 😘😘😘
 photo 20170509154230_zpsdmgd81wo.jpg

It was a pretty busy week editing with the EP, but luckily there’s a break in the middle of the week – Vesak Day~ Eve of public holiday, how can go home so early right? Luckily Queen planned something and off I went to meet buddy and her!

Playing with 宝贝 while the two were busy with dinner~ He’s so adorable can! Like anyone who sees him would just fall in love with his big eyes and frequent smile! 😀
 photo 20170509202954_zps9tsr9ug5.jpg
 photo 20170509202959_zps0rb3zbgj.jpg

He kept smiling to me and apparently, Queen said he only smiles to 美女…HAHAHAHAHA!!! Wah…so tiko like your dad but so honoured! Love this photo even if it’s blur! That’s the way he smiled to me the whole night! Super cute and 😍 😍 😍! *melttttttttt*
 photo 20170509202949_zpsnlojf41j.jpg

And he loves me so much that he suddenly decided to leave me a love bite 😐 I was totally caught unaware and when I suddenly felt the pain, I thought he would release it soon, but no! He bit harder and harder, deeper and deeper until I started screaming! Look how deep is his love for me…LOL!
 photo 20170509203547_zpsf4mmqvym.jpg

 photo 20170509205304_zpszhfqlsf7.jpg

Durian mousse!!!
My only incentive for going to Gardens! Haha!

Spent the Vesak Day catching up with a long-lost friend – Kiap! Lost for 10 years 😱 We were from the same poly, different course, and we only knew each other because we were volunteers for the graduation ceremony in 2006, if I’m not wrong, cause I remember I was in my Year 1. Then he and his group were bickering with my group – the usual boy VS girl kind of bickering 😅

I remember we took some photos together during the graduation ceremony! A pity I can’t find it right now; I didn’t have a blog back then and Facebook was not out yet too…haha! It was the Friendster era but too bad all the photos on Friendster are gone along with the website now 😦

We don’t quite remember bumping into each other often in school or even after we graduated. We just chatted on MSN sometimes but kinda drifted apart after we started working, I guess. Nevertheless, thanks to Facebook, we still know each other’s existence! Actually all this while he would still make an effort to talk to me occasionally (like once every 1-2 years), always remembering to wish me on my birthdays too. I call him Mr Random for that, but we were more like acquaintance all this while…haha!

Glad that we finally decided to catch up after so long! It’s not easy to see this dude now because he has been stationed in Myanmar for work~ He only came back recently for a week or so, so we decided to meet up for a good brunch at Atlas Coffeehouse 😊 Both our first time trying out this place!

 photo 20170510123644_zpsjuehftvf.jpg

My Creamy Mushroom on Sourdough + scrambled eggs!

 photo 20170510123658_zps8hyvinio.jpg

Kiap’s Slow Braised Pulled Pork!

Actually one of the reasons we chose here is the waffle~ It’s something that Mr Burmese will eat every time he comes back to Singapore because there’s no waffle in Myanmar! 😱 No McDonald’s nor Starbucks too!!!

We wanted to go Sunday Folks initially since I kept telling him I have no fate with that place. Wanted to try it so many times but always failed because of the queue 😦 I’m okay to queue, but nobody wants to queue with me. Finally found someone willing to but in the end I realised Sunday Folks don’t open so early, so we changed place to this~ They have pretty good waffles too!
 photo 20170510131640_zpsi6vom3sv.jpg

 photo 201705101317051_zpsr5lnmylr.jpg

Earl Grey Caramel Waffle!

Such a full meal but we continued catching up at Starbucks since I had hours to waste before my next outing~ Luckily we had so much to chat about even though it’s our very first time meeting up! I think we chatted much more in a day than we had ever spoken to each other verbally in these 10 years…hahaha!

See you again if I happen to go to Myanmar! Free tour guide, can consider 😆
 photo img20170510wa0008_zps3biaa65g.jpg
 photo img20170510wa0009_zpsltlbagdx.jpg

Crashing the cafe hoppers’ outing to PS.Cafe Petit!
 photo 20170510190134_zps8gaksfmu.jpg

But in the end everything there is way too overpriced (plus the staff didn’t wanna serve me), so we changed place for some Indian cuisine instead~

 photo 20170510200152_zpsrsgyckwa.jpg

Some Chinese small bites since I was still full from brunch~

Another public holiday with NDPeeps! Happy Vesak Day, everyone 😀
 photo img20170511wa0002_zpspxgltw2y.jpg
 photo img20170511wa0001_zpsfbyyxfzm.jpg

Back to work and suffered a minor post-holiday blues~ Nua-ing in GP’s room because I finally have a free day! Haven’t been doing that for so long! 😛
 photo 20170511174004_zpsneybmmuz.jpg

Went for free U-Jam Fitness class with Min and it was okay~ Not as tiring as Piloxing but at least better than Kpop Fitness. Now that I have finished my yoga package, any form of exercise is better than nothing!

Finally went back to make my new specs because I needed Min’s professional opinion 😛 Fussy people have more comments…hahaha! But I know she will choose something that is right for me also and I am indeed pretty satisfied with the choice!

 photo 20170511205441_zpsqgbplvmq.jpg

Kinda like this shades too!!!

DIY salad again! Partly because of the crave, and partly because I need to use up the vegetables too 😅 Made egg mayo sandwich for breakfast as well! Hehe! 省省省~ Because next month is gonna be a super broke one…
 photo 20170511091102_zpsphpiowfm.jpg

 photo 20170511090745_zpsb1oxgqj2.jpg

Ran out of tuna!

 photo 20170512084354_zpsfzvkgdfc.jpg

Replaced with egg mayo (:

Movie of the week – 摆渡人!I believe I watched movies in other weeks also but I forgot to blog about them…hmmmm. I tend to have a hard time recalling what I watched when blogging a backlog 😐

Like I missed out Guardian of the Galaxy 2 which I caught in April, thanks to the free tickets from le pig brother~ I did not catch the prequel, but still managed to enjoy this. I like Groot! So cute!!!

Saturday was spent in JB with Clique! We had not gone in together for such a long time~ But the Saturday traffic + human jam was pretty bad; stuck for some time before we were in.

So Gui mentioned curry fish head prior the trip and I was looking forward to it! Fixed that for lunch but was so damn worried that the guys might change the lunch venue in the end if they see the queue and heat outside.Especially buddy, who hates to queue for things! So scared he would ruin my plan again! He’s usually the one who calls the shot in Clique because no one else really wanna make the decisions. So if he says, “Let’s go somewhere else to eat“, usually everyone will just agree D:

I kept warning him not to spoil my plan because I really wanna eat curry fish head! I reminded him of the time when Jollibee first launched in Lucky Plaza, Clique agreed to go and try together. But when we reached there and saw the queue, buddy suggested going elsewhere and everyone else just agreed. I was so so so disappointed!

I told him what he dumped away was not just a lunch venue, but also my overnight excitement to try it! Can you imagine how disappointed I was?! Utterly! Which is why I remember the incident until now, because I hate disappointment the most 😒 I get so sad when plans changed at the last minute, especially one that I have gotten excited over, and one that is due to queue. It’s not even hurricane, cum’on! Zzzzzz.

Okay, enough of ranting. But we did have curry fish head in the end because I couldn’t stop whining about it during the long wait at the custom 😂
 photo 20170513133936_zpsvsbf3kwg.jpg

It’s the first time I had this with Clique, first time I sat upstairs (I didn’t even know there are seats upstairs!) and the first time 宝贝 went on a trip with us! 😀 We were pretty against the idea initially because of all the robbing and kidnapping incidents; we certainly didn’t want our precious 宝贝 to be kidnapped. But thankfully nothing happened and we all enjoyed his cuteness!!!
 photo 20170513133942_zpseqhftxip.jpg

Checked out a famous banana cake place and a mille crepe shop some walking distance away from the curry fish head place. I never knew there is such a popular banana cake shop until I saw many Singaporeans queuing and carrying bags of the cakes~ Really soft and nice! But I only had a slice and le pig brother gobbled up everything already 😡

 photo 20170513135332_zpsocqnxw6s.jpg

Durian mille crepe! 😋

Headed down to KSL for some shopping time~! No clothes this time…meh. On the other hand, Queen finally managed to go on a shopping spree while Gui takes care of 二筒 😆 She used to be our shopping QUEEN but I think she hasn’t really shopped like this ever since she was pregnant…hahaha!

 photo 20170513162944_zps5tbls3ol.jpg

Our adorable 宝贝!💖

We were checking out places for massage when we chanced upon this – movie while massage! 😱 Such a brilliant idea! We were thinking this might be a good idea for Queen, who can sit there and watch movie with 宝贝 while the rest of us massage.
 photo 20170513192106_zps8adptftg.jpg

But in the end Gui thought of an even more brilliant idea. The couple went for the shoulder and foot massage and requested that one do the shoulder massage first while the other do the foot. So whoever doing the foot massage will carry 宝贝 first, then switch over when the other finishes the shoulder massage 😂 Good coordination!

Yea so off we went to the other newly-opened massage place because it seems cleaner~ Only Min and I opted for the full body massage, which we thought was pretty good. I requested for a strong masseur as usual and she was really good! She said my body is like a man’s though, because I am like so stiff all over, so many problem areas 😫 But she managed to crack and undo all the knots; shiok!!!

Min and I went to do our grocery shopping and before we knew it, it was 9pm already 😱 Off to San Lou Seafood Restaurant for a late dinner, as recommended by buddy and TCC, and the guys ordered a feast, as usual. Very scary to eat with them…

Our cutie pie missing his bedtime, but still happily awake! 😍
 photo 20170513212141_zpsr1el1eza.jpg

Gui thinks that it’s abnormal for him to keep smiling to people, but what’s wrong with that! He’s just being a happy baby! ❤
 photo 20170513212153_zpsk5hzhxzn.jpg

 photo 20170513214532_zpskioozd7z.jpg

#lifegoal: Marry someone who will peel prawns for you! LOL.

 photo 20170513215503_zpsk7c5m9qj.jpg

The remains.

Blooie’s again with Mojo and Chien! Finally met up with them to pass the Jap goodies 😅 It was a quick lunch before my NDP practice, because Mojo is flying to Korea for a month! Envy much! Thank you for the belated birthday treat!!!
 photo 20170514122336_zpsv5fspay9.jpg

 photo 20170514121335_zpso36kjo8g.jpg

Never sick of the jalapeño cheese! 😍

 photo 20170514122237_zpsr1mmakky.jpg

Trying their Quesadilla for the first time!

 photo 20170514134840_zpsjx7o97vj.jpg

A practice without my partner 😔

Lyn turns 26!

2017 has been like a drama marathon, starting with《岳母》, then came《相信我》before I was even done with former. Now 2 more coming up to keep us busy for the other half of the year! Good news, I guess?

And so, another drama project wrapped! 😀 I was missing for 2 weeks for this drama due to Japan trip, but I am lucky to have le colleagues covering my ass for me. This was another pretty rush project because apart from it overlapping with 《岳母》, this is also the first time we have only 2 editors for one project! So 10 episodes each, between GP and I~

Wrap party was held at 监制’s condo function room!
 photo 20170502205725_zpsr7vr66cc.jpg

He went back early to prepare and by preparing, he meant digging out his bottles 😂 All were not spared from the drinks, except the preggie GP! Hahaha! So much that everyone gotta start covering their cups/glasses 😅 And these 5 bottles were not all, there were still a few empty/new bottles on the table~
 photo 20170502205720_zpsvpmdghqj.jpg

Too shy to ask for pictures again because it’s a small group, and mostly crews that see them everyday 😐 Could only take secret snap shots…hahaha!

 photo 20170502195024_zpsxqmhiief.jpg

SC 大哥 sharing his storiesss 😅

 photo 20170502194400_zpsri7d6uwx.jpg

The 2 公子 watching the drama opening for the first time~

 photo img20170503wa0007_zpsues04ksx.jpg

A proper photo together initiated by MJ!

Premiering on 3rd July! Do support!!! 😊

Had another mini wrap party for the same project the next day! This time round it’s a treat from my cute Hong Kong director~ Second time working with him and he has this habit of treating his AP, PA and editor after a project 😁 又有口福了! Hehe!

The AP brought us to this 鱼头炉 place in Bugis and apparently it’s pretty popular! Need to queue even for lunch 😱 I heard the dinner queue is even longer. I never knew of this place but even GP knows where is it when I merely sent her the photos of the dishes (on purpose)…hahaha!

A pity I did not get to try the signature 鱼头炉 because it’s only available from 3pm onward. But we had curry fish head instead! 😋
 photo 20170503122843_zps916tmir8.jpg

You know, I have never really been to a zichar place where every dish is good. There’s always one or two that is too salty, or too oily and etc. But every dish here is so good that I am really impressed!!! Even our Hong Kee director who is usually fussy about food said it’s very good!

 photo 20170503124319_zpsnlathgsb.jpg

The simple-looking 菜脯豆腐 recommended by the staff~

 photo 20170503124908_zpsg4szoeue.jpg

Marmite chicken also damn nice one!

 photo 20170503123640_zpsnhrkygqx.jpg

Cereal prawn deshelled specially for yours truly, who hates peeling prawns 😆

Super good meal, but a super full one too for just 4 of us! Haha!

 photo 20170505102429_zpsvjegstdt.jpg

The only time yellow noodle is 💖 (((:

 photo 20170505190127_zpsxktab7c2.jpg

Cherishing rare Friday nights like this~

Have always loved picnic and every time I chance upon people having picnic (e.g. last weekend at GBTB), I’m like so envious! I imagine picnic to have lots of food and drinks, breeze, Frisbee, dog, mats, running around and etc. Which I kinda had everything, but hmmmm….

 photo 20170506175919_zpsojfl75xr.jpg

Still the best tutu kueh!

 photo 20170506182807_zpsbj9yemw4.jpg

Tutu by the sea~
Really nice just sitting there, enjoying the nice breeze!

Brought Miss Lyn to change her specs lens and I ended up getting a pair of specs too! 🙊 I mean I had been wanting to get since its opening but I was just too lazy to come these 2.5 years…hehe.

 photo img20170507wa0016_zpsee6dkp0p.jpg

Should I go the 乌拉博士 style too?

 photo img20170507wa0014_zpszgdjlpd5.jpg

Or how about this? 😜

Of course it’s neither of the above…haha~ Shall reveal it on another day because I needed Miss Fussy Pie to give me commentsssss! Nevertheless, do support if any of you wanna make spectacles ya! Can quote Vivianbee for further discount <– self-proclaim but confirm got discount one! 😆

Only Visioncare
Block 530 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10
Singapore 560530

Brunch for 2 famished souls before we were off to our least favourite place – Kranji Camp for NDP! Still hating this ulu pandan place after all these years 😒
 photo 20170507115213_zps5lk6vmsw.jpg

Anyway the aunties sharing table with us were shocked by the amount we ordered~ A lot meh???
 photo img20170507wa0026_zpsd3pxfyki.jpg

And then we shocked the other couple sharing table with us when Lyn’s coloured contact lens rolled up her eyeball and she looked as though she has 2 irises! 😖 I was like exclaiming cause it looks damn scary!!! And imagine if it rolled to the back of her eye…OMG~

Had our costume measurement and we had so much fun laughing at Lyn modelling for the costumes! 😂 Kanna sabo by 老师~ Too bad I can’t reveal the costumes yet! But everytime they try to find someone else to try the costume, I will be the first to run away…LOL. It’s fugly!!! I mean the female ones~

Thank god I am posted to be a male this year, due to lack of male participants. I was super unhappy with the posting at first, cause I hate wearing pants, so much that I really did consider dropping out if I really couldn’t find anyone to change with me. Yea it’s just costumes but I really don’t like wearing what I dislike. Same for doing things that I don’t like to. I just won’t do it.

It bothered me for a week and even though Lyn did kindaaaaa agree to change with me in the end, or rather, swop costumes with me during different rehearsals, I know she’s not very eager to be the male too (we are partners this year). So in the end I resort to spinning a coin to decide again 😝

The verdict – 3 heads – stick to male costume! It was a great choice again because the male costume is so much nicer! The female ones look like Christmas tree!!! 🎄 I hate pants but I hate can-can even more! It’s so not for short people cause it just makes you look like a short and round thing (not referring to anyone 😂).

Well anyhow, here is a glimpse of our cute Lyn in tutu 😄😄😄 Suits her so much! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
 photo screenshot20170507195849_zpsdj52srbv.jpg

Our little ballerina! 😂 Since the costume suits her so much, I decided not to swap with her anymore and stick to my male costume! Whahahahaha~ Thank you coin for the decision!

Mini advanced birthday celebration for the little one! Actually not so little anymore cause she’s already 26 this year 😱 Kinda unbelievable because she was only 20 when we first met! Maybe because she’s still behaving and looking like 16 now 😛
 photo 20170507162851_zpsclfvz7ir.jpg

 photo 20170507162928_zpstrqpnbj6.jpg

Double layer of our favourite fluffy cake! Hehe!

 photo img20170507wa0075_zpssdh1o2qd.jpg


 photo img20170507wa0077_zpse02dr7lc.jpg

Many more years of bullying to come! 😝

 photo img20170507wa0064_zps1sbbg6bn.jpg

3 x 🌼

 photo img20170507wa0060_zpsq6mxbpeo.jpg


 photo 20170507182140_zpsb2kqoem0.jpg

(Or is it never shower 🙊)

The sun was really scorchinggggggggg hot but at least we finally got to do our formations~ Only 4 this year but I still have much difficulties remembering my markers! Really is 越老记性越差。。。

Second round of birthday celebration at Blooie’s! Actually this is the actual round planned days ago…hehe. 3 x early birds aka the 平民, so don’t need to stay for debrief etc 😝
 photo 20170507190334_zpsoa4mn1fy.jpg

Chose this place partly because the jalapeño last week wasn’t shiok enough 😅 But seems like only I know how to appreciate this! Hahaha! It’s so damn nice!!!
 photo 20170507190946_zpspnrjsgll.jpg

 photo 20170507190846_zpsxsm18jop.jpg

First time trying the wings!

Kelly and Leng Leng, who were in-charge of the cake, finally made their surprise appearance with the durian cake! 😀 Very nice cake! YUMS~!!!
 photo 20170507193611_zpsnm0nc20j.jpg
 photo 20170507193625_zps2mfqxggt.jpg

 photo 20170507193641_zpstictawiw.jpg

“Please let me grow taller… Please~~~” 😂

 photo img20170507wa0061_zpshh9ygyey.jpg

The ladies!

 photo img20170507wa0065_zpshp2s7xzu.jpg

Awww our cutie pie 😆

 photo img20170507wa0070_zpsrfa7v2bt.jpg

Cuter with dimple~

 photo img20170507wa0067_zpslhpv4mit.jpg

With the gentlemen as well!

 photo img20170507wa0068_zps7t20uq7y.jpg

Lots of 💝 from US (and anger from Leng Leng)!

Decided to order a flaming Lamborghini for le birthday girl to have her virgin try on it! She looked so scared…LOL!
 photo 20170507200904_zpsatvkg5ih.jpg
 photo 20170507200908_zpso1pbtrmq.jpg
 photo 20170507200910_zpswf8pv5a7.jpg
 photo 20170507200913_zpsu6ayubd6.jpg

HAHAHAHAHAHA that face!!! I thought I had it before but I just realised the one I had was waterfall! No wonder I didn’t have that blue shot~ My expression was the same as hers after finishing the drink though. Still can remember the taste of it after so many years 😖 But the aftermath was woohoooo~ Kinda miss such euphoria.
 photo 20170507200917_zpsxa4zmyv0.jpg

But not much effect on her leh! Mission failed…meh! Waterfall next time, maybe! 😆

First oBike Experience!

The remaining 2 days of the long weekend was filled with fun and sweat too! Met up with Lyn and Tiff first to have our first 麻辣香锅 together! I love people who enjoy spicy food like me, just like I love people who can drink 😄

But but but I am scared of big eaters and foodies! Which is why to avoid over-ordering, the glutton Lyn said she better not be the one choosing the 料。I agreed too and went with Tiff instead, but we still came back with this hugeeee bowl 😐
 photo 20170430144059_zps18s0ju8b.jpg

Well, I only chose black fungus, vegetables and I think 1 more item (I forgot what), then ran to and fro the table asking Lyn if she wants this and that. Then the food just kept accumulating and accumulating because the staff took like 2-3 portions each, so I told her perhaps 1 serving for each item is enough. Tiff exclaimed that she’s extremely hungry instead, so I think the staff heed her advice instead of mine and ta-duh~ Here’s the biggest bowl of 麻辣香锅 I have ever eaten! 😫 I think biggest that Lyn has ever eaten too…hahaha!
 photo img20170430wa0151_zpsmixnbcb0.jpg

I don’t know how to show you exactly how big it is because even placing it beside my fruit juice doesn’t do justice. It’s just hugeeeee.
 photo 20170430144437_zps66fwjmso.jpg

Thank goodness I do not have the habit of ordering rice~
 photo img20170430wa0146_zps52bofotv.jpg

We ordered the 特辣 or something, which is 1 level below the spiciest. It was okay for me, enough to make me cry 😂
 photo img20170430wa0150_zps3rfr2qy7.jpg

I had zero confidence that we can finish the bowl but we did!!! 😱😱😱 Super full after that though. It’s a crazy way of eating…haha. And look at the amount of chilli inside!
 photo 20170430152024_zpsh6yyqmkc.jpg

Supposed to be our cycling day so we headed down to the east to meet the 2 gentlemen and I decided to give oBike a try to save on the bicycle rental cost. I managed to find my bike pretty easily, but Lyn’s was at some HDB area so I accompanied her to go search for it.

Took us quite a while to locate the bike because it wasn’t at the block that the GPS shows. Initially we even wondered if it’s because someone has parked the bike outside their doorstep, that’s why we can’t locate it. In the end we finally managed to find it, at the next block! 😑

However, the bike could not be unlocked no matter how we try. It’s both our first time trying out this oBike thing so we had absolutely no idea what’s going on. I even called up Shrine, who was in Malaysia just to ask him how to unlock the bike…LOL.

After 3618414718 failed attempts, we finally gave up because I didn’t want the rest to continue waiting for us, especially when I have sensed a storm coming. Reunited with the rest and in the end the cycling session was cancelled due to the dark clouds; so much for trying so hard to unlock 😑

Went to Mind Cafe for board games instead because I had been wanting to go ever since playing Codenames with Clique at Min’s staycation! It’s a good bonding session! Actually I have been missing the poly days with Colin and gang when hanging out at Mind Cafe and the school library to play board games was our favourite activity 😁 We had so much fun each time!

Had a hard time deciding on what to play because there are so many choices~ Finally settled for True Colours despite Eric’s disapproval 😂 He’s the most secretive person amongst us so he didn’t want us to know his true colours…tsk tsk. But I love this game! Played it a couple of times but still love it…hehe!
 photo img20170430wa0158_zps0sizejx1.jpg

Actually it’s not so much of a game that reveals your true colours but what your friends really think of you. Sometimes you get honourable moments like getting the most votes for being the one willing to go door to door for charity, but you also get surprising moments for being voted as the one who is caught sleep anytime and anywhere 😂

Sometimes you learn things that you are not aware of – like you confidently think that this person is the one who disagrees the most but the votes turned out to be yourself 😎 Yea so it’s a pretty good game to learn something about yourself that you didn’t know of too. Like how you appear to others and how you actually think you are can be completely different when you are too busy judging others.

Next game – Codenames – the game I played with Clique!!! The game that requires vocabulary skill to guide your teammates into guessing the word(s) you want them to guess.
 photo img20170430wa0155_zpsluckhc1k.jpg

I think it’s more fun playing with Clique because we know each other so well. So we know one another’s “frequency” and whether they are on the “lame” track or the direct track 😂

Lyn: Capital, 1 (word)

Tiff: Mall!


Like wutttttt?! I would have guessed a country! Luckily we were not in the same team 😂 Totally different frequency! LOL!

Next game – Ugly Dolls! I remember the first time I played this was with the bitches and we had so much fun!!!!!! It’s definitely a bitch game with lots of snatching and cat fight…HAHAHA! I miss cat-fighting with Colin – the ugliest doll! 😂😂😂
 photo img20170501wa0008_zpspaax02nj.jpg

Was having so much fun and laughter that we decided to extend the timing. 1 hour is too short!!! So we had the chance to play this durian game which is something new to me! 😀

It’s another snatching game except that this time we gotta snatch durians instead of cards! Look how much fun Lyn had during the game 😂 Laugh until cry!
 photo 20170430230712_zps6rpkh29l.jpg
 photo 20170430230708_zpswsrm4fv2.jpg
 photo 20170430230715_zpsufjl5gos.jpg
 photo 20170430230717_zpsobu1gam6.jpg

They both failed to snatch the durians, so kanna the pegs 😄
 photo 20170430230725_zpsvqu78hzv.jpg

Short hand people got less benefit; she kanna another! LOL!
 photo img20170430wa0159_zpsbtakbb4d.jpg

难得 see her with earrings 😝
 photo img20170430wa0160_zpsvdxxgcbh.jpg

Apart of having short hands, I think the seating position also plays a big part. I was seated at the side while the durians were all in the centre, so confirm centre people got better benefit mah 😭
 photo img20170501wa0004_zpsqllehd0d.jpg

So at the end of the night, we failed to snatch 5 durians in total 😦
 photo img20170430wa0161_zpspppr8pvs.jpg

Had much fun nevertheless! Good bonding game! Shall go again 😆😆😆
 photo img20170501wa0005_zpss4ha0e5m.jpg

Cycling trip was postponed to the next day – the last day of the long weekend! I was determined to have my first try on oBike again (since I already paid the $49 deposit) and there’s promo for the long weekend which means I can ride for FREE the whole day!

But after learning from the previous day’s lesson, I decided to go 1.5 hour earlier to search for my bike, so as not to let the others wait again. Felt like I spent 1 hour playing some Amazing Race game cause each time you reserve a bike on your GPS, you only have 10 minutes to get there. And I faced problems like un-locatable bike again, as well as faulty bikes and etc.

I should have started searching from the HDB area where I alighted, but since I saw many at East Coast’s side on my GPS, I assumed that I can easily get one there. But the bikes in ECP were gone so fast! Leaving with like 1 or 2 which I couldn’t even locate at all. It was on the GPS but the bike was somehow nowhere to be found kind.

So I decided to walk back to the HDB areas since there were a few there. Found my next bike and managed to unlock it, but the whole seat came off before I even rode on it 🙄 Raced to another block but couldn’t find the bike or something. Then finally to another block where I found 2 bikes, but only 1 appeared on the GPS.

I could unlock it, just that the seat was a bit loose. So I spent some time trying to fix it but to no avail. Finally I gave up and decided to try the bike beside it – the one not on my GPS. Tried to unlock it a few times but didn’t work, then I realised that’s because it’s not even locked! 😱

Either someone left it there to go up and get something, or the last person just simply forgot to lock. I decided to just fuck it and assume it’s the latter, after wasting 1 hour on this Amazing Race 😒 So I locked it back, unlock with my phone, and off I go! I could have rode off without locking back and let it run under the person’s account okay~ But I still helped him/her lock it back so that it’s charged to my account (though it’s free for the day…hur hur).

So here I am – after 1 hour of running around like an idiot – with my first oBike! Moral of the story: For those who are intending to try, please buffer some time for you to find a functional bike!!! Especially at popular cycling areas where the bikes are gone real fast~ I’m glad that I decided to come earlier just to complete my mission.

 photo 20170501175735_zpsyvpslbo5.jpg


It’s not the best bike to cycle on though, especially for long distance. Can’t imagine cycling on it to Changi 😖 Firstly, the brakes don’t work very well, so it took a bit of time to come to a complete stop. Then there’s no gear, so I really almost died going up the long steep slope towards Gardens By The Bay. Felt like I used up ALL my energy just on that slope. Actually I already felt tired after cycling on it for 15 minutes 😐 Whereas I usually don’t feel tired at all even after cycling to Changi~

 photo 20170501180056_zpstweihaaj.jpg

While waiting for the forever-late-bird to catch up at Marina Barrage~ The one who always wanna try to “make full use of her time”, but ended up over-squeezing her schedule and underestimating the timing 😒

Beauty spots on the way back!
 photo 20170501181735_zpspohzn4j8.jpg
 photo 20170501182423_zpso7fsgkae.jpg

In the end we cycled back to find the late bird instead because her bike was too noisy for her to carry on…haha~
 photo img20170501wa0019_zpsbmyicdnp.jpg

Off for dinner at Tampines Hub and I had a feast! Spring roll as appetiser, yong tau hu as breakfast + lunch + dinner, and mango cake as dessert! 😊
 photo 20170501203432_zpsxzv3mqk3.jpg

Forgot to introduce my new addition – Korilakkuma flown from Korea! Thank you Mr llao llao! 有心了~ 😀
 photo 20170504084303_zpsjrcuo2mi.jpg

First Pulau Ubin Trip!

Ever since Châteraisé opens an outlet in AMK Hub, I have been splurging on this new love! 😍 It’s so fluffy that I’m gonna die!
 photo 20170424190111_zpsxedygzot.jpg

Found another restaurant that can BYO wine! Awesome! Helps me clear the bottles at home~ I need more reasons for them! Need more parties/staycations, in other words 😎
 photo 20170425190501_zps7kchwnut.jpg

Miss this lychee champagne that Nad used to helped us buy when she’s still flying! It’s so much more expensive in SG 😣
 photo 20170425190136_zpspfipicaj.jpg

 photo 20170425190820_zpsvnqielun.jpg

New read! Borrowed from Ronald 😊

 photo 20170425191059_zpsxg08cewd.jpg

La Barca @ Goodman Arts Centre

 photo 20170425191123_zps7idssbnl.jpg

When you ordered the pizza with most ingredients hence you get less mushroom 😔

 photo 20170425215022_zps1zmomdu6.jpg

Right after a bottle of wine 😱

 photo 20170426103132_zpsfncctnhs.jpg

Crushed tarts ❤

Was pondering over whether to splurge on this after yoga! I resisted in Japan, but not this time 😐
 photo 20170426210407_zpspzthlt7c.jpg

Sadly, they do not have the mille crepe somehow, so I tried the souffle cheesecake~ My first Henri Charpentier! Hope they bring in the mille crepe soon!
 photo 20170426210449_zpsgkz9e1kd.jpg

 photo 20170427093206_zpsy1n5y90r.jpg

Another Châteraisé addiction 😍

 photo 20170428133056_zps1xgvjc2y.jpg

Atas lunch with Shrine!
Super nice and perfect portion for me!

Hanging out together again at night~ He’s becoming my Friday buddy! Haha!
 photo 20170428201001_zpsmm7jlfhg.jpg
 photo 20170428200950_zpsjf7jntud.jpg

 photo 20170428201216_zpsnx7oubcu.jpg

Dessert from Tiong Bahru Bakery 😋

Spent the fulfilling Labour Day long weekend with NDPeeps, starting with my virgin trip to Pulau Ubin! And the reason why I took so long to blog this entry is because there are so many photos to sort! 😱😱😱

Mostly taken by Miss Lyn and her selfie stick, so the sequence is all jumbled up~ I don’t even remember the exact route that we took now 😅 But doesn’t matter, I have tried my best to arrange them accordingly.

Setting off in the ferry to the foreign island!
 photo img20170430wa0007_zpsxxfbsikv.jpg

I don’t know why everyone doesn’t believe that I have not been there before, like it’s a must-visit for all Singaporeans…hmmmm. But oh well, I don’t go for camps and etc so I didn’t have a chance to visit. Finally did! 😀
 photo img20170430wa0002_zpsiqhzcrc9.jpg

 photo img20170430wa0004_zpsv1olq3sv.jpg

Planning our route~

 photo img20170430wa0008_zpsltb7njiw.jpg

Is that a kangaroo pose?

 photo img20170430wa0006_zpsucenb0rx.jpg

Trekking through the forest!

Oh yours truly refused to cycle because it’s all rocky paths, not even proper cycling paths like the parks 😒 Prefer to trek than to push the bike 80% of the time. Furthermore I get to see more when I trek! And I love to walk!

Because Mr Chan said this is one of the icons in Pulau Ubin, so we stopped by for a picture~
 photo 20170429112855_zpsmypdtwtk.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0003_zpscsiyok1y.jpg

Trekked for about about 45 minutes before we reached Chek Jawa Wetlands! This is the part that I wanna visit the most, after editing a clip shot here! (:
 photo 20170429113813_zpsduutiyjt.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0016_zpswvyaqtlo.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0021_zpsq1fcrwh7.jpg

 photo img20170430wa0017_zpsiy5pxguf.jpg

The photographer asked for a fun pose, not a murder 😂

A little mishap, or rather, a memorable incident happened just when I was about to step into Chek Jawa 😆 I stopped to take a sip of water, with bag unzipped, and then a monkey came running towards me! I panicked and ran right away, just then my packet of Cheezels fell off from my bag and the monkey snatched it right off the ground! Holy cow! He was so damn fast!!!

And he hurried up the tree with the packet of snack, OPENED IT UP and started munching on the tree 😱😱😱 I know feeding of monkey is not allowed, but this was completely unintentional! The Cheezels was part of my “picnic snacks” to share with everyone 😩
 photo 20170429114153_zpsp7qoyv6u.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0015_zps4sksuwhb.jpg

Still got the cheek to stare at me as you munch on my snack! Tsk tsk!
 photo img20170430wa0023_zpsrsrg0e1j.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0019_zpswl1av0i9.jpg

It’s kinda cute and amusing though; first time seeing a monkey eating my favourite Cheezels snack…hahaha! I wonder if it’s his first Cheezels! Bet he loves it like I do~ He’s just missing of a beer and TV 😏

 photo img20170430wa0013_zpsdmxmwgzc.jpg

There goes my Cheezels~

 photo img20170430wa0025_zpspqe3ohdc.jpg

Mochi, anyone? 😝

 photo img20170430wa0020_zpsqluwlair.jpg

Spot the 2 dogs 😂

And this is the beautiful house – House No.1 Nobodywhere the filming was done! It’s an introductory video about this place and I even remember that this house is built based on the Tudor architectural style, and that there’s a fireplace inside 😊 So even though it’s my first time here, it feels like I’ve already been here before (through the video)! Hehe!
 photo 20170429114620_zpsnpuk5a73.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0024_zpsbik0j63n.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0011_zpsk6pcytlc.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0018_zpsubw3ack4.jpg

There! The fireplace! Nobody believes me that this is a real fireplace~ It’s only sealed up because of the bats infesting inside the chimney!
 photo 20170429115126_zpsw7vvneoa.jpg

Anyway it’s such a pretty design that we couldn’t help taking plenty of photos here 😀
 photo 20170429121038_zpsni124cri.jpg
 photo 20170429115309_zpss3vosptr.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0014_zps5pnz9zlq.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0012_zpsndoqz7pi.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0032_zpssydsorl3.jpg

Class photo time! Hehe!
 photo img20170430wa0047_zpsj5axyjgu.jpg

 photo img20170430wa0043_zps0ojotzrv.jpg

Kanna scolding for being the odd one out again 😂

 photo img20170430wa0033_zpsbeizxays.jpg

Group shotssssss!
 photo img20170430wa0030_zpsqzqvsokx.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0035_zps0adnoyuh.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0036_zpswbxwrjxg.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0034_zpspiikbtuo.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0044_zps6n80byax.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0042_zpsyqcspj6f.jpg

Now some shots with the jetty as well~
 photo 20170429115217_zpssw3ssoue.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0050_zpskc6lmz4i.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0051_zpsrdjvptzc.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0049_zps356ecyo4.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0039_zpsst52zqy7.jpg

 photo img20170430wa0045_zpsux27rwus.jpg


 photo img20170430wa0028_zpsklnqj837.jpg

1 more shot with the house!

 photo 20170429121212_zpsbfkleo6h.jpg

View from jetty~

This place reminds us of Montigo and also inspired Lyn to do jump shots again 😪
 photo 20170429121145_zps8knbu3rr.jpg

We dislike doing jump shots with her because she’s always the one with legs down when we are up! Confirm must jump 348763871 times to get 1 good shot one 😴 Damn tiring you know?

These are the passable ones that she selected~ Though my hair was covering my face in the first 😏 But at least our timings are finally in sync!
 photo img20170430wa0048_zps83kv3zdd.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0029_zpskfbsjqsm.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0031_zpslmsfyhul.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0037_zps4uubyzby.jpg

Spending a fruitful day together! 😀
 photo img20170430wa0052_zpsx42hx6ft.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0072_zpswkuve2jm.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0080_zpsgzuae3qe.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0055_zpsenwokpgd.jpg

Was taking wefie with Lyn when she commented that there’s not much 风景 behind, so I was like, “I’m the 风景 lor!” LOL. Which pretty much explains the pose 😝 I’m just kidding. I’m usually not so thick-skin…HAHAHA.
 photo img20170430wa0069_zpsmrm1qdjm.jpg

Everyone has been turning themselves into different animals these days and this is my first try~ Who has the kitty face? 🐱
 photo img20170430wa0074_zpsospfffun.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0075_zpsihjrzdvb.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0062_zpskykaglk0.jpg

Resting time~! Time to sit and relax, enjoy the view and snap more pictures! 😆
 photo img20170430wa0068_zpsfhun5u5u.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0061_zpsfuimpbxq.jpg

 photo img20170430wa0053_zpsw391jbqv.jpg

Becoming Mr Chan’s favourite pose 😓

 photo img20170430wa0081_zpsyvzi8plw.jpg

Enjoying our breakfast!

 photo img20170430wa0079_zpsj6u7idsf.jpg

While the guys snacking away~

Requested for some photos on this rock, cause it’s quite a nice spot to take picture!
 photo img20170430wa0064_zpsc5s3u9uj.jpg

 photo img20170430wa0063_zpsmdisllww.jpg

Lyn getting judged again. LOL.

 photo img20170430wa0067_zpslbm5ls7l.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0057_zps6jz3u8my.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0059_zpsid0x3yku.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0073_zps2w7nriqy.jpg

 photo img20170430wa0056_zpsm6i3vwzy.jpg

Mr Model Wannabe~

Continuing our trek to see the crabs!
 photo img20170430wa0094_zpsbwjbxfvi.jpg
 photo 20170429125626_zpsjarheihl.jpg

All the interesting mangroves~ Some looking like scary claws!
 photo 20170429131347_zps0ihzxiti.jpg
 photo 20170429131401_zps9kua3l2i.jpg
 photo 20170429131354_zpsuxpnnoaw.jpg
 photo 20170429131627_zpscv0abvuj.jpg
 photo 20170429131709_zpstjdflrkd.jpg
 photo 20170429131704_zpsvyu9sh0w.jpg
 photo 20170429131717_zpsck0uckno.jpg

 photo 20170429132403_zpskuasw2q2.jpg

Spot the crab! 😃

 photo img20170430wa0134_zps0mjhxjum.jpg


The nearest point we can get to the sea!
 photo img20170430wa0085_zps05sa0knj.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0091_zpslpgeqobv.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0082_zpspvl3xfin.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0092_zpsvbii2jjy.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0097_zps22ufqueu.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0090_zps6gqgzmpy.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0088_zpsbhxt309l.jpg

After much walking, we arrived at the Jejawi Tower and were contemplated whether to climb up or not. Reminds me of the tower in Kukup which some of us refused to climb because we think the scenery wouldn’t be worth it 😆

Well, we climbed up in the end and as expected, the view was … mainly trees~
 photo 20170429132930_zpslsdaqnzu.jpg

But okay luh, at least still got sea, just lack of breeze!!!
 photo 20170429132940_zpsbk8kf2wc.jpg

Mission accomplished! But TOO HOT!!! If my towel doesn’t explain, just look at Eric and Lyn’s faces 😂
 photo img20170430wa0086_zpsykwokbwa.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0084_zps5b2ssli0.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0087_zpseltvv8vn.jpg

 photo img20170430wa0083_zps9wi5vqc0.jpg

I’m bringing sweaty back~

 photo img20170430wa0131_zps1wfawvct.jpg

Heading down after a short rest! Saw a couple dabao-ing porridge up there to eat, so lomantic~ How many people have actually eaten porridge with such view?! 😆
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 photo img20170430wa0101_zpsjrbjrxws.jpg

Leaving Chek Jawa to head back to where we came from and saw the Cheezels mess caused by the monkey just now…tsk tsk! Wasted my Cheezels!!! The weird thing is, I couldn’t find the packaging! I think he must have brought it along with him so that he knows what to steal at the mama-shop next time 😂
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Saw a huge wild boar too! I am thankful that it was the monkey who came charging at me just now and not this at least 😐
 photo 20170429134952_zpsz5c9ul75.jpg

Decided to take the longer route back to explore a little bit more~ Ah Gong Eric was reluctant but had no choice except to comply to the energetic us 😛 Despite walking and sweating so much, I was still okay to continue! I love and miss trekking!!!

But after the monkey incident, we were so cautious of the monkeys now. Did not really dare to snack openly; gotta keep looking around 😐 And this happened to be an area with lots of monkeys!!!
 photo img20170430wa0130_zpsuf9f4yxb.jpg

I love to look at them from far or from the car, but not to be walking right beside them~ Damn scary! Only snapped photo of the 看水 monkey and not the rest because we were all scared of having our phones snatched by the monkeys! 😖

Trekked and trekked and we chanced upon this pretty Balai Quarry! I’m surprised that Singapore has such blue water~ I’m too used to seeing the polluted water at our beaches.
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 photo 20170429140355_zpspftdwhqv.jpg

Literally taking photos behind my back…tsk tsk!
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 photo img20170430wa0138_zpsuvpnjbov.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0102_zps4rnmmoqf.jpg
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 photo img20170430wa0143_zpsiuabyyrd.jpg
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Indeed reminds me of the blue pond in Hokkaido that I did not get to visit… 😣
 photo 20170429140706_zpsc4qowjxy.jpg

Looks a bittttt alike with my blue pond postcard right??? 😆

 photo img20170430wa0136_zpsmvyf4vmo.jpg

Mamam Campsite!

 photo 20170429142548_zpstvwjrsy2.jpg

Mr Grasshopper

Boomerang-ing Mimosa is actually quite pretty! 😀

Nice place for reflection shots if the sky is blue~
 photo 20170429142537_zpspspzgexl.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0103_zpsjisf3m9l.jpg

Chanced upon an old provision shop! I really wonder how many cans of drinks they can sell everyday… There was hardly anyone taking the same route as us!
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But being adventurous, we decided to trek aimlessly and even trekked through this forest!
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We actually kinda reached back to our starting point after much walking, but the enthusiastic Lyn still wanted to explore more places, and the rest of us were okay despite skipping lunch, except poor Ah Gong again 😆 So off we went to Butterfly Hill! Don’t have as many butterflies as I had expected leh.
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This was Pekan Quarry if I’m not wrong!
 photo 20170429153450_zpsphkosv5o.jpg
 photo 20170429153435_zpsgjzl3sac.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0106_zpsnrhkrxr0.jpg

 photo img20170430wa0124_zpsx4w7uizq.jpg


 photo img20170430wa0129_zpsqr3m7f9z.jpg

Reached Puaka Hill!

Trekking up Puaka Hill to the highest point of Pulau Ubin to catch the view of Ubin Quarry! It was quite a steep and somewhat challenging route because of the loose rocks everywhere.
 photo img20170430wa0109_zpsg1wrxtd4.jpg

But we still did it! 😀 A pity it was blocked by fence so the view was only partial~ But even though I am someone who always goes against the rules, safety always comes first to me – there must be a reason why they block it.
 photo 20170429161131_zpsseagvxmr.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0122_zpsxqixah6g.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0112_zpsed1jn1sc.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0119_zps7cqd6xaz.jpg

 photo 20170429161244_zpsuj5muygf.jpg

Constipated face

 photo img20170430wa0110cop_zpslxynnxnu.jpg

Not so constipated after all 😃

 photo img20170430wa0123_zpsjoybxzqg.jpg

Last pic before we head down!

Finally leaving the island after like 6 hours plus of walking! 😱 Sweated so much but it was such a good workout! Very fulfilling day and definitely enjoyed my first Pulau Ubin experience! Hehe!

I was craving for the 10 cents “sng bao” out of a sudden and we managed to find it! Though it costs double the price now…hahaha! 20 cents cheap thrill! 😀
 photo img20170430wa0108_zps2k8mfatl.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0121_zpsurmy9nqv.jpg

Goodbye Ubin and see you again next time! Haven’t got to explore the other half 😜
 photo 20170429170439_zpsi0tk64nz.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0118_zpslooziltm.jpg

Boarding the ferry back to our other island!
 photo 20170429171215_zpsddy9jsb6.jpg
 photo img20170430wa0117_zpsivw1rj9h.jpg

Had dinner at Pasir Ris before checking out the $1 shots at Michael’s Bar! So egg-cited about it because $1 shot is dirt cheap! Reminds me of my crazy shot-session with Mommeyyyyyyy, which I really miss!
 photo 20170429213706_zps7bd367pn.jpg

30 shots! Out to make Lyn drunk…HAHAHA! But too bad the shots ain’t really shots; more like cocktails being poured into shot glasses, so the alcohol content was not as strong as real shots 😐
 photo 201704292045251_zps9ewy3mkh.jpg

Oh they had my favourite jalapeño cheese there! But again, not up to my standard because it’s not spicy at all 😦 Not shiok enough!
 photo 20170429210550_zps5cjw2kat.jpg

But the staff are pretty nice luh. Got us a table even though we did not have a reservation. It’s the angmoh boss from the bar next door that was cranky. But I never believe in degrading myself to the same level by arguing with such fella. Especially when I know the boss of the newly-opened Michael’s Bar was trying to minimise the conflict, because it ain’t gonna do his business any good either~
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 photo img20170430wa0114_zpsfqaco027.jpg

 photo img20170430wa0116_zpstyishhmj.jpg

Cheers to the long weekend! (((: