Japan 2017 Day 3 – Kyoto

31st March 2017

It wasn’t a good day because it was raining throughout the day 😦 But the itinerary must continue because it’s the last day in Kyoto! Off to Arashiyama bamboo grove early in the morning~
 photo 20170331103800_zpswndn3esu.jpg

It’s supposedly a nice place, but the photos did not turn out great because of the gloomy weather… No blue sky and also no time to adjust aperture and etc. Can only shoot and go to reduce the camera’s exposure to the rain!
 photo img1809_zpsc5usuab6.jpg
 photo img1830_zps7vmkva2u.jpg
 photo img1813_zpsealbzlqb.jpg
 photo img1821_zps8dldvyyx.jpg

 photo img1814_zpsnl7hp7pe.jpg

House of wishes!

 photo img1815_zpsdaaksnhe.jpg

Lots and lots of wishes from people all over the world (:

 photo img1817_zps4exhq9ox.jpg


 photo img1818_zps7jkf0uux.jpg

A quick shot in the rain!

The other part of the bamboo grove looks nicer, but still don’t turn out as nice as photos I see online 😦
 photo img1831_zpsbuxuzsf5.jpg
 photo img1830_zpsrmbq5bo9.jpg
 photo img1832_zps4yfhvxmp.jpg
 photo img1833_zpsps31wsnc.jpg

Loving my Canon EOS M10’s selfie function! 😀
 photo img1836_zps424idqac.jpg
 photo img1846_zpszti1i1kr.jpg

The train track reminds me of Taiwan 十分 somehow 😅
 photo img1826_zpsdizxyihk.jpg
 photo img1848_zpsdh7c42xo.jpg

Off to the next destination – Nijo Castle! It was still raining but luckily it’s the drizzle kind~

 photo img1852_zpswij02aqt.jpg

So cute, the road work barricade!

Walked a longggg way to get to this castle, just to save on transport fee! 😂 But in the end the exterior doesn’t look “impressive” enough so I did not pay to go in. Only took some pictures from outside~
 photo img1849_zpsxf1kcehp.jpg
 photo img1854_zpsnracx4r4.jpg
 photo img1859_zps9pd7xemn.jpg
 photo img1858_zpsat9rkih3.jpg
 photo img1853_zpsvb6mzd8w.jpg

 photo img1857_zpsvtw7ehg0.jpg

Mickey & Minnie spotted!

 photo img1856_zpsrutfi5ur.jpg

Cute sotong prints in tunnel!

Next destination – Kinkakuji was a must-go for me even though it requires entrance fee as well! But it’s too pretty to miss!

 photo img1860_zpsbbeanmnu.jpg

Cute entry ticket!

So this is the reason for my visit – the golden temple covered with gold leaf! That’s also what Kinkakuji means to – 金閣寺! They also have a Ginkakuji which is the silver version, but it’s not in my itinerary cause the gold one looks much nicer! 😀
 photo img1862_zps9hjnn5fw.jpg
 photo img1875_zpslenvrcdc.jpg

A very nice angmoh offered to take a picture and even stopped the crowd for me! 😂 Cause people kept walking past and it was really tough taking a proper shot~
 photo img1881_zps97s5w8q0.jpg
 photo img1865_zps7dowlg6i.jpg
 photo img1867_zpsp6mg2jmg.jpg
 photo img1877_zpsktgu8xoo.jpg

Another temple but not as pretty or grand-looking~
 photo img1873_zpsld1tlc0v.jpg

还是 Kinkakuji 最美! 😍
 photo img1887_zpsixmxwi1i.jpg
 photo img1888_zpsxpcdjmib.jpg

Walked one round but actually there’s nothing much to see except that golden temple~ And a mini waterfall 😅
 photo img1892_zpsu8jkl9xo.jpg

Saw people discussing about this mini pagoda at the back, linking it with 白蛇传~ Wah got so chim meh. Never thought/notice much about all these “stones“. 😅
 photo img1895_zpsotihl2wr.jpg
 photo img1896_zpsjrrkrula.jpg

Chanced upon another golden temple when leaving! So grand! So nice! Kinkakuji is definitely worth a visit if you’re in Kyoto 😊
 photo img1897_zps2hisstna.jpg

Trying the authentic Gindaco takoyaki!!! It’s weird that I hardly eat this in Singapore but I love it in Japan! 😋 Such comfort food~
 photo 20170331175214_zpsr9bnmruc.jpg

 photo 20170331184950_zpswpnl8uuz.jpg

Takeaway because the place happened to be closing early on this day >.<

Back to the apartment early to pack and rest! Had a belated birthday celebration with Kumakuma because I really didn’t feel like it was my birthday the previous day! 😅 Cause no cake so no birthday feel~
 photo 20170331215942_zpsvbfhoiia.jpg

 photo 20170331215955_zpsmhzdvynd.jpg

Favourite mille crepe with my favourite 🐻!


Finally tried the 无骨鸡! It’s nice but definitely way too overpriced~ Forgot the last time I had orh lua too 😅
 photo 20170418181137_zpsz1aftmy0.jpg

Caught Fast & Furious 8 and I think it’s my first FF movie??? Not all about car racing like I had imagined…hahaha!

Gift exchange with Lyn! Exchanged my Japanese souvenirs for these Korean sourvenirs! 😁
 photo 20170419001519_zpsbmtezebl.jpg

And of course my favourite banana milk too!!!!! Feeling so energetic after a dosage every day 😝
 photo 20170419091619_zpsycfo3nij.jpg
 photo 20170420102149_zpslafsptnb.jpg

 photo 20170419113400_zpsn1etmmor.jpg

Chocolate blessed with happiness! 😊

Finally checked out Geometry Cafe for its Instagrammable dessert! 😁
 photo 20170420192128_zpslc4aod8q.jpg

Not just pretty-looking, the berry ice-cream + tart + salted egg caramel floss was nice too! 😋
 photo 20170420192142_zpsavb0yprv.jpg

 photo 20170420214107_zpsysg9j2q6.jpg


 photo 20170420201539_zpsnv55orsw.jpg

Midori Sour @ another Handlebar~

 photo 20170420203540_zpshvxcc45l.jpg

When you constantly have someone pointing middle finger at you…

 photo 20170420205823_zps7x4wwh0v.jpg

From iMac to aquarium! How cool!!!

 photo 20170420210005_zpsmksrjrpc.jpg

Looks like a giant Lego man!

 photo 20170420210422_zpsv8ubnhkm.jpg

Loving the rainbow light and its rays!

It was a rainy Friday and our office was flooded! Okay maybe not so kua zhang; only Ally’s room was 😐
 photo 20170421102328_zpsfxdvhqvx.jpg
 photo 20170421102350_zps1zybbdcm.jpg

She actually found a puddle of water few days ago which caused a monitor to be damaged, but we couldn’t figure out why nor find any leakage. Then the Friday rain caused another leakage and we found that it’s from the ceiling! 😱

It was quite a bad one cause it was still leaking throughout the whole Friday. Apparently the drain at the roof was clogged, that’s why~

 photo 20170421103858_zpsmwukcyty.jpg

Collecting rain water 💦

Belated birthday feast again on Friday night! 😀😀😀
 photo 20170421191449_zpstffuz3nm.jpg

 photo 20170421191456_zpsuoaydz6e.jpg


Chit-chat session while enjoying view from level 47~ So cool to have a roof garden at your HDB!!!
 photo 20170421210150_zpsupil8ggf.jpg
 photo 20170421205816_zpsczdwe5k9.jpg
 photo 20170421205809_zpsfwzuifok.jpg
 photo 20170421205510_zpssozzoglq.jpg
 photo 20170421205640_zpsmqiuwvl1.jpg
 photo 20170421205836_zpsfxjz4kxq.jpg

Farm visits on Saturday again, starting with D’Kranji Farm Resort! The place seems even more dead than the previous time I was there 😐
 photo 20170422105018_zpshdh1s6po.jpg
 photo 20170422105012_zpsv3xudrh5.jpg

Off to the goat farm again! New discovery: You can now feed the goats again! 😀 Too bad they are not roaming around like the deer in Japan or sheep in Cing Jing~
 photo 20170422120915_zpsiygs3avo.jpg

 photo 20170422121453_zpsqxk7oiyj.jpg

The baby goats are so cute!!!

 photo 20170422121629_zpsiswgw1fc.jpg

Fighting for hay~

I am biased because again, I only like to feed the light-coloured goats, but the dark ones are so naughty, kept snatching my goat’s hay! 😤

While the young goats are busy fighting for hay, the old goats are fighting amongst themselves~ Are they really feeling horny??????? 😱

Managed to catch the parrots’ performance again! Hehe! Still so impressed by them~ But more impressed by how much swag this parrot has 😂

Off to MINDS and I had an important role this time! Had to plan the whole project for the day and I decided to make them do some painting (:
 photo 20170422163414_zpsa6lvyuix.jpg

Actually my idea was more on colour mixing, so we only provided them with the primary colours and a few more basic colours. The residents were supposed to mix their own orange for the sun, green for the tree and purple for the butterfly~

However, it wasn’t easy getting everyone’s attention at all, but thank goodness I had briefed all the volunteers beforehand, so they could guide the residents along. Not too bad, I think! 😀
 photo 20170422163436_zps7aub2zyv.jpg

But the most artistic piece goes to… *ahem* It was going well initially but suddenly when I turned my head, I saw an entirely different art piece from what I designed 😂
 photo 20170422163347_zpslhoa2ix9.jpg

I did a piece too! But I couldn’t find brushes at the end so I used my fingers to paint instead 😆
 photo 20170422163405_zpsc3d9ysb3.jpg

 photo 20170422164115_zpsexaryroc.jpg

My colourful hand!

 photo img20170422wa0001_zpsr34hgexn.jpg

Honoured to be missed by these 2 fightmates! 😝
Definitely miss fighting a lotttttt.

Second NDP practice and we have learnt so many steps so far that my memory is running full! Totally lacked of memory space towards the end that I kinda gave up learning 😐 Cause I know I will forget after 2 weeks since there’s no practice during Labour Day long weekend~

Off for K-session with NDPeeps after practice! Cause 老娘 is learning a few new songs lately and learning means must practise also…hehe. Still not very familiar; need more practice aka K-sessions!!! 😛
 photo img20170423wa0005_zpsjhvadwnp.jpg
 photo img20170423wa0008_zpsjyskh6pt.jpg
 photo img20170423wa0009_zpsxk1mk9xj.jpg

 photo img20170423wa0006_zpsvl6x1jde.jpg
 photo img20170423wa0004_zpswbsy90ss.jpg

Suicide bomber!
 photo img20170423wa0010_zpsih5xnu2t.jpg
 photo img20170423wa0002_zps2xpwh77l.jpg

JB Food Trip!

Figured that I can’t possibly only focus on my Japan entries or else I will have even more backlogs 😅 It’s not easy to clear 2 weeks’ worth of entries within such a short time frame, so I shall blog along the way~ I just recalled that I still have my Aussie entries to clear too!!! Gosh. Resolution of the year again – to clear all my 2016 & 2017 trip entries…hahaha!

I thought I would be very shagged the first week because I actually headed straight for work after landing and going home for a shower. Hardly even had time to unpack my luggage! But thankfully I managed to catch quite a bit of sleep in the flights, and work was okay too since my dearest colleagues have all helped me to clear my 2 weeks’ worth of workload. Phew~

Thank god for Good Friday too, which made it a short week for me! 😀 Took me the whole Wednesday night just to pack the souvenirs and resumed yoga on Thursday~ 全身酸痛 after the trip! Joined Shrine and buddy after my class and the latter bought me Châteraisé‘s souffle cake, cream puff and fluffy roll to try! 真有口福 😍
 photo 20170413215338_zpsef4er0gq.jpg

3 x 流浪汉 chatting at the void deck~ Dug out our old photos and videos and started laughing over them! OMG. So much memories!!!
 photo 20170413234812_zpspniulhuf.jpg

Had a good brunch with Kai Bin & Co on Good Friday over at Supply & Demand! The food is good and we were all satisfied! Thanks to Shuning for the great choice 😀

 photo 20170414133042_zpswourjf0o.jpg

Cheese fries hinted by Shuning 😆

 photo 20170414132809_zpszgonfv91.jpg

Salted egg yolk drumlets chosen by yours truly!
Yum yum!

 photo 20170414133413_zpsegwgatai.jpg

Nice crab meat pasta!
We love it!

Recommended the signature pizza to the girls because I tried it during my previous trip here and I like it! (:
 photo 20170414133226_zpsk6s9khpp.jpg

 photo 20170414140849_zpspkw4ylf6.jpg

Must drink to love & respect ahhh… 😜

 photo 20170414140957_zpsqul4xb4j.jpg

Gift from Baby Kayla’s full month which I missed!
So cute the customised Kit-Kat and jar!

Thank you for the awesome lunch treat!!! Missing of Mummy Abby 😦 I think it’s inevitable that once you have a child, you gotta be prepared to start missing outings.
 photo img20170414wa0008_zps4mtddwwd.jpg
 photo img20170414wa0009_zps2w03teqz.jpg

Dessert time – Kiss The Tiramisu~! The focus is actually the cute staff luh 😂
 photo 20170414142145_zps7kbas7dh.jpg

Got all 3 flavours – original, berry and chocolate! When I first walked past I thought it’s Tiramisu cake, but it’s actually all ice-cream 😐 I forgot which is the best one but each of us kinda like a different one~
 photo 20170414142400_zpsjzhtttfy.jpg

Had the rare opportunity to visit Limin’s office cause she went back to get something! 😛 How often do you get to visit Bottega‘s office? Hahaha!
 photo 20170414144141_zpsgtcuzjwh.jpg
 photo 20170414144158_zpsrlf6lkos.jpg

Wanted to go to Artbox with the girls and in fact we already travelled all the way to MBS~ But it was raining so heavily that it seemed impossible to go over without getting drenched 😭

We waited for the rain to stop while walking around aimlessly; everywhere was so crowded with people hiding from the rain! When it finally stopped and we decided to head over, I bumped into Yushi – my primary schoolmate and she warned me about the wet grounds and her soaking wet shoes. –CRY!!!– Not fated to go 😦

 photo 20170414211013_zpsxg4ohuuy.jpg

Wala Wala on a Friday night!

The band is good~!!! Though no handsome drummer, they have a cool keyboardist cum saxophonist! She’s so damn zai!!! Actually all of them are pretty talented, but I admire people who can play the saxophone 😍

First JB trip with le volunteers on Saturday! I had been wanting to go in and just nice Mr Mah offered to drive! Even provided free pick-up from each of our house 😀 Super awesome! The journey in was smooth as well, cause we went in through the second link~

Their aim was actually all the good food, whereas mine is simply to shop and MASSAGE!!! Haha! I am scared to go overseas with foodies though. The breakfast we had already scared me off! Went to this dim sum place recommended by BW and we made a terrible mistake by sending Mr Law to choose the food 😑

Firstly, I had already emphasised that our lunch is in 3 hours’ time (already reserved and ordered food), so breakfast shouldn’t be too heavy. BW also further emphasised that I am a small eater, so don’t take too much. Then these were served to our table as the first round… We were like, why so many pau?!
 photo 20170415093052_zpsfbmvmw0c.jpg

We managed to return some of the pau because we know those are the most filling ones and we need space for other dim sums! So bit by bit, the dim sums were being served… Okay, not too bad.
 photo 20170415093144_zpsdxfuwrjj.jpg

Then suddenly the staff came with a trolley of stacked dim sum baskets… My first thought was, “Hmmm…cannot be all ours right? I think some belong to other tables.” Apparently, BW was having the same thought in mind, until the staff asked if we needed 1 more table 😱 And he started unloading basket after basket…
 photo 20170415093518_zpsj9k0to7n.jpg

Yes, this is the crazy load of dim sum Mr Law ordered for 6 pax!!!!!!!! It’s so damn 夸张 that even he got a shock! He claimed that he didn’t realise he ordered so much 😑 Why didn’t we see this coming~~~
 photo img20170415wa0003_zps2jppmx9j.jpg

I was game enough to try 1 item each, except the pau because I don’t eat meat pau. So Law had no choice but to stuff the pau himself and even dabao-ed 2 char siu pau because we simply couldn’t finish! So the whole day we talked about pau for like 23463817 times because we kept blaming him for the breakfast and reminding him about his 2 char siu pau 😂😂😂
 photo 20170415095257_zpsf6zav9c4.jpg

 photo 20170415095303_zps70fgrmtu.jpg

JH 讲义气的后果!LOL!

Off for grocery shopping at Bukit Indah! BW really came prepared, with a shopping list! I was also prepared, prepared to 乱买 😜

And then soon, it was lunch time again~ Why so fast one! Argh. I am one who only gets excited about food when I am hungry… And at this point of time, I was definitely not. In fact, I think nobody was hungry yet! But because this famous restaurant requires you to order the food 1 day in advance, we got no choice 😩

 photo 20170415132619_zpsn8zaamex.jpg

Ban Heong Seng!

 photo 20170415131644_zpsfgiwnw5b.jpg

The signature beggar duck~

The soup and its cute cover! 😀

Verdict: The fish is the most special one~ It’s boneless and looks a bit like fish cake, but pretty good!

Off to KSL after much detour because halfway through, BW realised he forgot to take the duck that he ordered! Hahaha! I think he really 有备而来,dabao-ed so much things back.

I was looking forward every second to the massage because I was aching all over after my trip~ But we only managed to book the 7.30pm slot, so the guys decided to kill time by singing K! I wasn’t in a singing mood somehow, probably because I was so tired… I just want my massage!!!

 photo 20170415165716_zpsvcb5hbsc.jpg

While the rest went for high tea~

Took the chance to celebrate PJJ’s birthday, which is the next day! 😀
 photo img20170415wa0016_zpsbwh2wsyc.jpg
 photo img20170415wa0017_zps8lmgn33t.jpg

JH trying to impress BW’s Malaysian friend with Balik Kampong 😂 This is like one of the TH songs because they taught the residents this song during the recent anniversary!

Finally finally finally it was the time that I was longing for~ But when we reached the massage place, the staff couldn’t find our booking! 😱😱😱 I showed her the Whatsapp message of ZLJJ replying to them “Okay, see you!” But the staff actually thought “see you” means like “下次见“! OMGWTFBBQ~

Imagine my horror and disappointment after waiting the whole day for this! 😭 I was already so damn tired, with headache kicking in some more, so it was literally aching from HEAD to toes. And now I got such a news for something that I was so looking forward to… The next available timing was 9pm, which means we would only be done by 10pm…

Everyone was also equally shagged after waking up for the 7am plus pick-up, followed by a whole day of eating, walking and waiting, all for this massage. But I guess everyone knows that the massage was kinda my main aim for this trip, so they went ahead with the 9pm slot after much discussion 😭 几感动~~~

Went for dinner first at the nearby restaurant but I did not take any picture because I had KO-ed by then. Yea…I was sleeping while they were eating 😐 They were saying the dinner was better than lunch but I had enough of food! In fact I think I already ate twice or thrice as much as I would have on a daily basis.

The massage place is a Thai one and even the masseurs are all Thai. I requested for a stronger masseur as usual, but I got is no only strong, but merciless! It was the most painful massage ever in my entire life!!!

I don’t know if it’s because I really got knots all over my body, that’s why I’m aching, but it actually felt quite shiok! Though really sibei painful until I was biting on to my jacket 😑 Usually when you wince or jerk a bit, the masseur will lighten the pressure, but my masseur just went on climbing all over me and added on pressure to loosen my knots!

And after enduring with the pain all over my back, shoulders and neck, I was asked to flip over. Looked at the clock and there was still 30 minutes more to go! Only halfway through…FML!!! But okay lah it was really quite shiok. Just that I couldn’t hold it anymore for the next 30 minutes and started screaming a little 😅

I was telling the rest that I wanted 90 minutes initially, but thank goodness I only went for 60 minutes due to time constraint…LOL! I can’t imagine going through it for another half an hour! But my body really felt so much better and “looser” after the massage. SHIOK~!!!

Slept all the way till Singapore because we were stuck at Woodlands custom jam for pretty long~ Poor PJJ had to spend her 12am birthday moment in the car with us…LOL! Super shagged, but Chaffeur Mah, who was driving the whole day still sent each of us back home! Awesome service!!! Hehe! Okay lah, awesome friend! 🙂 They are the nicest people I know!

Had the first NDP practice for this year and I got a good news and bad news. Good news is I’m finally in the same group as Lyn, Tiff and Eric! YAY~!!! But the bad news is … we are in the new citizen group aka the “core group” – the group that will have more dance steps and higher expectation…Zzzzzz.

I just wanna be 小人物。。。😔 Sigh. Furthermore I don’t even know if I can get the basic steps, let alone the extra ones~ So much shaking this year! But 难得 we can finally reunite, cannot also must can! 死马当活马医吧!

First time trying Greendot‘s hotpot! So niceeeee~ Gonna have it again ❤ photo 20170416183236_zpsx3afk4kk.jpg

I don’t know if I was thirsty or that’s the best Illusion I had, I finished half within few minutes! 😋 #midorisucker

 photo 20170416205530_zpsxuiqkaoh.jpg

YOUNGS Bar & Restaurant


Japan 2017 Day 2 – Kyoto

It’s my birthday but I think I actually kinda forgot about it~ It didn’t feel like it’s my birthday, probably because I was too excited to explore Kyoto!

But I only stepped out at like past 1pm and had to give Fushimi Inari Shrine a miss 😣 Nua-ed too much!

 photo 20170330120113_zpsxaj808x1.jpg

Starting the day with my red bean dango! 😍

First destination of the day was Toji Temple, since it’s within walking distance from where I stayed~
 photo img1671_zpstdxqitnm.jpg

Attracted by the pond and its reflection!
 photo img1642_zpss5tw6jsv.jpg
 photo img1643_zpslffjnmij.jpg

Another day of great weather and blue sky 😊
 photo img1646_zpselg6tiye.jpg
 photo img1649_zpshl0k0j0x.jpg

Spot the tortise sunbathing!
 photo img1648_zpsm56vw0cv.jpg
 photo img1644_zps4sogw2yp.jpg
 photo img1647_zpsw68gjqlt.jpg

Toji Temple is actually famous for its 5-storey pagoda, which makes it the tallest in Japan. But I did not go in since it requires a fee, so I only stole shots from outside 😅
 photo img1650_zpso5xshz1z.jpg
 photo img1651_zpsiudtu7ox.jpg
 photo img1655_zpsbvvi8joq.jpg

Visited the free areas and saw these nice paintings!
 photo img1657_zpsgrpdsyot.jpg
 photo img1658_zpsa1dedn8p.jpg

I think Kyoto is famous for its heritage which I don’t really know how to appreciate 😐 I am not a history person nor someone who likes old old things 🙊 But I still enjoy the photography part!
 photo img1653_zpsi2mit8bs.jpg
 photo img1660_zps13vqbrfh.jpg
 photo img1659_zps6lsagzpc.jpg
 photo img1661_zpszcncebqu.jpg

Really really love my Canon~ I think I’m gonna praise it in every post! 😝
 photo img1668_zpsozdbl7x6.jpg
 photo img1667_zpsj81ivejz.jpg
 photo img1664_zpsfwxiybjg.jpg
 photo img1665_zps3exxzm23.jpg

 photo img1670_zpso8sfj5b3.jpg

Goodbye Toji Temple!

 photo img1656_zps78ctomv7.jpg

Toji Temple, checked! 😉

Got attracted by the canal and its reflection again! I like ponds, sea, canals and all the water areas that give off a calming feel 😊 Imagine if I have the time to take a morning stroll here~
 photo img1676_zpsihsn2av0.jpg
 photo img1672_zpstodi4ljg.jpg

Aiyo~ Look at the backside! So cute one!
 photo img1678_zpspl67gqof.jpg
 photo img1679_zpsx3vocq1k.jpg
 photo img1680_zpsl6ghfeh1.jpg

Travelled down to the next destination Kiyomizu-dera aka 清水寺! I like the name~ Got 水 so zen! It’s about 15 minutes bus ride from Kyoto station + 10 minutes walk uphill. But along the way you get to see many shops and try some local delicacy!
 photo 20170330160954_zpsg7bdfrif.jpg

Warm doriyaki with lots of filling + feeling! Feeling of happiness! 😍
 photo 20170330161005_zpsmpwoakp6.jpg

So glad that I did not skip this temple because it’s a pretty one! Not the old old kind though it has got years of history as well~ Love the vibrant red that contrasts with the blue sky so well!
 photo img1683_zpsy0x3xu30.jpg
 photo img1681_zps91vennex.jpg

And sakura spotted again!!! Really lucky to spot my first bloom on day 2! I was still afraid that I would not be able to see any blooming trees since there seem to be a delay in this year’s sakura season~
 photo img1686_zpsphcgntcd.jpg
 photo img1701_zpsyhisod1n.jpg

 photo img1705_zpswzw5bqlz.jpg

Happy birthday girl with the sakura! 😃

Super love my Canon’s selfie function too! So convenient and nice~ No more ugly selfies with my phone 😆
 photo img1713_zps89p2ncvj.jpg

The only turn off about sakura season is definitely the crowd… It’s like almost impossible to take a shot without anyone in the background 😐
 photo img1694_zpsl8529bz4.jpg
 photo img1766_zpsbyvvbujd.jpg

Just can’t get enough of the pretty sakura! Hehe! Pardon me for the spam because I’m here for the sakura after all, so of course gotta shamelessly spam as many photos as possible 😅
 photo img1722_zps1lfhlusw.jpg
 photo img1728_zpskfeiwxxp.jpg
 photo img1723_zpshibx7vft.jpg
 photo img1733_zpss0toena8.jpg
 photo img1738_zpsfhdxejjc.jpg
 photo img1739_zps2dnorpjb.jpg
 photo img1735_zpsyu8xivii.jpg
 photo img1734_zps6jw8i7wk.jpg

Another cherry blossom tree spotted, but not blooming yet~
 photo img1745_zps9v8lxjxp.jpg
 photo img1746_zpsoqionuiy.jpg

Blooming light pink sakura spotted too! But I think the dark pink ones have more contrast and look nicer in photos 🙂
 photo img1755_zpsmw0ebmoa.jpg
 photo 20170330165520_zpsjizc6w9s.jpg
 photo img1748_zpsj3059qav.jpg
 photo img1758_zpsbfaet8vh.jpg

Spent quite some time here because it’s a pretty big temple! Definitely worth a visit when you’re in Kyoto 😊
 photo img1759_zpsedfw8jdp.jpg
 photo img1770_zpszyxp1pvb.jpg
 photo img1779_zpsoil4cvlg.jpg

Apart from a few beautiful temples/halls within, and the garden which looks so nice to chill with a cup of tea, there is a pretty pagoda too! I personally think it looks much nicer than the one earlier on at Toji Temple 🙊
 photo img1756_zpsv1qfdlct.jpg
 photo img1747_zpslgcuoqyc.jpg
 photo img1771_zpsrsxcbtfo.jpg
 photo img1753_zps8rq3zbs5.jpg
 photo img1741_zpstzpeu6la.jpg
 photo img1757_zps73n3v94e.jpg
 photo img1743_zpsifn3zcxo.jpg

Sakura spotted again! Hehe! Yes, every time I see one I must take photos because they are just too pretty to get enough of!
 photo img1774_zpshlicbpdy.jpg
 photo img1772_zpsayrlzxvo.jpg
 photo img1775_zpseltr8nzm.jpg
 photo img1778_zpsoydcjyhx.jpg
 photo img1742_zpsnakhvxsd.jpg

And finally managed to take an empty shot with the temple because it’s closed! 😂 That’s the only time the crowd is finally cleared…phew~
 photo img1780_zpsrsdc870d.jpg

Off to shop at the Higashiyama District and tried many samples 😛 But everything expires so fast so I couldn’t buy… The shops are really generous with their samples! Even gave out free green tea to go with the sweet snacks!

 photo 20170330175405_zpsm0rkrlys.jpg

Happy Birthday to me~!!!

Chanced upon some pretty restaurants with nice exterior~
 photo img1788_zpssbv9bbnh.jpg
 photo img1789_zps1tqazbyi.jpg
 photo img1792_zps0ezv5ibj.jpg
 photo img1786_zpse539vd8k.jpg

 photo img1787_zpsskhmwb6r.jpg

Is that a tombstone? 😐

Was kinda late so I gave Maruyama Park and Yasaka Shrine a miss as well~ I missed out the Jishu Shrine that is for love and matchmaking too! –CRY!!!

Headed straight to Gion Shijo but it was quite a distance by foot. Plus I kinda lost my way, so took extra long to reach… My JR pass only starts 2 days later so I had to make most exploration on foot 😩 Transport in Japan is really expensive!
 photo img1795_zpsvhkahzaa.jpg
 photo img1796_zpsqxuljzwx.jpg

Chancing upon a shopping district~ See! Not that bad to get lost after all; get to explore new places 😁
 photo img1799_zpsnypbdse6.jpg
 photo 20170330202245_zpstyhniahd.jpg

Finally arrived at Gion Shirakawa, where my real motive of visiting Gion lies – Geisha! I read online that this is the area where you might get to see them walking around, but they were all hiding inside leh… Only managed to spot one in the end but I dare not take picture of her 😅

No geisha but got sakura, not too bad lah. Though I think you guys had enough of that 😛
 photo img1800_zps7lolioqu.jpg
 photo img1801_zpsdhzx1h9v.jpg
 photo img1803_zpsujtpu2ny.jpg

Heading home after exploring Gion a little~ All the shops were starting to close 😦 So early!
 photo 20170330213100_zpszmmgwq4t.jpg

Kanna cheated 140 yen because I don’t know why the train staff at Gion Shijo told me to get the 270 yen ticket. And after transferring at Tofukuji station, my ticket got eaten at the gantry, so I had to buy another 140 yen ticket to get to Kyoto station 😭
 photo 20170330213214_zpsbcwllak8.jpg

Back to chill on my sofa bed with my Asahi and favourite caramel pudding! Throat hurt like @#$%&#@% after yesterday‘s super gao hot chocolate 😩 Couldn’t find chrysanthemum tea nor any herbal tea in the supermarket so I decided to try the angmoh jitpun liangteh! Hehe!
 photo 20170331003449_zpsbiklhbvi.jpg

Japan 2017 Day 1 – Nara

Seeing the sakura has always been on my bucket list and in fact, I have been wanting to go for my past few birthdays but I procrastinated. Finally making it come true this birthday and finally bringing Kumakuma back to his hometown after 5 years! 😀

Excited Kumakuma saying, “Let’s go~!”

Evening flight after half day of off~

Oh in the end I thought I booked Scoot for my first leg from Singapore to Manila but actually it was Tigerair 😭 They have merged and even though you booked through the Scoot website, it might be the cramped Tigerair plane that you’ll be getting, so look carefully at the flight number when you book!

Watching the prettiest sunset from above the clouds!!!

I was feeling worried all the time because after the MAS saga, I am really paranoid that something would happen again and I would miss my next flight or something 😣 But the transit was smooth except that I was asked to open up my luggage at the Manila airport’s check point because of my heat packs.

Apparently the people there have not seen it before and thought the powdery stuff inside are drugs! But the male staff was later more intrigued by my disposable panties that he asked several questions about it. “Wear and throw?” Like duh. So embarrassing 😓

Flight to Osaka was simply uncomfortable and I really don’t know why Jetstar decided to disable the function of adjusting your chair! How do you expect people to sleep upright for 4.5 hours?! 真是要了我的腰! Tried all positions to sleep and luckily I managed to catch a couple hours of sleep for both flights, though I got off with an aching back 😒

Finally arrived at the land of sushi cum land of Pokemon~!
 photo 20170329051338_zpssomflwh5.jpg

 photo 20170329051425_zpsw4l3qjmu.jpg

Greeting from Pikachu at 6am Japan time 😁

 photo 20170329052627_zpstblsc8vs.jpg

Sakura theme everywhere!

 photo 20170329052656_zpscw8hqz3e.jpg

And Pokemons too!

Collected my JR pass and got my very first train ticket! Off to Nara~!
 photo 20170329071621_zps9icwv61i.jpg

It’s my first time in Nara and I was damn excited! Excited to feed the deer! 😁 I think my first day is the happiest day of my trip! Fed the deer, saw sakura, took lots of nice photos, ate nice food, good weather; lots of excitement and happiness!

My first accommodation was in Kyoto, and Nara is like between Osaka and Kyoto. But thank goodness Japan has got lockers at almost every of their train stations, so I could conveniently deposit my luggage and backpack at 700 yen while I explore Nara!

Looking shagged after 8.5 hours flight + 3 hours transit in between~ But full of excitement!!! Oh my shawl makes me look like I have an injured neck because I didn’t know how to wear it 😂 Luckily I took a look at how Nad wore it (she lent it to me) and wore it the same way as the fashionista~ Hehe!
 photo 20170329095605_zpsx0c9lnzt.jpg

Was on the way to the first temple – Kōfuku-ji when I already met so many deer! So cute OMG~ Makes me miss my meh mehs in Cing Jing!
 photo 20170329103641_zps2xusrkdt.jpg
 photo 20170329103813_zpsfbo5fovl.jpg

Managed to take a couple of photos with them before they started aiming for my hot chocolate 😱
 photo 20170329103836_zpsmd6837my.jpg

 photo 20170329104043_zpsiqc2hc67.jpg

Hello! Let’s take a wefie! 😁

You can buy senbei to feed them and I was looking forward to that! I mean that is kinda what I am in Nara for 😝 I was looking for the 100 yen senbei that I read online but I think all the stalls have increased price to 150 yen now~
 photo 20170329104213_zpsxpz4ugw6.jpg
 photo 20170329104341_zpsypiz0oyq.jpg
 photo 20170329104343_zpsneohcp6q.jpg

Hello hello, what you sniffing ah?
 photo 20170329104452_zpsg6k5dr2q.jpg
 photo 20170329104454_zpsyp8k7yuh.jpg
 photo 20170329104501_zpsyjzttjok.jpg

Saw even more deer wandering around Nara Park but I decided to visit Kōfuku-ji first!
 photo img1563_zpsx1tkqk5x.jpg
 photo img1564_zpslwqsptau.jpg

Japanese kids are really cute! I see so many at JAS but I am never sick of them~ Look at the little girl doing the peace sign with 3 fingers 😂 So kawaii one!
 photo img1566_zpsfthtdjg3.jpg

 photo img1568_zpsxznjhpa4.jpg

With the pagoda!

 photo img1569_zps6fpaojgh.jpg

Another kawaii kid!

Most of the temples in Nara/Kyoto require a fee, but since I was only there for photos, I did not go in~
 photo img1573_zpstmj2pzcr.jpg
 photo img1574_zpsel8dm3gu.jpg
 photo img1575_zpstf9ijkzb.jpg
 photo img1576_zpsxxpvlvoc.jpg
 photo 20170329111421_zpsgwuxhqhs.jpg

Purifying yourself at the temizuya! Actually you should purify yourself before entering the temple/shrine but I only did it after 😂
 photo img1583_zps3snelast.jpg
 photo img1582_zpsasbx4wwu.jpg
 photo img1579_zpse7jdkigc.jpg

Chanced upon a cute tea house!
 photo img1588_zpsqgnzjaek.jpg
 photo img1587_zpsewy4s64f.jpg

Went back to carry out my deer mission! 😀
 photo 20170329104752_zps1b5vrfbx.jpg
 photo 20170329112951_zpsmg6snsov.jpg

It was fun feeding the deer but I was also scared after reading that they may attack you 😱 Furthermore all of them would keep coming after you if they see senbei in your hand! So if you’re feeding one, the others might start coming too.
 photo 20170329113324_zpsocphu6tb.jpg
 photo 20170329113429_zpsa0kz5mkd.jpg
 photo 20170329113432_zpssey8aagg.jpg
 photo 20170329113438_zpsxhrykmvl.jpg
 photo 20170329113439_zpsiaottpad.jpg
 photo 20170329113443_zpsj2m6nbbq.jpg
 photo 20170329113529_zps304auqwf.jpg
 photo 20170329113541_zpsfuh2bwmi.jpg

Happily feeding! 😁

The senbei were gone really fast because the deer were all so greedy~ One piece after another, munch munch munch.
 photo 201703291136381_zps4lmtkpb3.jpg

I look as though I am smacking its head but I was trying to sayang instead. But they like to smell my hand instead of letting me pat their heads 😐
 photo 20170329113649_zps632cs6je.jpg
 photo 20170329113656_zps65pvmni8.jpg

Tricking the deer with the senbei wrapper 😅
 photo 20170329113745_zpsatx9gjx9.jpg
 photo 20170329113752_zpss42rblxw.jpg

Caught the deer doing a buck rub! So cute!
 photo 20170329113842_zpsgbhtvhai.jpg
 photo 20170329113851_zpsr3vm7gm6.jpg

Just cannot get enough of them! 😍
 photo 20170329114345_zps1pcdlvr7.jpg
 photo 20170329114351_zpsv3jibvsh.jpg

 photo 20170329114404_zps7koh1opg.jpg

Bo hue wefie~

 photo 20170329114802_zps2imjofhw.jpg

 photo 20170329115129001_zpss3ej7nwj.jpg

Newly-grown antlers 😝

 photo 20170329114952_zpsabwrra5p.jpg

Finally a successful wefie!

I like deer/any animals that just sit there 乖乖 and let me pat, and I found a lazy doe that allows me to! 😛 Love these photos!!!
 photo 20170329115123_zpsincttofz.jpg
 photo 20170329115127_zpsz61aqhwx.jpg
 photo 20170329115210_zpspi1b3xni.jpg
 photo 20170329115216_zps8lvbj9zm.jpg
 photo 20170329115219_zps7qzpq4et.jpg

I thought I was done with the deer but guess what I spotted? Fawns!!!
 photo 20170329115533_zps5sreefwl.jpg

So pretty and cute!!!! 😍😍😍
 photo 20170329115538_zps31sk21yl.jpg
 photo 20170329115550_zpsplbmr39f.jpg

But I only like the light brown ones 😐 The dark brown ones look dirty…
 photo img1590_zps0bwnaiah.jpg

Chanced upon this pretty garden! Spot the deer sunbathing by the pond 😅
 photo img1592_zpsyuudctu6.jpg

Chanced upon this Himuro Shrine where I saw my first sakura! Got attracted by them so much that I forgot to take photos of the shrine itself 😅
 photo img1596_zpsjh7gjgku.jpg

Not blooming yet but still pretty in pink~
 photo 20170329120302_zpsy1iofr7n.jpg
 photo img1598_zpshb6n41sr.jpg
 photo img1600_zpshr2l63kf.jpg

White ones too!
 photo img1605_zpsuucwkjvj.jpg
 photo img1606_zpsz0us3med.jpg

Saw a few couples taking wedding photos with the sakura~ But haven’t bloomed yet leh… I will be so sad if I’m the bride. So crowded some more! Still think Cing Jing will be prettier…hmmmm
 photo img1607_zps2zsesilo.jpg

Okay lah…managed to take 2 photos in the shrine~
 photo img1608_zpswxz8zoxv.jpg
 photo img1609_zpsjub30vmt.jpg

But more sakura again! Love these pretty photos with the sakura! ❤ Love the colours of my Canon camera too! Make all my photos so nice~~~
 photo img1619_zpsfwtftqsi.jpg
 photo img1620_zpsnedrucoi.jpg
 photo img1621_zpsudt6jrs3.jpg

Skipped some temples cause I’m also not very religious luh. Just put them in the itinerary to kill time~ Main motive was the deer which I already accomplished what I want 😊 Off for shopping at Higashimuki shopping street!
 photo img1622_zps62j5rkuv.jpg

Found the famous mochi – Nakatanidou! There is no English name at the stall so I had to verify with the people if I was at the right place 😅
 photo 20170329130158_zpshkenfmpu.jpg

So interesting to watch them pounding the mochi! I saw it a couple of times in JAS too but I still always get intrigued by it!

Got my freshly-made mochi! Still warm in hand!
 photo 20170329125353_zpsofdseuf6.jpg

It’s soooooo soft and nice that I am actually craving for it now!!! 😋 It’s red bean filling inside and it’s damn nice! Must try if you are in Nara!
 photo 20170329125322_zpsdtoszk83.jpg

Walked aimlessly in search for a lunch place, cause I did not have 4G nor WiFi~ I like how I don’t have to navigate, just walk only! Lost also never mind! No responsibilities at all ((:

 photo img1623_zpssd80dkfu.jpg

Chanced upon these cuties on the way 😃

I thought they are water bottles but they are actually fire extinguishers! Aiyo~ Why everything in Japan so kawaii one!!!
 photo img1624_zpshdllypyv.jpg

 photo 20170329133152_zps3cq4ucay.jpg

First proper meal in Japan!
Yum yum~

Overall I really love Nara and I would be back! Goodbye my lovely deer for now and hello Kyoto!!! Kyoto is a 45-minute train ride away from Nara, and I am excited to finally visit this highly-raved place too!

Didn’t take long to find my first guest house cause it’s not too far from Kyoto station 😀
 photo 20170329163745_zpsestafhzr.jpg

My humble accommodation for the next 3 nights that comes with a mini kitchen~ It’s a small place because most of Japan’s accommodation are small and expensive (and full by the time I booked), but I love the sofa bed that I can extend out and nua in front of the TV after a long day!
 photo 20170329163755_zpsipfsx8vw.jpg
 photo 20170329163804_zpsdzdty53a.jpg

Nua-ed a bit before I was out again with my camera to explore Kyoto station! I read online that the roof of Kyoto station has got pretty good view of the city, so I decided to check it out (:
 photo img1636_zpskgyq1xxo.jpg
 photo img1635_zpskr1a9x83.jpg

Spotted Kyoto Tower!
 photo img1641_zpsuekfiqoq.jpg
 photo img1634_zpskaxm3csc.jpg

And chanced upon an interesting light display on the stairs!
 photo 20170329201852_zpsytmhvvm0.jpg

It doesn’t seem like but it’s actually freaking cold up there with the wind blowing! Brrrrrrrr~
 photo 20170329202011_zpsooui0a4i.jpg

So pretty!
 photo 20170329202243_zpswmjoxupu.jpg

View at the rooftop ain’t as great as I thought because it’s not open view~ Maybe it’s nice to look at and for couples to partor when it’s not so cold, but not so good for photography…hmmmm.
 photo 20170329202747_zpsdh3ahy7j.jpg
 photo 20170329202826_zpscedmcxc7.jpg

Nevertheless, it’s been a long but fulfilling day and I had explored enough! So good night, Kyoto~! ❤
 photo img1628_zpsoq3snkez.jpg